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Nuvei is a payment software that also doubles as a potential tool for financial management and business collaborations. The company offers customizable solutions across industry verticals. Nuvei's services are supportive of partnerships and entrepreneurship. Nuvei's expert team can finance business goals and lends positive cash flow to keep your business growing. Attractive discounts and membership deals ensure that merchants experience higher turnover and lower investments. Compliance with multiple gateways and secure environment for transactions make Nuvei one of the most sought-after payment software providers in the world.

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Top Nuvei Alternatives
  • Paysafe
  • CardConnect
  • BitPay
  • Genome
  • Przelewy24
  • Plastiq
  • Paymentwall
  • JusPay
  • Omise
  • Fiserv
  • Global Payments
  • Payeezy
  • Payline
  • Payfirma
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Top Nuvei Alternatives and Overview



Paysafe is a web and mobile-based payment software suite for dealers.

By: Paysafe Group
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CardConnect is a company that provides integration of payment methods...

By: CardConnect, a First Data Company
Based on 15 Votes


Modern businesses have evolved a lot as compared to their archaic counterparts.

By: BitPay
Based on 19 Votes


Effective management of financial situations is one matter where both people and corporations have to focus for smoother functioning.

By: Genome From Lithuania
Based on 1 Vote


Businesses today have evolved in a better way than earlier, and they focus on customer ease.

By: Przelewy24
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Cashflow has always been an essential determinant for any business...

By: Plastiq


This platform provides its services to many travel and e-commerce industries...

By: Paymentwall
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It is the first mobile payment solution that enables us to work with multiple payment...

By: Juspay
Based on 2 Votes


Its advanced features make it easy to work with, integration-friendly, and of course, highly secure...

By: Omise
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By: BluePay
Based on 15 Votes

Global Payments

By: Global Payments
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By: Fiserv
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By: Payline Data Services
Based on 6 Votes

It consists of a worldwide network of acquirers and a unified platform that improves transaction...

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Their main objective is to deliver a multi-channel payment podium for mobile, eCommerce and physical...

By: Payfirma
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Nuvei Review and Overview

Nuvei is a payment software that focuses on promoting entrepreneurship. Nuvei visualizes itself as the world's first community of payment experts. The company intends to build a thriving network for partners and collaborators, wherein clients can go beyond conventional boundaries to create favourable payment processing opportunities. Nuvei records over 450 million annual transactions, worth $34 billion on an average. Nuvei now has an established base with more than 1,500 partners and more than 800 employees. The company is compliant with as many as 150 global payment methods and nearly 50,000 merchants.

Partner-Centric Business Model

Nuvei helps to build and improve businesses by seamless payment integrations, secure environment, and diversified revenue channels. Nuvei provides an entire network and supportive environment to suit flexible collaboration models. Developer-friendly integrations aid in the smooth processing of payments through application software. Moreover, referral partnership models enable you to capitalize on every payment opportunity. Additionally, the software is tailor-made to fit specific industrial needs, such as telemedicine, field service, billing, and event registration.

Customizable Solutions

Nuvei enables business promotions with wholly branded solutions and personalized white label support. It is easy to reflect your company's colour scheme and logo in the payments activity. Flexible solutions and business-specific expertise offer customized solutions to improve businesses. A consolidated merchant service provides 24*7 technical support, assistance, and risk management support. Additionally, the software is compliant with an extensive array of payment solutions, such as in-store, online, mobile, global, and integrated.

Business Tools

The world of business is hyper-paced, and Nuvei helps you to stay at the top of your game. The software allows you instant access to sales data, while the Merchant Dashboard keeps track of all debit and credit transactions. Nivel provides customized online reporting for all payments, thereby simplifying financial management. The company's business discount program offers nearly 85% savings on several products and services. Furthermore, Nuvei's Business coach program provides business analysis and helps you to convert data into sales.

Company Information

Company Name: Nuvei

Founded in: 2003