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Inventory Source's drop shipping services offer a variety of features and tools that cater equally to first-time as well as seasoned online retailers.

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Top Inventory Source Alternatives
  • Keychain
  • Wholesale2B
  • Doba
  • Salehoo
  • Worldwide Brands

Top Inventory Source Alternatives and Overview



Keychain is the world's first comprehensive platform for CPG manufacturing, offering an extensive database and innovative features to streamline the manufacturing process for brands and manufacturers.

By: Atlas Technology Inc From USA


In addition to free-account access to its directory of suppliers and products, Wholesale2B provides resellers plan-based options to push listings to eBay, Amazon and several other popular shopping carts..

By: Onlinestorebiz LLC.


Doba’s drop shipping system provides retailers access to a range of products in several different categories, along with useful inventory management tools and effective integration with shopping cart software..

By: Doba Inc.


Salehoo offers a range of drop ship products suitable for both small and large online retailers.

By: SaleHoo Group Limited.

Worldwide Brands

Members are provided access to a large number of products in several different categories from verified wholesalers along with value-add membership options and robust customer support..

By: Worldwide Brands, Inc.

Inventory Source Review and Overview

Inventory Source has been providing order and inventory management automation software for e-commerce and leading retailers from 2003. They provide the most reliable solutions and intelligent software to complex businesses, to supply goods directly from the manufacturer to the retailer or even deliver directly to the user of the product.

The Inventory Source dropship automation software

Inventory Source has outstanding automation software with incomparable features and tools. The Catalogue Manager gives you absolute control over the rules and mapping of product data and price. It provides complete item data upload with customizable store management tools.

Inventory Source takes out the hassle of getting approval for becoming a supplier and all the expenses involved with it. All you have to do is to just integrate with the US Direct and the rest is taken care of. US Direct has partnered with several reliable drop ship vendors to make it easy for your business to have direct access and benefits. With over 230 supplier integrations available every business feels right at home with Inventory Source no matter which category they fall in. Additionally, with promised quality and prominent brands, your e-commerce marketing is bound to be at the top. It provides absolute customer support with live chatting and calls scheduling for any queries with the dedicated staff directly.

Order Optimization and Reporting

Inventory Source automates all the pain and challenges out of e-commerce. The process of selecting the appropriate supplier based on choice, location and price are all automated by applying customized rules on the process workflow. All the suppliers list and process data on e-commerce are stored in a centralized location for easy report generation. Any number of platforms used for the market can be accurately tracked and a detailed sales report can be instantly drawn. This shows the loss and profits of the preferred time-span and offers valuable insight into future measures to be taken.


Inventory Source is one of the best order and inventory automation software that the US has seen. It is depended on by many notable e-commerce sites and businesses. With easy vendor integration and over 25 online marketing platforms and multichannel support, Inventory Source makes it easy for retailers to scale up their e-commerce stores online.

Automated order processing, Inventory sync, warehouse management, cross supplier mapping, re-seller management are just a few of the numerous solutions that they provide. Undoubtedly, with differently priced versions and intensive support and complete training on the sophisticated software, Inventory Source is the best inventory optimization tool there is for any small to medium-sized enterprise-level businesses.

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Top Features

  • Automatically Upload Products
  • Automated Drop-ship Order
  • Automated Inventory
  • Full Product Data
  • Certified Wholesalers
  • 180+ Drop-ship Suppliers
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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