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Africa's number one customer management software, Omnibiz is demonstrating a rapid momentum in its mission to become the leading customer management software provider for early-phase business in emerging countries. Their broad range of solutions and dedicated customer service team ensures that the company delivers an unparalleled customer experience every single time. A centralized platform provides a notable opportunity for team collaboration to enhance the customer experience.

Top Omnibiz Alternatives
  • Salesforce
  • Act
  • Close
  • Enjay CRM
  • Teamgate CRM
  • CloudCC
  • ebp CRM
  • Remindax
  • Affinity Relationship Intelligence
  • Cratio CRM Software
  • Snapforce CRM
  • Pareto CRM
  • Callbox Pipeline
  • Realkeeper
  • WISO Mein Büro 365
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Top Omnibiz Alternatives and Overview



Salesforce provides CRM cloud and cloud computing software that helps your business to grow sales faster.

By:, inc From USA
Based on 843 Votes


Act provides affordable and easy-to-use contact management and email marketing software for small business.

By: Swiftpage ACT! LLC From USA


Close is a Customer Relationship Management software for small and medium-sized businesses to improve their sales.

By: Close
Based on 14 Votes

Enjay CRM

Enjay is an Indian IT business solutions company that provides a wide range of business software solutions that can boost the productivity and profit of any company.

By: Enjay IT Solutions

Teamgate CRM

A simple and transparent web based full process Sales CRM solution, Teamgate offers simple, incisive and easy to use pipeline management to guide you through the entire sales process from start to finish.

By: Teamgate Ltd.


By: CloudCC Inc.

ebp CRM

By providing personalized solutions to a wide range of companies of different profiles, ebp aims...

By: ebp


The software can be integrated with existing regularly used applications such as text messaging, WhatsApp...

By: Remindax
Based on 14 Votes

Affinity Relationship Intelligence

By: Affinity, Inc.
Based on 14 Votes

Cratio CRM Software

By: Cratio Software Private Limited
Based on 1 Vote

Snapforce CRM

Based on 13 Votes

Pareto CRM

Pareto CRM offers a complete toolset which covers every aspect related to managing your...

By: Pareto CRM From Canada

Callbox Pipeline

By: Callbox
Based on 2 Votes


Customization options, as well as reminders and alerts for the company and their customers, are...

By: Realkeeper Technologies

WISO Mein Büro 365

By: Buhl Data Service

Omnibiz Review and Overview

Omnibiz is a Saas model that aids businesses in providing enhanced customer experience by managing their online presence on different social media platforms. The software is also designed to track the company's sales performance, invoicing & inventory, and other customer experience needs.

Although the company is the top customer management service provider in Africa, Omnibiz intends to climb up the competitive index to become the leading player for customer management services for emerging businesses in developing countries.

Broad Range of Solutions

Omnibiz's business solutions span from online presence management, customer relationship management (CRM), order management, to contact management. The nascent software can convert online searches to potent sales by empowering a businesses' public identity. Moreover, updating the company's content online has never been easier.

E-store websites can be set up in minutes to ramp up the online order generation, perfectly in line with the skyrocketing trend of digitalization. Furthermore, why limit your clientele to a single website when Omnibiz can amplify your customer base through a wider outreach across multiple platforms. Moreover, reviewing and tracking consumer feedback is convenient and helps you build a stronger brand reputation.

Centralized Platform For All Your Needs

Omnibiz CRM System unites the customer support, marketing, and sales team in real-time to deliver unparalleled customer service experience every single time. The software provides a complete centralized platform for teal collaboration and efficient delivery.

The software automatically designates each lead to a dedicated sales agent based on several parameters — such as geography, service, and product—thereby, ensuring maximum client satisfaction. The software is further coded to track opportunities to convert maximum sales with minimum efforts, which drives the enlarging clientele. The best feature is that the CRM system can work both offline and online.

Competitive Edge

There are several factors that Omnibiz leverages to gain a clear competitive edge over others. Few other customer relationship software can allow users to work on an offline mode or offer tailor-made sales process based on customer requirements. There are no infrastructure expenses, thereby making the whole process economical. Centralized and secure data offers a safe customer management experience.

Company Information

Company Name: Omnibiz

Founded in: 2019