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Limitless flexibility, reliability, and unparalleled security are some of the most noteworthy features of Put.io. The cloud is much more scalable than on-premises infrastructure. The services of the cloud are unlikely to fail, even in worse-case situations. It is the sole reason why cloud storage solutions are more preferred as compared to physical hard drives. Put.io has been able to reach up this far, solely due to the immensely positive feedback we have received from the users.

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Top Put.io Alternatives
  • WeTransfer
  • SutiDMS
  • Nextcloud
  • ExpanDrive
  • SmartFile
  • Zoho WorkDrive
  • Droplr
  • Seafile
  • Commander One
  • SmartFTP
  • FilesAnywhere
  • Datto Workplace
  • ExaVault
  • Leapfile
  • Cloudup
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Top Put.io Alternatives and Overview



Paste is a software meant to help users with creating presentations more easily and interactively.

By: WeTransfer
Based on 81 Votes


SutiDMS is an online document management application that allows you to share, manage, organize, and impart your business-critical data.

By: SutiSoft Inc.
Based on 1 Vote


Nextcloud is open source cloud storage program that lets you backup and restores files from anywhere in the cloud.

By: Nextcloud
Based on 28 Votes


ExpanDrive is a US-Based Cloud Content Collaboration Software that aims to help the companies in resolving all the issues related to content management since its formation in 2004.

By: ExpanDrive
Based on 19 Votes


Smart File is a Cloud Content Collaboration Software that helps the companies in managing their file transfer protocol.

By: SmartFile
Based on 8 Votes

Zoho WorkDrive

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Based on 16 Votes


Droplr is a cloud-based platform that saves all the data obtained by the user on...

By: Droplr
Based on 12 Votes


Seafile provides services related apps suitable for almost all the operating systems...

By: Seafile
Based on 2 Votes

Commander One

Eltima Software has been providing these solutions from the year it was established in 2000...

By: Commander One
Based on 1 Vote


It supports several advanced functionalities but essentially runs on the Windows API, making it highly...

By: SmartFTP
Based on 15 Votes


Their broad range of services offers the perfect tools to share data files in a...

By: FilesAnywhere
Based on 4 Votes

Datto Workplace

It performs management of resources across various devices from a single portal...

By: Datto Inc.
Based on 14 Votes


It provides a convenient and agile solution for file sharing...

By: ExaVault
Based on 1 Vote


You can quickly integrate it with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Thunderbird and Groupwise...

By: Leapfile
Based on 13 Votes


It follows a simple drag-and-drop method and produces links to the stream of images, videos...

By: Cloudup
Based on 5 Votes

Put.io Review and Overview

Electronic devices are not always reliable. Due to some unfortunate reasons, these devices may run out of order. Such scenarios can be extremely frustrating and tragic. Just imagine how a person would feel if, on one nice day, he wakes up to see his computer containing hundreds of files has run out of order. There are several eminent services out there that provide a routine backup of data and store important files. Put.io is, however, a bit different. Put.io is way more different than other existing clod storage solutions. Put.io is like the virtual storage solution for downloaded files.

Plans for everyone

Put.io offers a free trial to anyone who would like to experience its outstanding features. When it comes to downloading, no other services can match the lightning-fast speeds of Put.io. There is no upper limit to the number of files a user can download with the help of Put.io. Put.io offers an unbelievably high seeding ratio for smooth file transfer from any server. Users can invite other members of the family to use the services of Put.io under one single account. Most of our users escalate to better plans.

Increased usability

It does not matter whether a user is in some remote location, he can still use the services of Put.io with ease. Today’s world has increasingly become a mobile-first world. Put.io provides all of its services in the form of user-friendly mobile applications. It contains a central view of all downloaded files. Put.io has rolled out several versions of itself for a wide variety of devices. One can easily play media files in Put.io with the aid of the online media player. The web version of Put.io comes with a lot of customisation options to fine-tune with.

An endless suite of integrations

The web version of Put.io even comes in a sleek dark mode. The Play Store of Android features countless contributions from the side of Put.io. Smart TVs are trending these days. Put.io can work fine on any such smart TV. It integrates with IFTTT to create new possibilities and usage variations. It integrates with iOS devices and gaming consoles to render a seamless user experience. Happy tweets from the customer’s side serve as a testament to our hard work. 

Company Information

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