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Honeycommb is a unique online application that helps consumers to realize their idea of the perfect social platform for their businesses. It lets you use world-class facilities spanning a range of customizations and controls. Connect with your peers using this fantastic tool that knows how to hit the sweet spot.

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Top Honeycommb Alternatives
  • Plush
  • Discourse
  • Disciple
  • inSided
  • Kunena
  • Nabble
  • Website Toolbox
  • Burning Board
  • NodeBB
  • IPS Community Suite
  • esoTalk
  • Higher Logic Online Community
  • Codoforum
  • Tribe Community Platform
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Top Honeycommb Alternatives and Overview



Plush is the most polished, user-friendly forum experience ever, featuring real-time discussions, beautiful design, an integrated blog, member directory, private messaging, paid subscriptions and a world-class mobile experience.

By: Plush Content Ltd From UK


Discourse is a free open source forum builder application that allows users to create community websites and host or embed them online.

By: Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.
Based on 18 Votes


Disciple is a community-building platform that allows users to build different cohorts of people focussed around specific topics.

By: Disciple
Based on 11 Votes


By: inSided
Based on 7 Votes


Kunena is free, open-source community software for Joomla. It is...

By: Kunena.org


Nabble is a forum hosting platform. It provides embeddable applications...

By: Nabble
Based on 1 Vote

Website Toolbox

With experience spanning over twenty years, Website Toolbox offers users a highly interactive, user-friendly, and...

By: Website Toolbox
Based on 12 Votes

Burning Board

The administrative control panel is well-structured and powerful enough to allow owners to manage and...

By: WoltLab® GmbH From Germany


Users can either go with the free, open-source platform or can choose from one of...

By: NodeBB, Inc From Canada
Based on 13 Votes


By: CMNTY Corporation
Based on 6 Votes

IPS Community Suite

IPS suit allows website owners to easily create discussion platforms for their websites, including question&...

By: Invision Power Services, Inc. From USA


It is a predecessor to Flarum forum software...

By: esoTalk.org From Australia

Higher Logic Online Community

Through the platform, users can create and publicize powerful campaigns, enhance meaningful customer engagement, establish...

By: Higher Logic
Based on 13 Votes


It features a fresh, clean and less complicated UI with an equally powerful and advanced...

By: Codologic Inc. From India

Tribe Community Platform

Companies can focus on their clients by dividing them into specialized groups and send notifications...

By: Tribe Community Platform
Based on 6 Votes

Honeycommb Review and Overview

Humans are social beings, and the importance of maintaining contact has been elucidatedimes. Thus, organizations, to function properly, need a communication system where all the staff can connect. Socializing from the comfort of home is an enticing prospect. Honeycommb creates genuine social networks where you can connect with your colleagues at a personal level. It provides workers with a crisp experience of staying in touch, which is both fun and professional. Skip the hassle of maintaining association with your partners on different platforms. Instead, choose a single, productive space and make it your business’s operational communication tool.

Call the shots

Control and manage your platform the way you want. Regulate content, add users, and curate your feed effortlessly. Set up divisions like Home, Discover, and Profiles. Choose the way you brand, from the app logo to the like button. Provide a comprehensive network to your peers and grab the opportunity to grow in harmony and without any scuffles.

Colourful customizations

Go for a wide range of customizations, and turn the picture in your mind into reality. Select the app icon design, the colour theme of your network, and add menu items. Own your very own help centre, and take charge. Play with app store customizations, and visualize the descriptions and reference images you want. State your terms and conditions to avoid any confusion.

Captivate attention

Shared interests lead to better communication. Interact with people from your fraternity and indulge in meaningful conversations. A dedicated network meant only for the members of your organization, Honeycommb helps you share content that cannot go unnoticed and is made available across all your worker’s feeds. Get the rapt attention of all your users. No diversion means more mindfulness.

Blend in everywhere

Join other apps on IOS, Android, and other web applications. Grow your reach by being available on all possible platforms. Give your employees the convenience of app support across all spectrums and turns. Seamless integration across all operating systems gives you a robust foundation and no limitations. Gift your company a social network that knows no flaws.

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