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Publist, now known as Rethink Files, is a new age platform that allows users to have an all-comprising view of the cloud services they use for storing and transferring data. It also lets them manage and manipulate their files from all the storage available. Last but not least, it also offers its own extremely powerful cloud storage system to be used in conjunction with the other storages, which makes it very useful for users to require large capacities for their files.

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Top Publist Alternatives
  • WPS Office
  • Office 365

Top Publist Alternatives and Overview


WPS Office

Formed by a Zhuhai-based Chinese Company KINGSOFT Office, WPS Office is one of the leading office suites used across the globe.

By: Kingsoft Software Inc.
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ONLYOFFICE, also known as OnlyOffice, headquartered in Riga, Latvia, is an Office suite designed by Ascensio System SIA.

By: Ascensio System SIA
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Office 365

Microsoft Office or MS Office is a world-renowned office suite with the most advanced and comprehensive features.

By: Microsoft
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Publist Review and Overview

With the rising size of applications and files, having one or more high capacity, cloud-based file storage options have become the norm. Unfortunately, managing all of them separately can be really disorienting, especially when the number of files is excessive. It can be harmful to the point that users can accidentally delete or send someone the wrong piece of data. Rethink Files, formerly known as Publist, can help users avoid this with its integrated cloud data management platform.

A data management platform fit for businesses

Publist is unlike any other data management platform seen before. Its heavy-duty cloud filesystem is backed with unmatched stability, which allows the users to perform operations and access multiple files hosted across multiple cloud servers. This feature makes it especially useful for companies and businesses which need to deploy large files on cloud networks on a daily basis. The platform can also be integrated with several other cloud-based applications which aren’t strictly storage platform, but still, work with files. This allows companies to keep a close track on each and every one of their files easily.

Secure file storage and syncing as No. 1 priority

Publist pays a lot of attention to its file security measures, and thus it uses a variety of algorithms to make sure that each file remains untouched by malicious agents. As a primary security measure, Publist endows every file in its system with a bank-grade, no-nonsense AES-256 encryption. As the second line of defense, it allows its users to apply their own file access and denial permissions on every file. The third line of defense comes in the form of regular updates and a vigilant security team, which is always on the search for new hacking exploits and loopholes.

Extensive support for storage and applications

Publist is incomplete without the various cloud storage systems that can be integrated into it, which range from common ones for personal use, and high-security and heavy-duty ones designed specifically for business purposes. Users may also integrate their data-based applications like Gmail, DocuSign, and Zoho Docs into the system for a unified workflow.

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