Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions

By: Sparx IT Solutions Private Limited

Sparx IT Solutions is a private IT services company which is engaged to provide robust solutions and products to its clients. The organization specializes in intricate business issues management by brainstorming the same with the holistic and proven approach. Sparx IT Solutions offers services & products to global clients who see for encompassing out-of-the-box solutions and ideas. It specializes in web development, site design and mobile application development with others.

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BASIC is a professional design firm which helps companies in doing better jobs by connecting people with stuff they would love - offerings, experiences and stories which creates changes in culture and supports lifestyle.

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Sparx IT Solutions Review and Overview

Sparx IT Solutions is a corporate platform that provides users with a web or software building tools to satisfy their technological needs. Efficient front-end and back-end coding form Sparx ensures the effectiveness of your web page or software. Just feed the necessary data, choose a pre-existing template, add your specific designs and animations and boom, your platform is ready. The templates available are customizable, and the software integrations are highly powerful and efficient to accommodate all the functional tools you require.

Working on the cloud

Cloud-based services are the new frontier of data analytics and development these days. Sparx provides all three cloud-based services, i.e. IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. Cloud platform development is offered to all sectors of the work field, from corporate to gaming. The hosting facility offered by Sparx is highly efficient. The latency, data transmission rate, and receiving rate are smooth and speedy. The cloud security is high, and the cloud terminates any data which may pose a potential threat to the system, instantly. Power tools and other functional units can be attached to your cloud to increase your work efficiency. 

GDPR solutions 

Sparx IT solutions help to make your systems and platforms GDPR, i.e. General Data Protection Regulation compliant. The platform keeps you updated with the rules and regulations and makes sure that everything is done accordingly. Every online advertising posted by you is accounted for, and security protocols are attached to them to prevent 3rd party infringement. Many websites use google analytics to check their performance, but on doing so, their data is vulnerable to phishing. To avoid this, Sparx provides security tools adhering to GDPR to safeguard your data. Every 3rd party widget and ad are scanned for threats, and all the regulations for GDPR are followed. 

To protect and develop data on the cloud efficiently, Sparx IT solutions is the best choice for you.

Company Information

Company Name: Sparx IT Solutions Private Limited

Company Address: A-2, Sector-63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Founded in: 2008

Top Features

  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • PSD To HTML5
  • PSD To Bootstrap
  • Sketch To HTML
  • Design & Markup
  • Theming & Integration
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • Apps & Game Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • PSD To WordPress
  • PSD To Drupal
  • PSD to Magneto
  • PSD to Shopify & Prestashop
  • Responsive HTML Design
  • Email Templates Design
  • Latest Integration Solutions
  • SEO Services
  • PPC Advertising
Core Features
  • Web Development
  • Business Analytics
Software Development
  • Java development
Local Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing