Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter

By: Movavi

Movavi Video Converter is a fully-featured video converter that can not only convert a video file into any format, but also can save for any device, including iPhone Android, iPad, Xbox, and more. The tool supports almost all standard video formats, including AVI, MP4, 3GP, WMV, MOV, MP3, and many more. It also has inbuilt video editing options for trimming, cropping, rotating, compressing, stabilizing, and enhancing the quality of a video file.

From: Russian Federation
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Top Movavi Video Converter Alternatives and Overview


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HandBrake is an open source video converter and transcoder tool that can covert a video from almost any format.

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Adapter from Macroplant is a free video converter tool for Windows and Mac.

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Freemake Video Converter

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Movavi Video Converter Review and Overview

The video conversion is a gargantuan task for any computer, as most video converters do not utilize the full processing potential offered to them. The Movavi Video Converter inverts this situation by being blazing fast in the conversion of a video to any of the more than 180 formats available. Even higher quality or high definition videos can be converted in a short time with Movavi, owing to its powerful conversion algorithm. Adding this with the fact that it is much easier to use than its competitors and has additional light video editing capabilities, and Movavi seems like a recipe for success for video producers and streamers. Even movie enthusiasts can use its capabilities to convert movies to a format that their favorite device supports without any degradation in quality, or even with improved quality if the user wishes so.

Movavi is already a pretty established name when it comes to Video Converting software and has a reputation for itself. The latest version of the Movavi Video Converter is available for conversion on both Windows (10/8/7) and Apple Mac systems. The interface is pretty easy to use with and clean, which is easy to get around and easy to handle. It not only converts videos to different formats, but it also provides a learner's guide for amateurs and beginners who are still finding their way around it.

Anyhow, the whole process is not really rocket science and a person can learn pretty fast with Movavi Video Converter.

What makes the Movavi Video Converters better than other counterparts in the market is the super surprising speed at which the software converts videos. No other product of similar specs in the market provides competition to this, hands down. Available for both Windows and Mac, the Movavi Video Converter does justice to all aspects and is a complete must buy.


A best-selling video converting software, the Movavi Video Editor provides more than 180 formats in total to help cater to a wide range of format needs of different people with different devices. Latest video format additions like that of Full HD, 4K UHD and others are available with the regular formats like AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV, WMV, 3GP.

MP3, FLAC, AAC, and other audio formats are also available so that the user can easily extract audio or music and convert them to desirable formats.

In addition to all this, Movavi Video Converter also has preset for more than 200 portable mobile devices to which the video can be exported. Apart from mobile phones, it also supports footage from Android Phones, Apple, Archos, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle, Creative Zen, Dell, Cowon, Epson, HP, HTC, Explay,  Palm and Motorola.

Professional video conversion capabilities in a small package

Movavi Video Converter is designed to be faster than any other solution available in the market. While other solutions lag and basically brick the system for some time, Movavi quietly runs in the background. The way Movavi does this is by utilizing the graphical hardware of the system it is being used on to a highly-efficient degree. The output is of clear visual fidelity and there are no glitches in the video as well.

Create GIF files & make 3D clips

The NEW IN Movavi Video Converter Editor which is a statement feature of the Movavi Video Editor enables the user to extract audio, adjust the audio sound and even create GIF files!
Something exceptional that the Movavi Video Converter provides is the feature where the user can convert regular video clips to 3D counterparts of the same.

Automatic BitRate Selection

Also, if you need to decrease the size of the file, a new feature, the Automatic BitRate Selection lets you create a balanced video with respect to size and quality of the video. This implies that with the help of H.264 CODEC, the video's size can be decreased without losing out on the quality of the video.

Editing with Movavi

With Movavi, you can also edit your video clip with a free range of editing tools to choose from.
Also, you can rip DVDs to convert them to any format that you prefer and edit it. You can merge files, split them and tweak them as per your requirement. You can add sub-titles and watermarks to the video too!

You can trim videos, set start and end, join more than two files together, et all. When it comes to trimming, the Movavi Video Converter lets you trim the videos at multiple points in the video file.
The Magic Enhance feature lets you enhance the colors in the video and correct any imperfections and even take acre of any jerks or shakiness that might be there in the video.

The editing tools in Movavi Video Converter also let you play around with sounds and control the audio aspect of the video. You can completely omit the unwanted background noise from the video and adjust volume in silent films.

SuperSpeed mode for incredibly speedy conversions

When the user activates the Movavi SuperSpeed mode, the conversion engine starts using the graphical capabilities of the Intel, NVIDIA or AMD graphics card, along with the processing capabilities of the multiple cores of the processor of the computer. Conversions in this mode become as fast as 1 second.

If most video converting software provide you with 30 times faster video conversion, try the Movavi Video Converter to have your mind blown with the 79 times faster video conversion! The SuperSpeed mode in the Movavi Video Converter ensures that a 60 minute video is converted to your desired format in a matter of seconds (literally). What's more, the final result need not require any further compression and it is free of any loss in quality! Additional NVIDIA CUDA, NVENC, and Intel HD Graphics acceleration increase the speed of conversion by 6.2 times!

The Movavi Video Converter does not cease to surprise and comes out with a way to estimate your CPU usage and processor cores, enabling the conversion of two to four H.264 files simultaneously.

A large variety of formats for everlasting entertainment

Movavi offers quick and easy operation through a three-step process. The first step consists of adding the file that is required for the conversion activity, which can either be browsed for through a file manager or can be directly dropped into the area. After that, the output format has to be selected, which may be jpg, png, mp4, avi, mov, and many, many others. The user can see a quick sample of the conversion at this point. The conversion starts after a single click on the "Convert" button.

Share online

The downloaded and converted video files or converted and edited video files can directly be uploaded on social media platforms and other web portals with the built-in Share Online app.


SuperSpeed with 79 times faster conversion, simultaneous 2-4 video conversions, direct file upload on internet, create GIFs and 3D clips, remove background noise, available for Mac too.


Unable to burn videos to DVDs, no allowance to download videos or audio files.


The Movavi Video Convertor is literally a super product and a revolution in Video Conversion. With a breakthrough in speedy conversion, Movavi has changed the game completely.


Exceptionally brilliant features that rest with the Movavi Video Converter like the SuperSpeed video conversion, ability to convert more than one video simultaneously and play around magnificently with audio is something that puts Movavi a league apart.

Company Information

Company Name: Movavi

Company Address: 242 Frunze st., office 309, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

Founded in: 2004

Top Features

Video Suite
  • Comprehensive Video Suite
  • Insert Video Captions
  • Apply Video Transitions
  • Numerous Format Support
  • DVD Burning Utility
  • Seamless Video Making
  • Slideshow Creation
  • Video Tutorial Creation
  • Lossless Video Quality
  • Improved Video Stability
  • Easy Colour Formatting
  • Remove Video Blurs
  • Blend Video Clips Smoothly
  • Stylish Video Linking
  • Apply Visual Effects
  • Insert Music To Background
  • Blazing Conversion Speed
  • Apply Audio Effects
  • Overlay With Cool Filters
  • Create Animated Videos
  • Adjustable Fonts And Colours
  • Seamless YouTube Uploads
  • Record And Capture
  • Multiple Device Support
  • In-built App Support