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In today's internet era, a brand or business that falls short of an effective SEO campaign has little to no chance of progressing and surviving in the digital space. While manual execution of the campaign can be extremely risky due to expected delays and errors, the automation of the same can overcome all the limitations and risks associated with the former.

However, if you are a beginner, you will need a basic SEO automation software to automate boring and repetitive tasks. This is exactly the reason to choose Traffic Travis. The software seems to be designed exclusively by keeping simplicity in mind, Traffic Travis can help to boost the traffic to your site by making it rank higher in SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. If you are a newbie to SEO or are tired of wearisome manual SEO, Traffic Travis can be your ideal rescuer.


Traffic Travis is available in two editions: Free and Professional. The free edition offers five projects for each site who data for analysis comes up on dashboard in just one click, supports 500 keywords, reviews 50 top ranking sites, and suggests variations for up to 200 keywords. If you want more variations, top ranking sites, unlimited projects as well as keyword searches, competitor analysis benefit, and report printing as well as publishing ability, the Professional edition is ideal as well as affordable.

Keyword Research

This is one ability for which Traffic Travis is widely admired. In fact, it is referred to as a keyword research tool, as it allows searching for keywords and retrieving most related keywords along with monthly Google search volume. You can even search within different regional Google sites, Microsoft’s search engine, as well as Yahoo.

All you have to do is enter an interesting keyword after which the tool retrieves up to 2,000 variations related to your keyword. You can consider saving as well as sorting the retrieved keywords for taking quick decisions. The searchable databases are updated constantly, the information of which is shared through their blog posts. Latest additions include Google Namibia and Yahoo Malaysia.

Tracking and Reporting

The tool quickly tracks your website’s performance for a specified set of keywords. You only need to submit your site’s URL along with the keywords to be tracked. Consequently, you can see where each one stands in any search engine of your choice.

The tool also generates a detailed report that helps you in making decisions for boosting your site’s rank in the search results. Useful information such as links, titles, meta tags, page ranking, traffic ranks, header, and even top keywords are included in the report. Such a report shows how well your SEO efforts are being rewarded.

For any given phrase or keyword, you can obtain the top sites during the SEO analysis. Apart from that, you can obtain backlinks, page rank, and other details.

PPC Research

Traffic Travis also comes with the PPC research feature for scanning your provided keywords and retrieving the number of ads for them. It also reveals the top sites for a particular keyword. You can even expect an assessment of the Google AdWords ads relevant for your competition, to know which ads are doing well and what is their position on the adverts. In short, this feature shows the keywords to be used for increasing your income.

Competitor Analysis

These features come up with a profound analysis of mentioned keywords, which reflects the Google PageRank, sites ranking higher for those phrases, and inbound links pointing at those sites. When you can see how other sites are in a better position than your site, you can plan a strategy for outshining them.

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