Polaris Office

Polaris Office


Polaris Office is a cheaper substitute to Microsoft Office that allows almost all things which MS Office does. The platform offers an excellent Interface which can be used to create some amazing documents. It is not just simple document editing product but also allows collaboration and team communication feature. Like MS Office, it has both cloud as well as desktop variants.

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Top Polaris Office Alternatives
  • WPS Office
  • Office 365
  • OpenOffice
  • LibreOffice
  • Notion
  • Quip
  • Desktop.com
  • SoftMaker
  • 2020 Cap
  • Publist
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Top Polaris Office Alternatives and Overview


WPS Office

Formed by a Zhuhai-based Chinese Company KINGSOFT Office, WPS Office is one of the leading office suites used across the globe.

By: Kingsoft Software Inc.
Based on 39 Votes


ONLYOFFICE, also known as OnlyOffice, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, is an Office suite designed by Ascensio System SIA.

By: Ascensio System SIA
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Office 365

Microsoft Office or MS Office is a world-renowned office suite with the most advanced and comprehensive features.

By: Microsoft
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Originating in the year 1985, OpenOffice (now Apache OpenOffice) has been the foremost frontier of an open-source office suite.

By: The Apache Software Foundation
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Established and overseen by a non-profit organization, The Document Foundation, LibreOffice is a next-level open-source office suite, designed primarily to aid the documentation requirements of people and companies alike, without any cost.

By: LibreOffice.org
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Notion App is an all-in-one tool for workspace managing and collaborating notes, work-tasks, wikis, and databases.

By: Notion Labs, Inc.
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The live-tracking features allow people in groups to interact closely and monitor every change in...

By: Quip LLC
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You can quickly switch between accounts and manage your personal and work desktop separately while...

By: Desktop.com AS
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Utilized on almost every platform, their office suite includes features to edit word documents, make...

By: SoftMaker Software GmbH

2020 Cap

The 2020 Office products come attached with the latest features and effective tools that make...

By: 20-20 Technologies
Based on 5 Votes


It also lets them manage and manipulate their files from all the storage available...

By: Publist
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Polaris Office Review and Overview

Polaris Office is a complete software solution for all document editing needs and provides a comprehensive ecosystem for any device such as mobile and desktop. It is compatible with multiple file formats and can interchangeably save between them for faster processing. A variety of other solutions are also available.

Along with the conventional word processing systems, Polaris Office helps users through multiple applications such as a PDF SDK, a web-based editor, a security system, and more. You can also download the software for both android and iOS systems so that you can access all your documents and edit them on the go with the same efficiency as desktop.

Portrait Pro is a professional image editing software that specializes in facial correction and manipulation to achieve desired results. Users can manipulate various parts of the face and recognize each of them separately in a group photograph. A professional digital makeup system is also available for adding extra highlights and beautification.

Professional retouching and editing of photographs with individual face recognition are possible through Portrait Pro. It utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to recognize eyes, hair, and other features so that modifications can be independently applied to them, and the effects do not influence other areas of the face. High-quality exports are available in multiple formats.

Cloud-Enabled system

Polaris Office provides a variety of cloud-based features that will help you in creating efficient documents without the hassle of storing and processing them on your computer. It can merge mails and create personalized messages by utilizing a list of email recipients that include names, addresses, and the mobile numbers of those that you want to communicate. A dedicated file browser that contains recent folders and a new folder menu is available so that you get increased usability and file management. Unique scroll bars are open on both the right and top of the page for more efficient scrolling.

Intelligent photo editing

Portrait Pro provides easy manipulation of portals to the smart systems that it utilizes. This software can detect various characteristics of the human face, such as age and gender while locating intricate features such as the position of skin and the background of the photograph. Without requiring any human intervention, it automatically touches the photos to remove any blemishes and spots that might be present. You can set a variety of presents in a single click, and you can adjust various sliders to get the desired effect. Makeup, light management, and custom face sculpting are also possible through the interface.

Desktop-based system

This platform comes enabled for desktops for both Mac and Windows operating systems. The entire ecosystem is compatible with Microsoft Office, PDF, Google Docs, and many other formats so that we don't have to convert each of them. The package is small in installation size and can boot up at breakneck speed compared to conventional processing packages. The installation package contains a word processor, presentation maker, a spreadsheet manager, and a PDF reader, and it automatically installs all of them so that you don't have to install and manage these parts selectively. All installed components are rich in features.

Mobile app development

Polaris Office provides the facility to create mobile apps by an SDK, which links to the Polaris office network for increased efficiency and development activities. This SDK enables users to view and edit documents inside the ecosystem and directly relates to a variety of work systems. It can automatically integrate with enterprise-grade systems such as ECM, EDMS, cloud storage systems, and other office functionalities. According to the business requirements, you and utilize customized templates, add the appropriate levels, and modify the user interface.

Face detection and makeup

This platform enables you to detect faces in the photographs and apply modifications to them as required. For this process, you do not need to perform any complex calculations or use masks on the image. Portrait Pro utilizes techniques such as deep learning and advanced image recognition algorithms to find accurate features within your photos and perform necessary manipulations to achieve the desired result. A full range of makeup systems is available to be applied to the photographs, which supports a variety of styles, and you can use your customizations in a few easy steps.

Efficient feature processing

Portrait Pro enables you to add raw processing characteristics to your images to achieve your desired results. The system can readily read RAW and DNG file formats to uncover most of the details and metadata in the pictures that were clicked. Images in various file formats such as TIFF and PNG can be edited with the highest possible color sample rate. The smart system can automatically recognize the requirement of retouching in photos and can apply these effects to different face parts accurately.

Company Information

Company Name: POLARIS OFFICE Corp.