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Insticator is a customizable connectivity option that brands can leverage to target their wide-spread user base. This tool fulfills on-demand requests to highlight deliverables as preferable to digital users. The product vehemently promotes any service to be projected to its customers as an ideal one to purchase.

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Top Insticator Alternatives
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Qualtrics
  • Polls Everywhere
  • QuickSurveys
  • Survey Anyplace
  • Survata
  • SurveyHero
  • Survey System
  • QZZR
  • KwikSurveys
  • Spark Chart
  • KeySurvey
  • SurveyMethods
  • Survey Analytics
  • NetSpot Pro
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Top Insticator Alternatives and Overview



SurveyMonkey is a free online survey software that allows you to give more context to your results.

By: SurveyMonkey Inc. From USA
Based on 555 Votes


Qualtrics is an online survey software ideal for enterprise customers with the powerful insight platform.

By: Qualtrics, LLC From USA

Polls Everywhere

Polls Everywhere allows you to create polls and voting to improve your audience engagement.

By: Poll Everywhere, Inc. From USA


By: Toluna
Based on 9 Votes

Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace is a mobile survey software that allows you to create online surveys to reach mobile audiences.

By: Objective7 bvba From Belgium
Based on 13 Votes


Survata is an online survey software that helps you to make better business decisions.

By: Survata, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


It creates an optimized and mobile compatible survey...

By: SurveyHero
Based on 14 Votes

Survey System

It contains many types of question banks suitable for projects on the web, mobile, and...

By: Creative Research Systems
Based on 1 Vote


It blends in with the font and color of your brand to give a more...

By: Qzzr
Based on 10 Votes


It features SSL encryption, report builder, unlimited questions, unlimited responses, full country and referrer analytics...

By: Problem Free Ltd. From UK
Based on 13 Votes

Spark Chart

It is a cloud-based platform to add client value...

By: Spark Chart
Based on 37 Votes


It features survey builder, survey design, mobile surveys, offline surveys, logic and branching, data workflow...

By: WorldAPP, Inc From USA
Based on 14 Votes


It features survey customization and branding, survey launch methods, survey reporting and analytics, survey API...

By: SurveyMethods, Inc. From USA
Based on 33 Votes

Survey Analytics

It features client dashboard, analytics, conjoint analysis, discrete choice, text analytics, interactive research, integration, dial...

By: Survey Analytics LLC From USA

NetSpot Pro

The application is a surveillance tool that suits offices and home users...

By: NetSpot
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Insticator Review and Overview

Insticator is a multi-featured application that translates business potential into customer trending offers. Any service or innovative product of enterprise can be smartly marketed with personalized tools inherent within this software. Multiple models that increase customer involvement and loyalty to a brand can be initialized with this product’s intuitive framework. The team of engineers driving this platform enables businesses to connect with the vastly distributed customer paradigm by letting them understand user preferences. Dynamic end-user behavior is a challenge that companies must address and Insticator offers a comprehensive approach for the same.

Marketing is smarter and features rich  

This application has a scalable toolset that helps brands project the top features in their services. Varying colored themes and templates, styles, characterization, and animated images are used for marketing the items that best explains the utility. The enhancement the newer version brings in is perfectly articulated by a comprehensive in-built design. Value-add to the gain confidence of the targeted users can be customized using a virtual demo of the product or multi-dimensional images of the same. The various design and editable views of the premier stocks that need to be marketed help dependencies on personnel or external marketing agencies. 

Novel steps to help users stay connected

The framework enables sellers to update buyers on new offers worth opting for. Pre-defined query lists, sample suggestion forms, preference submission, expected enhancements, and optional packages are tapped and given to the sales team. This model helps the team to understand user dynamics. Options that customers want in mobile handheld rather than in personal computers are also mined. Segmented user likes and mindsets are easily decoded and solutions optimized. Brainstorming to know what users are inclined to have in store is efficiently tracked. Key indicators and derivatives that catch user attention are captured by employing this initiative.

Description support to add value to a business

The delivery team elucidates the firm’s business hierarchies and model of functioning with detailed write-ups to create awareness. Tips and techniques to synchronize with buyers outside are prepared as a factsheet and notified in the portal for website visitors to fill up. Response to this checklist is reviewed and projected as informed consent to the managerial team for decision making. Most of the templates that this product offers can be integrated into the website with robust back-end software systems. This product is an add-on for companies to fast-track their marketing plan and achieve a positive change in sales income.  

Company Information

Company Name: Insticator

Founded in: 2012