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Joist is a financial services software built for easing the work of contractors. The software helps contractors to succeed and gain access to smart tools for invoicing, estimation, and managing projects. The platform enables them to get more work opportunities and serve their customers better by understanding their needs. The mobile device-friendly interface makes it easy for them to access and monitor the work anytime. Get updated regarding sales reports, order details, and estimates on the spot using real-time reporting features of the application.

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Top Joist Alternatives
  • PlanSwift
  • ProEst
  • Clear Estimates
  • Accubid
  • Quick Bid
  • HeavyBid
  • Viewpoint For Estimating
  • B2W Estimate
  • Takeoff Live
  • eTakeoff Dimension
  • HD Project Estimating
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Top Joist Alternatives and Overview



STACK estimating software allows contractors to turn a digital takeoff into a detailed estimate to calculate costs of various operations and make better bids.

By: To-Scale Software, LLC From USA
Based on 93 Votes


PlanSwift is a construction estimating software that calculates estimate cost of the site construction based on data entered by user.

By: Textura PlanSwift Corporation From USA
Based on 36 Votes


ProEst is a construction estimating application known for its accurate and efficient estimating features.

By: ProEst Estimating Software From USA
Based on 31 Votes

Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates is an estimating software for construction contractors that allows contractors to make the lowest bids and save money on projects.

By: Clear Estimates, Inc From USA
Based on 12 Votes


Accubid by Trimble is a complete construction estimating software solution that estimates the complete cost of a project, based on various construction stages, resources and products.

By: Trimble Navigation Limited From USA

Quick Bid

Quick Bid is a construction project management and estimating software designed for contractors.

By: On Center Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 10 Votes


The software allows users to plan construction estimate, review the plan and make changes accordingly...

By: Heavy Construction Systems Specialists, Inc. From USA
Based on 49 Votes

Viewpoint For Estimating

The software is very easy-to-use and makes it easy for contractors to calculate the estimate...

By: Viewpoint, Inc. From USA

B2W Estimate

B2W is easy-to-learn, insightful, powerful and fully-featured, and is ideal for any construction project...

By: B2W Software Inc. From USA
Based on 19 Votes

Takeoff Live

The software lets users calculate the cost of their construction projects based on footage, volume...

By: Takeoff Live From USA
Based on 31 Votes

eTakeoff Dimension

eTakeoff Dimension allows estimators to view and print plans, prepare takeoffs, generate estimates and make...

By: eTakeoff LLC From USA
Based on 4 Votes

HD Project Estimating

The software integrates standard processes and methods for cost estimation and its features allow estimators...

By: Hard Dollar Corporation From USA

Joist Review and Overview

Contractors who undertake construction works for buildings and structures requires an efficient system for managing their jobs. They want a method to track their work in progress, get estimates on new tasks, and manage their payments easily. It allows them to get more jobs and sanctioned works for construction and earn more revenue. Joist is an all-in-one solution to such problems faced by the contractors. It is an app that allows them to keep track of sales reports and enables them to monitor their work in real-time. The app will enable them to collect payments and also provide estimated costs of construction.

Get accurate estimates

The estimate creation feature can help contractors to generate estimates within minutes. The improved accuracy and professional approach of the tool will be essential for them to secure more jobs in the future. The catalog stores the most used services and can be used to calculate estimates. These can be sent to the clients from where they can evaluate them and digitally sign on it to start the work. Features like cost markup and payment schedules are taken advantage of to create the estimate.

The application also allows setting custom contracts and reuse line items. They can also attach standard agreements to help the contractor to save time and develop their ideas.

Creating invoices and sending to customers

Joist enables contractors to send custom created invoices to their clients with correct details of products used in the construction of the structure. Use the mobile invoice creation tools to create a comprehensive invoice by using their mobile app. It can record the payments beings made and issue reminders to make users aware of late renewals and payments. Keep track of the monthly sales and determine the best and worst scenario.

Intuitive payment gateway protection

It integrates a payment gateway management application for making it easier for people to access and pay for the services. Accept credit and debit cards or any other way of payment. The payment gateway shall be processing the amount sent by the client. The payment steps are easy – issue the invoice and enable the service.

It allows them to concentrate on work rather than spending more time on the tracking of the payment. Cut the cash flow delays and also collect down payments on the website.

Homeowner financing                               

Get more and better jobs, win more upsells, and get payment using the application. It has integrated services from their web hosting. The partnership with a big-money lender allows it to provide short term loans quickly and with better funding. Use the app to get personal loans and financing, which can be as early as three days.

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Company Name: Joist

Founded in: 2011