By: Octopus Data Inc

Octoparse is a client-side software for extracting information from websites, for most of scraping tasks no coding needed. The software also allows people to collect data from various websites and turn the data into visual files. It works well for both static as well as dynamic websites, including scraping data with pagination, extracting data behind log in, getting data behind dropdown menus, capturing data from search results, etc. The data extracted can be stored on Octoparse's cloud platform or downloaded as Excel,HTML, TXT or exported into databases(MySQL,SQL server, and Oracle). Octoparse simulates web browsing behavior such as opening a web page, logging into an account, entering a text, pointing-and-clicking the web element, etc.

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Top Octoparse Alternatives
  • Scraper API
  • Agenty
  • Web Scraper
  • Scrapy
  • iMacros
  • OutWit
  • Data Scraping
  • Screen Scraper
  • ScrapeBox
  • ParseHub
  • Winautomation
  • Apify
  • import.io
  • Connotate
  • Diffbot
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Top Octoparse Alternatives and Overview


Scraper API

Scraper API is a fantastic way to get started with web scraping without much hassle.

By: Scraper API Technologies s.r.o


Agenty is a cloud-based platform that allows users to extract web data with cloud-based agents.

By: Agenty Analytics Pvt Ltd From India

Web Scraper

Web Scraper is a platform that specializes in data extraction from web pages.

By: Web Scraper


Scrapy is a fast high-level web crawling and web scraping framework, used for extracting structured data and crawling websites which can be used for a various range of useful applications such as information processing, data mining, or historical archival.

By: Scrapinghub


iMacros is an extension for the web browsers which adds record and replay functionality.

By: Ipswitch Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


OutWit is a semantic software tool for extracting and organizing online data and media.

By: OutWit Technologies

Data Scraping

It gives fast and accurate data collection from websites of choice according to your defined...

By: V & P Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Screen Scraper

It works much like a database that allows you to mine the data of the...

By: ekiwi, LLC From USA


Its unique features include search engine harvester, keyword harvester, proxy harvester, comment poster, link checker...

By: ScrapeBox.com
Based on 2 Votes


For developers, the tool gives a full control over how to select, structure, and modify...

By: Debuggex, Inc.
Based on 11 Votes


WinAutomation makes files operations, database manipulation, spreadsheet handling, email parsing, as well as desktop management...

By: Softomotive Ltd From Greece
Based on 10 Votes


It also manages the needs of robotic process automation...

By: Apifier
Based on 2 Votes


By letting its users turn any web page into an API with just a few...

By: Import.io Corporation From UK
Based on 15 Votes


It transforms web data into high-value information assets to feed content products, increase market...

By: Connotate, Inc. From USA
Based on 6 Votes


Its artificial intelligence feature provides structured web data better than any human-level accuracy across any...

By: Diffbot Technologies Corp. From USA
Based on 2 Votes

Octoparse Review and Overview

Isn’t it quite intuitive that data-driven decisions are way more effective than ordinary ones? Each and every activity around the world emits data. If one could tap into it, he will see the world from an entirely different perspective. These data encapsulates valuable insights which might turn the tables for a particular business. Raw data is meaningless unless someone gives shape to it. With Octoparse, the task of extracting data has now become very easy. Even one without prior coding knowledge can find it easy to wrangle data. One can now focus more on taking big leaps.

Powers of a futuristic data-wrangler

Octoparse’s services are powered by the cloud so that one can run multiple wrangling tasks at the same time. Octoparse ensures that there are no more latencies at work. One can even adjust the speed and the frequency of Octoparse’s data wrangling as per his own whims. Accuracy of data is essential for operations related to data analytics. Octoparse keeps in check that not a single stone is unturned in search of data. It can search through a large number of pages to render a comprehensive data-set.

Professional services

Now, anyone can perform data-wrangling with the same expertise as a professional data-wrangler. Data wrangling comes with its own risks. Octoparse’s IP rotation allows one to wrangle data without the fear of getting caught. One need not rely on hardware anymore for data-wrangling as Octoparse does it all in the cloud. Our team provides tailored services as per one’s needs. One can arrive at better decisions as well as achieve a high ROI rate at the same time. Its free version is suitable for beginners and small-scale projects.

No prior experience required

We give the highest priority to the peace of mind of our users. We try our best to do so. The cloud renders a scalable architecture. We constantly keep looking for bugs. We try to weed out as many issues as possible. Unlike other services that provide datasheets after weeks, our services are lightning-fast. We stand beside our users throughout the entire project workflow.  

Company Information

Company Name: Octopus Data Inc

Company Address: 721 Brea Canyon Rd. Suite #1, Walnut. CA, USA

Founded in: 2014

Top Features

  • Point-and-click-UI
  • Deal with all sites
  • Extract data
  • Any Format
  • Cloud Service
  • Automatic IP Rotation
  • Avoiding IP blacklisted