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Little Green Light is a fund-raiser and donations management software built for use in non-profit organizations. It is essentially a CRM software customized for Non-Profit organizations and NGOs. Manage and process donations, create campaigns, and raise funds for the greater good of the society using the CRM. It lets organizations visualize data and consolidate spreadsheets at their convenience. Stop wasting a lot of time and effort on fundraising and use this to automate the process.

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Top Little Green Light Alternatives and Overview



Raisin is an online fundraising tool, and incorporates modules, for example, pledge management, payment processing, mobile giving, membership management, event management, donor management, CRM, contribution tracking, campaign management, auction management and much more.

By: raisin
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Network For Good

Network for Good works for non-profit organizations. The Network for...

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Charidy is a digital fundraising platform powered by the people, which allow innovators to step up and showcase their revolutionary ideas, and gain support from its targeted audience and investors.

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Donorbox is a non-profit software that is aimed at charitable organizations to help them get donations and raise funds for social welfare programs.

By: Donorbox
Based on 9 Votes

Give Lively

Give Lively is a web-based platform that helps raise money for non-profit reasons.

By: Give Lively LLC
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It is cheap, it can be relied upon for any kind of fundraising and charity...

By: Qgiv
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Fundraising is a unique way to collect capital for such innovative projects...

By: Fundraisingscript From India
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The tools and services are compliant with the needs of individuals and organizations...

By: FundRazr
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It is convenient and straightforward both for your organization as well as your donors...

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It is an all-in-one solution that assists every process involved in the fundraising...

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Based on 13 Votes


It provides several templates to build forms for various groups of donors...

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It helps organizers to build websites to support the events conducted by them...

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Double the Donation

Providing the proper connectivity between donors and fundraisers, Double the Donation helps a large chunk...

By: Double the Donation
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Little Green Light Review and Overview

Non-profit organizations and NGOs who undertake programs for social welfare need software to manage their donations and day-to-day work logs. During fundraising campaigns, they cannot waste time on spreadsheets or complicated loggings. Little Green Light comes handy in such situations where these organizations require a no-nonsense, fast, and easy to use system to do the work.

Managing Donor relations

It allows organizations to keep profiles of donors, manage active and lapsed members, and membership renewal process. They can collaborate on tasks, provide reminders, and manage calendars easily. Record calls and note down points from meetings and mails to refer to them later when required.

Profiles will be having complete information regarding donors, including contact information, donation history, and memberships. Add and manage volunteers and generate statements based on their work.

Enhance productivity

Create customizable forms with your organization branding for generating more newsletter subscriptions and event invitations. Make a batch of letters with pre-set messages to be sent as acknowledgment for donations received. It allows us to send personalized receipts, reminders, and invites via emails.

It also has an integrated Mail merge feature to track mails in constituent records automatically. The built-in features, including email marketing and prospect search, are beneficial for making people donate for the cause. Quickly receive donations online and send acknowledgments for the payment immediately.

Analytics and reporting

Little Green Light generates reports and analytics data to track who made the donations, how much amount is donated, and more. Keep track of gifts, memorials, and monetary support provided to the organization to help people. It helps them to set goals like gift asks and grant proposals. Monitor progress by setting up tasks.

It allows them to search for the report in an already filled database of reports – use search filters to show what's relevant and what is not. Create custom reports or use their templates to create reports and mail them to the organization head.

Security and backups

Protect privacy by controlling access to content and to discourage online data theft—set custom permissions for reading and writing files in the database. Use the automatic backup method to create copies of records and store them safely. Connections to website and server are powered by SSL based encryption standards.

Company Information

Company Name: Little Green Light

Founded in: 2007