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Power Reviews lets you leverage the power of User Generated Content (UGC). It enables you to improve your brand awareness by turning your existing customers into influencers who spread the word about your brand to their social audience. It helps you tap into new markets and gain insights into how your consumer/influencer marketing campaigns are performing.

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Top PowerReviews Alternatives and Overview



Podium is an interaction management software that is redefining the modern relationship between the clients and the businesses with tools to take responsibility for online reputation.

By: Podium
Based on 12 Votes


Broadly is a service that helps small businesses grow and build their online reputation by winning them reviewers and customers.

By: Broadly, Inc
Based on 13 Votes


BrandYourself acts as a reputation manager for your brand. It...

By: BrandYourself.com
Based on 14 Votes


There are hundreds of CRMs and CMSs available in the market today, and there are just as many add-ons available for them.

By: TrueReview From USA
Based on 2 Votes


Sitejabber is a service used to manage online reputations of websites and companies by collecting and publishing customer reviews on social networking sites.

By: Sitejabber
Based on 24 Votes


Reevoo is an E-commerce and Product Reviewing software that was developed to help the users in buying products which highly rated and have received the highest ratings.

By: Reevoo
Based on 1 Vote


It helps the clients to improve their social presence and improve their rankings in the...

By: ResellerRatings
Based on 31 Votes


It offers customer retention and acquisition mechanisms to promote organic growth in continuous brand development...

By: Feefo
Based on 17 Votes


It gathers reviews about the products and utilizes them for UGC...

By: Okendo
Based on 13 Votes

Shopper Approved

The tool curates reviews, ratings, and surveys from customers and distributes them to a wide...

By: Shopper Approved
Based on 6 Votes


It offers two messaging methods for doing this...

By: eComEngine, LLC
Based on 8 Votes


By: Trustpilot
Based on 14 Votes


By: Yotpo
Based on 7 Votes


This system helps its users and business to be found online...

By: BirdEye
Based on 27 Votes


This tool sends the request to the customers by categorizing them under various groups...

By: ReviewBuzz
Based on 5 Votes

PowerReviews Review and Overview

Digitization of markets has changed the way brands conduct marketing campaigns today. While traditional practices are still in place, an increasing number of modern techniques like user-generated content or UGC have become popular. UGC consists of content in the form of videos, texts, images, reviews, etc. that are generated by consumers of the brands.

These help brands to reach out to a previously untapped audience base and gain their trust. And, to harness its power from across all channels, you need the assistance of some robust content management and analytics platform like PowerReviews.

Unleash the power of customer-generated content

Your existing customers can be your door to gaining new customers. When they advocate your brand to their audience and acquaintances, people may become interested in your services. It adds a touch of authenticity to your brand, and soon enough, they may be willing to be your customers. With Power Review’s customer content management, you can ask your users to leave constructive product feedback, which you can verify and showcase across all your channels. Used advanced and personalized displays, brand scores, questions and answers, and visual content gallery (both videos and images) to capture the visitors’ interests.  

Turn customers into influencers and curate their content

Influencer marketing has become a common practice among businesses to leverage the social influence of certain people and increase sales. With Power Review, you have a great way to escalate brand by turning your existing customers into influencers and have them endorse your brand on social media. This way, you save time, which otherwise would have been wasted in selecting the right influencers from the millions present out there. As you boost the content creation through your influencers, Power Reviews also ensures ADA compliance and faster load times so that you do not leave any gap in your consumer acquisition. 

Gain insights and expand your reach

Creating content and reaching a new audience isn’t enough. You need to understand how the content is performing and from where you’re getting your new customers. Know if, at all, your campaigns are heading towards success. Get actionable consumer behavior intelligence with robust analytics and competitive benchmarking tools of Power Reviews.

Make data-driven business decisions and customize your marketing campaigns accordingly to boost conversions. Through the secure API frameworks of Power Reviews, you can then reach out to over a billion shoppers every month across all e-commerce platforms and online marketplaces, including Google, Amazon, Walmart, Instagram, Facebook, Target, and others.

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