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Nabble is a forum hosting platform. It provides embeddable applications that can adapt to any webpage without any additional change. It enhances the user experience by configuring and customizing the web pages, making the discussion more productive. It offers forums, mailing lists, photo galleries, message boards, and many more.

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Top Nabble Alternatives
  • Plush
  • Discourse
  • Disciple
  • VerticalScope
  • FluxBB
  • Brilliant Directories
  • Memberium
  • inSided
  • Kunena
  • Website Toolbox
  • Burning Board
  • NodeBB
  • IPS Community Suite
  • Honeycommb
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Top Nabble Alternatives and Overview



Plush is the most polished, user-friendly forum experience ever, featuring real-time discussions, beautiful design, an integrated blog, member directory, private messaging, paid subscriptions and a world-class mobile experience.

By: Plush Content Ltd From UK


Discourse is a free open source forum builder application that allows users to create community websites and host or embed them online.

By: Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.
Based on 18 Votes


Disciple is a community-building platform that allows users to build different cohorts of people focussed around specific topics.

By: Disciple
Based on 11 Votes


VerticalScope is a community platform where people ask and answer doubts on various products.

By: VerticalScope
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FluxBB is a fast, user-friendly and reliable forum application for any website with PHP4 or higher.


Brilliant Directories

Eminent clients say that after using too many website platforms, Brilliant Directories have helped businesses grow in unimaginable ways.

By: Brilliant Directories
Based on 50 Votes


Advanced features of Infusionsoft can be leveraged to access and manage the content on your...

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By: inSided
Based on 7 Votes


It is easy to work with and can be easily integrated with any Joomla based...


Website Toolbox

With experience spanning over twenty years, Website Toolbox offers users a highly interactive, user-friendly, and...

By: Website Toolbox
Based on 12 Votes

Burning Board

The administrative control panel is well-structured and powerful enough to allow owners to manage and...

By: WoltLab® GmbH From Germany


Users can either go with the free, open-source platform or can choose from one of...

By: NodeBB, Inc From Canada
Based on 13 Votes


By: CMNTY Corporation
Based on 6 Votes

IPS Community Suite

IPS suit allows website owners to easily create discussion platforms for their websites, including question&...

By: Invision Power Services, Inc. From USA


It lets you use world-class facilities spanning a range of customizations and controls...

By: Honeycommb
Based on 12 Votes

Nabble Review and Overview

The world is full of curiosity and at some point, everybody confronts problems. In this era, when we have an enormous amount of information at our exposure, we turn to the internet. We can discuss our queries with professionals who belong to that particular field. Nabble makes sure that we stay away from bogus arguments. It uses advanced tools to make the discussion more interactive for the users. It's advanced algorithms and additional customization options make it a great service provider.

Easy to use

Nabble doesn't require a complex configuration. Users can embed nabble on their website by adding the provided code snippet in their HTML source code. Nabble can be integrated into your website as an inbuilt module. It helps the website run smoothly and efficiently. Users can perform various tasks without opening another tab. Nabble brings all the possibilities at your fingertips through it's embedded applications.

Adapts to your Website

Nabble apps are supported by any website irrespective of its modules. These apps adjust according to the resolution of the webpage making it appear like an internal feature instead of an external modification. These applications can be customized even further to change its appearance according to the user. All the operations are carried out with fully functioning applications, giving the user the liberty to use his resources at its fullest. Nabble applications are built using NAML, giving advanced configuration options to the user.

Plenty of features

Nabble can be used to create your own forum and then customize it. It gives advanced options while searching for forums like searching via keywords, date, users or you can search within specific applications. At Nabble, all forums are created with a built-in mailing list. These forums can be arranged in hierarchical form, to make the relevant information easy to access. It can be used to communicate using email without redirecting the user to the forum itself. Interactive photo galleries, blogs, news sites can be created using Nabble web applications. Nabble supports multi-languages. Forums can be used without any external translation application. Nabble is the ultimate management tool for your website.

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