Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

By: Long Tail Media, LLC

Long Tail Pro keyword research tool specializes in finding out the best and most searched long tail keywords for any query or niche. Based on user query, Long Tail Pro shows hundreds of relevant profit-generating keywords with the actual search volume for each keyword. Besides search data, Long Tail Pro uses competitors’ data to analyze the right keywords for any business or niche by analyzing top 10 results for each target keyword.

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Top Long Tail Pro Alternatives and Overview


Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-on that helps users perform keyword research easily so that they can edit their content accordingly to come up with a better rank in Search Engine results.

By: Axeman Tech Pvt Ltd


SEMRush is an online marketing tool used by professionals for effective keyword research for their target websites.

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SpyFu is a keyword research software mostly used by marketers to find out most profitable keywords for paid and organic search based on competitors’ data and keywords.

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Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a keyword research platform that can be used to find the keywords or key phrases that people are actually typing while searching for a particular item, business or query in Google, YouTube, Bing and App Store.

By: Key Tools Limited From Hong Kong
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Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a keyword research software available in downloadable form and is used to find low competition, high-demand keywords for any niche.

By: Noble Samurai Pty Ltd From Australia


WordStream keyword research tool is used by marketers to research and find the best possible target keywords for a business or website.

By: WordStream, Inc. From USA
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KeywordSpy tool gives data for organic as well as paid searches so that users can...

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The best thing about Wordtracker is that it gives you keywords that are actually being...

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Keyword Keg

It can perform a variety of functions to guide the user into selecting the right...

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Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer’s low difficulty score allows you to find out low competition keywords for any...

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iSpionage mainly searches through competitors’ data to find out their keywords and ad copy, and...

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Online marketers and SEO professionals can use competition details to know how many websites are...

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Keyword Discovery

The tool uses search data from Google and other popular search engines to extract keywords...

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Some of its features and services include high speed keyword research, detailed keyword analysis data...

By: SwissMadeMarketing GmbH From Switzerland


Along with keyword suggestions, CanIRank also displays difficulty level and value parameter for each keyword...

By: Open Development, Inc. From USA
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Long Tail Pro Review and Overview

The Long Tail Pro software is a keyword research tool released in 2012 by Long Tail Media, LLC, an online market research company based in Washington, USA. The software itself was created by Spencer Haws, an internet marketer with more than 5 years of experience in internet marketing, who also operates the NichePursuits.com website.

Digital marketers aim to market in such a way that it leads to either conversion or website traffic, depending upon the product/service they are marketing for. The content used for marketing is very crucial because it is responsible for attracting customers. Marketers do have excellent writing skills, but they need the facility that finds those keywords which can attract people.

Keyword research is the basis of any marketing campaign because it finds out what the target audience is searching for. In digital marketing, the credibility and performance of keywords are mapped according to the ranking they get. To find out these kinds of keywords, you need a keyword research tool. One such tool is Long Tail Pro.The software comes with 10-day free trial, with one-time purchase and monthly platinum subscription available.

How does Long Tail Pro work?

In this tool, you need to enter your primary, keyword and for that, this tool gives various suggestions on long-tail keywords. In long-tail keywords, it attaches a modifier word, that has a good rank, with your primary keyword. Here, the modifier word is that word, which is the search term that people are entering into search engines. This improves the performance of the primary keyword. There is a rank tracker in this tool that monitors the ranking of the long-tail keyword which you have chosen for your content. This tool helps various agencies, digital marketers, and even freelancers to write content that contains long-tail keywords hence increasing the probability of their content being attractive.

Quick Setup

The Long Tail Pro software is quick to set up, and you can get started using this software in just 5 minutes. Once you have activated the software, you are able to start attracting targeted traffic to your website by picking the right keywords to target. You attract leads and buyers to your website by targeting the associated keywords that can guarantee more leads and customers for your website. You can do this easily in just a few simple steps. By using this software, you can quickly scale your business growth and repeat your success over and over again. With this software, you can spend less time researching keywords for your business and focus more of your time on the things that matter most to your business.  


The Long Tail Pro software is designed to be simple to use, even if you are using it for the first time. The simple wizards within the software allow you to create targeted campaigns, research your competitors, find opportunities, test the profitability of your niche, and focus only on the niches that matter. You can create targeted campaigns, according to the main keyword that you focus on, which allows you to find hundreds of low competition, long tail keywords for you to build your content on. You can also find the strength of your competitors, so that you only focus on the keywords that are easy to rank.

Complete Keyword Research Software

The Long Tail Pro software comes as one package that you can use to research your market and find profitable keywords for your business. You don’t need to install add-ons or any additional keyword tools just to get the full capabilities of this software. It comes with a complete set of features that you need to get the job done. With Long Tail Pro, you can make the process of keyword discovery simple and easy, which can also help to minimize your workflow. With it, you can get all the keywords that you need in one simple report, which helps you to make good decisions in your business. Once you get this tool, you don’t need to use other similar tools in your business.

Effective Optimization

The focus of this software is to bring you an effective search engine optimization for your business. The software provides you the complete tool to turn your website into a traffic magnet in a simple way. You just need to use this software to find some profitable keywords based on your main keywords, analyze your competitors, and choose the keywords that you can use to rank your website well. This way, you can target any niche for your business, and get the maximum result in your promotion. The Long Tail Pro software also allows you to find opportunities that you cannot see if you use a regular keyword research tool, which gives you a lot of ways to make money with your website.

Why use Long Tail Pro?

This tool presents you hundreds of keywords that are relevant to your topic and are based on the analysis made by it. It helps you to organize all your searches and store them in such a way that it becomes effortless for you to access. A separate folder structure is maintained for every keyword search. It also has a feature of calculating the money that you can generate if you rank a keyword that is based on your click-through rate.

The complete process of searching keyword by using this tool and then keeping a track on its rank leads to the generation of more traffic and conversion.


Some unique features such as Competitor Analysis and Title Competition as well as domain research.


All features in the Long Tail Pro software are not available with the one-time purchase. You need to subscribe to monthly Platinum membership in order to use all the features offered in the Long Tail Pro software.


Long Tail Pro is a complete keyword research program that allows you to search for multiple keywords at once, as well as fetch up to 800 keywords from each seed keyword and track your competitors in Google and Bing.


The Long Tail Pro software is a complete keyword research tool that allows you to not only find long tail and low competition keywords, but also to find the ones that are profitable for you. The thorough keyword discovery process allows you to dig deep into each keyword that you put into it. Also, the intelligent competitor analysis feature allows you to measure the strength of your competitors before committing your time and effort into one particular keyword. The Long Tail Pro software also offers platinum monthly membership, which is worth to try, considering the benefits that you can get from it.

Company Information

Company Name: Long Tail Media, LLC

Company Address: , Washington, USA

Founded in: 2008

Top Features

  • Finding Profitable Keywords
  • Keyword Competitiveness Calculation
  • Checking Websites Ranking
  • Importing Keyword Lists
  • VIP Facebook Community
  • Access Long-tail Keywords
  • Proprietary Algorithm Score
  • Capturing Thousands Keywords
  • Finding Keyword Searches
  • Finding Phrase Searches
  • Finding SERP Data
  • Finding Keyword Usage
  • Finding Domain Authority
  • Finding Meta Tags
  • Finding Pagerank & Backlinks
  • Real-Time Filtering Data
  • Filtering Keywords & Bids
  • Filtering Advertiser Competition
  • Adding Notes
  • Exporting Results
  • Competitor Analysis
Keyword Performance
  • Multiple Search Engines