HOS247 ELD Logbook

HOS247 ELD Logbook

HOS247 ELD is a comprehensive electronic logging device solution designed to ensure FMCSA compliance and enhance fleet safety and productivity. It features reliable ELDs, advanced GPS fleet tracking, and AI-powered dispatch tools in development. The platform offers scalable solutions for fleets of any size, from single vehicle operations to those with hundreds of vehicles. It includes a wide range of features such as compliance monitoring, vehicle inspections, maintenance scheduling, and real-time GPS tracking.

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Top HOS247 ELD Logbook Alternatives and Overview



Provides fleet management and vehicle tracking software that allows you to manage all your fleet from one platform.

By: Geotab Inc From Canada
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Fleetmatics Reveal

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Provides fleet tracking software that allows you to manage and locate your fleet anytime.

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Spireon is one of the leading providers of fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking software solutions, pioneering open-connected vehicle technology and serving fleet businesses and car dealerships throughout North America.

By: Spireon Inc. From USA


It features custom hierarchies, cloud-based platform, integration, smarter maintenance, real-time alerts, trend analysis, satellite view...

By: Telogis, Inc From USA

Wialon Hosting

It features user account management, various maps support, route visualization, POI marking, email and SMS...

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The software features territory planner, anywhere routing and dispatching, telematics, info center, performance dashboard, data...

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It features vehicle diagnostics, safety analytics, mobile alerts, two-way messaging, reporting, business intelligence, control panel...

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It features unlimited landmarks, real-time locating on demand, two-way messaging, instant alerts, color-coded vehicle status...

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Element Fleet Services

Providing premier fleet management and telematics services to fleets within a broad range of industries...

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It features live GPS tracking, notifications, theft protection, fuel management, dispatch system, surveillance, charts and...

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Verizon Connect

You can see their speed, idling and traffic safety easily...

By: Verizon Connect
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Verizon Networkfleet

It features tracking, diagnostics, maps, alerts, reporting, roadside assistance, maintenance, and asset tracking...

By: Networkfleet, Inc From USA

HOS247 ELD Logbook Review and Overview

The HOS247 ELD solution is a comprehensive electronic logging device (ELD) system designed to ensure FMCSA compliance while boosting safety and productivity across fleet operations. This top-rated platform offers a seamless integration of hours of service (HOS) elogs, GPS tracking, and AI-powered dispatch systems, making it an ideal choice for GPS providers, resellers, small to large fleets, and owner-operators.

FMCSA-Certified ELD Devices

HOS247 provides reliable, easy-to-use ELD devices that help prevent Department of Transportation (DOT) violations. These devices are highly rated by drivers, owner-operators, and fleet managers for their simplicity and effectiveness in automating FMCSA compliance.

GPS Fleet Tracking System

The platform includes advanced GPS tracking devices that offer intuitive fleet management capabilities and real-time visibility. This feature enhances operational productivity and helps reduce costs by improving route planning and vehicle utilization.

AI-Powered Dispatch and Communication Tools

Although still in development, the AI-powered tools promise to revolutionize logistics operations with automated communication and management features. These tools are designed to streamline transportation networks and simplify the complexities of dispatch operations.

Compliance and Safety Management

HOS247 excels in compliance monitoring, providing automatic HOS violation alerts, real-time GPS location tracking, and comprehensive reports for IFTA mileage. The system also includes features for vehicle inspections, maintenance scheduling, and engine code detection, all critical for ensuring safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

Benefits for Fleets and Owner-Operators: Scalable Solutions

Whether managing a single vehicle or a fleet of 500, HOS247 offers flexible and scalable options to grow with your business needs. The platform allows users to add features as necessary, adapting to the evolving demands of fleet management.

Top-Rated Customer Support

HOS247 prides itself on its multilingual support team, available seven days a week through various channels including phone, email, online chat, and a self-service support center. This dedicated support ensures that any issues related to installation, compliance, or troubleshooting are quickly resolved.

Reliable Hardware with Easy Installation

The ELD devices are available in both plug-and-play options and hardwired solutions. These devices are easy to install and connect to a smartphone or tablet via USB or Bluetooth, with optional tablets equipped with data plans available for enhanced functionality.

Strategic Advantages

Enhanced Fleet Visibility and Efficiency

The real-time GPS tracking and location history capabilities of the HOS247 system allow fleet managers to achieve greater operational visibility and enhanced fleet efficiency. These features help in better managing vehicle routes, reducing idle times, and improving overall fleet performance.

Compliance and Maintenance

The automated features significantly reduce the risk of compliance violations and help fleets pass DOT inspections effortlessly. Moreover, the maintenance scheduling feature aids in preventing vehicle breakdowns, thereby reducing unexpected downtimes and maintenance costs.

Future-Proof Technology

With the impending shutdown of 3G networks, HOS247's use of 4G LTE technology ensures that the fleet tracking hardware remains viable and efficient for years to come. This forward-thinking approach not only secures your investment but also enhances connectivity and data transfer speeds.


HOS247 ELD offers a robust and reliable solution for managing fleet operations, ensuring compliance, and enhancing productivity. With its comprehensive features, scalable options, and top-rated customer support, HOS247 stands out as a leader in the fleet management industry. Whether you're a small business owner or manage a large fleet, HOS247 provides the tools and technology needed to drive success in today's competitive market.

Company Information

Company Address: 203 Flamingo Rd #507, Mill Valley, CA, 94941

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Automated Electronic Logbook
  • Hours of Service Violation Alerts
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Historical GPS Data
  • Fuel Tax Agreement Reports
  • Vehicle Inspection Logs
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records
  • Engine Diagnostic Code Detection
  • Access Control Permissions
  • Multilingual Support