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LegalZoom offers legal and personal help for all kinds of small and big businesses and corporations in many countries. Some of the business services offered by LegalZoom include business formation and establishment, naming, real estate services, tax license & permits, business reporting, corporate changes & fillings, patents & copyrights and other services. LegalZoom incorporation service also includes free legal advice and support to their customers.

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Top LegalZoom Alternatives and Overview



RocketLawyer specializes in business incorporation and legalization services. If someone...

By: Rocket Lawyer Incorporated From USA

The Company Corporation

The Company Corporation deals in LLC & incorporation matters of a business.

By: The Company Corporation® From USA


MyCorporation handles various business services including LLC incorporation, startup filing services, trademarks & copyright and other legal services for you.

By: My Corporation Business Services, Inc. From USA


Incorp business services and agents can help you with the process of formation and incorporation of your new business or Limited Liability Company (LLC).

By: InCorp Services, Inc From USA

Companies Incorporated

Companies Incorporated has been providing incorporation services and guidance to people for past many years.

By: Companies Incorporated. From USA


Whether you want to incorporate your own LLC or want legal help with your business, Corpnet is always there for you.

By: CorpNet, Incorporated. From USA

Harvard Business Services

If a person wants to start a new business and is struggling with the process...

By: Harvard Business Services, Inc. From USA

My New Company

You just need to choose a business type and the state and fill out an...

By:, Inc. From USA


With MYLLC, you can form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in any US state even...

By:, Inc. From USA


You can register various types of companies including private limited company to non-profit and partnership...

By:, Inc.

My USA Corporation

If you want to start a business in the USA, you can take help of...

By: From USA

USA Corporate Services

The process of LLC incorporation involves various legal steps and processes which most of beginners...

By: USA Corporate Services Inc From USA

INC. Plan

Plan is a business firm licensed to incorporate new businesses in all 50 states of...

By: Inc Plan USA From USA


They can act as a very reliable front when it comes to receiving legal documents...



Starting a business is now much easier with BizFillings where users get free registered agent...

By: Business Filings Incorporated From USA

LegalZoom Review and Overview

Legal issues are increasing day by day. Not everyone is capable of hiring top-class lawyers or firms to fight their cases. Many people submit to the whims of big corporates and organizations, even when grave injustice is done to them. To help with that, people need cheaper options to get their legal disputes solved.

Now, Modern Technology also helps with legal issues by providing Online Legal Services. Among such companies, LegalZoom LLC is a well-known company that helps US Citizens in resolving legal issues by an online interface. It offers online documents for legal stuff like wills, notaries, business documents, copyright docs, etc., along with attorney referrals and agent services.

It has received both threats and recognition from many competitors and organizations alike. Since it follows a disruptive business method, it has caught public attention quickly. It has been recognized by the American Bar Council as well as other media organizations. Since its establishment in 1999, it has overgrown to provide Americans with better legal services, with the trust of over 4 million customers.

LegalZoom Business Services

Business Services are one of the most preferred services. It includes all the legal help and documentation needed to start a successful business. Their LLC business service is also top-rated. The major areas covered under this business plan are new business creation, corporate changes & filings, business compliances, business names/trademarks/patents/copyrights, and then other business services of real estate, taxes, licenses, permits, agreements, etc.

LegalZoom Wills, Trusts & Family

Under this section, LegalZoom offers estate planning products like last wills, testaments, living trust, living will, and other power of attorney documents. It also offers marriage & divorce-related help like prenuptial agreements, divorces, and name change services. Immigration & Work deals with a green card, visa, disability benefits, and attorney consultation. Financial issues and property deeds are also under this section.

LegalZoom Attorney Advice

Customers can speak with the attorney for consultation in business, personal deals, and contracts & agreements. The Attorney prepared services have contract drafting, T&C, franchise disclosures, bankruptcy, and international trade filings.


LegalZoom has received a vast userbase, thanks to its robust and reliable legal services, and all of this at a fraction of lawyer fees. It has received recognition from Consumer Reports Magazine too. Some of its writings and statements are debatable in non-will documents, but that can always be verified with the support team.

Company Information

Company Name:, Inc.

Company Address: 101 N Brand Blvd Ste 1100, Glendale, CA, USA

Founded in: 2001

Top Features

  • Filling LLC-state Documents
  • Personalized Operating Agreement
  • Checking Name Availability
  • Checking Business Filling
  • Financial Account Authorization
  • Company Seal & Binder
  • Federal Tax ID
  • Custom Membership Certificates
  • Preliminary Clearnance
  • Filling Incorporation Articles
  • Bylaws Personalization
  • Provisions Protecting Offices
  • Deluxe Corporate Kit
  • Official Corporate Seal
  • Custom Stock Certificates
  • Federal Tax ID
  • S Corporation Election
  • Filling Trademark Application
  • Federal Direct-hit Search
  • Federal Trademark Database
  • Email Trade Application
  • Trademark Application E-copy
  • Cease & Desist Letter
  • Transfer & Assignment Agreement
Last Will & Testament
  • General & Advanced Provisions
  • Self-proving Affidavit
  • Property Worksheet
  • Signing & Instruction Guides
  • Personalized Research
  • Digital Downloads
  • Secured Data Protection
  • Living Will
  • Free Revisions