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Pixetic is a design agency that offers complete design solutions for brands and businesses looking to boost their product sales through innovative and efficient product design. The design agency provides services such as UX research, UX prototyping, UX audit, and App design. The agency has worked with clients such as the Royal Opera House, Catec, and has a track record of delivering great results for all of them.

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Top Pixetic Alternatives and Overview



BASIC is a professional design firm which helps companies in doing better jobs by connecting people with stuff they would love - offerings, experiences and stories which creates changes in culture and supports lifestyle.

By: ThinkBasic Inc. From USA


Gravitate is a web design and digital marketing company which creates effective sites for its clients.

By: Gravitate Design Studio, LLC From USA


RocketFuel is an experienced team consisting of web marketing and design experts.

By: Rocketfuel LLC From USA

Wood Street

Wood Street offers a comprehensive series of services that feature web apps, database development, website design, SEO, logo design and interactive presentations to its clients.

By: Wood Street, Inc. From USA

Ester Digital

An aesthetic value goes a long way to enhance the marketability of the website, and Ester Digital aims to do precisely that.

By: Ester Digital From United States
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Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is a mobile application and web designing company...

By: Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. From USA

SmartPractice Logo Design

This becomes especially important when it comes to the personalized logo and branding offered by...

From USA


It has worked with several hundreds of websites and marketing campaigns...

By: PaperStreet Web Design, Inc. From USA

Focus Lab

By closely working with its clients, the company gathers information and examines their industry and...

By: Focus Lab, LLC From USA

Sparx IT Solutions

The organization specializes in intricate business issues management by brainstorming the same with the holistic...

By: Sparx IT Solutions Private Limited From India

Blue Fountain Media

It creates digital solutions and websites which help organizations to grow their business on the...

By: Blue Fountain Media Inc. From USA


It is a set of people who help companies with websites and purpose in style...

By: Fhoke Limited From UK


It has delivered plenty of successful projects to top brands as well as startups...

By: FINE Design Group, Inc. From USA


We offer custom web & app development services to worldwide customers...

By: Mobikasa From United States

American Eagle

As a full service site development and digital agency with expertise and experience, American Eagle...

By: Americaneagle.com, Inc. From USA

Pixetic Review and Overview

User experience has always had an important role to play in the success or failure of a product. It has gained even more prominence in today’s modern world. With customers having the option of choosing between multiple brands, the kind of user experience delivered by a product or service has become even more crucial. Customers quickly junk products that fail to deliver a convenient, glitch-free user experience. Brands too realize the importance of user experience and therefore invest millions of dollars into providing favourable user experience. While some brands like to have an in-house team of designers to deliver the desired user experience, others make use of third-party agencies.

What does Pixetic do?

Pixetic is one of the leading design agencies that specializes in UX design offerings. It offers a range of UX-design related services including UX research, UX prototyping, and UX audit. Additionally, the agency also provides app design services. The process of formulating a compelling UX design is iterative and requires analysis of several data points. Parameters like customer preferences, product perception, and product use are some of the many parameters that need to be taken into account. Pixetic brings together a team of experienced design professionals who put together the desired analysis and provide a report based on that.

UX prototyping service

The process of UX prototyping follows the process of UX research. Based on the UX research report, designers build a prototype of the product and put it forward for testing. The prototype is put through various tests where its performance is judged on multiple parameters. Based on its performance and insights from various stakeholders, necessary changes are made to the product. The process of testing depends on the clients. Some clients like to go for multiple rounds of testing, while others want to keep it limited to one or two rounds. Regardless of the clients’ preferences, Pixetic aims to serve every client in the best way possible.

UX audit service

Apart from designing new products, Pixetic also undertakes assignments where it is presented with the challenge of improving an underperforming product. The design agency conducts a holistic evaluation of the product and suggests several changes based on it.

Company Information

Company Name: Perfectial

Company Address: 75 Arlington St. Suite 500 Boston, MA 02116, USA

Founded in: 2017

Top Features

UX Research
  • Design research
  • Product feature map
  • Product structure
  • Clickthrough prototype
UX Prototyping
  • Visual appearance
  • Rich interactions
  • UX Audit
  • App Designing