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Qandle is software for human resource management. It includes the core functionalities of human resources. It does handle the payroll management of a company. It provides talent management and expense management through a single and unified platform. It is suitable software for the modern workplace.

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Top Qandle Alternatives
  • BreezyHR
  • Collage
  • Workday
  • WizeHire
  • Officenet
  • ZenHR
  • cvMaster
  • TalentOz
  • HRsmart
  • TribeHR
  • Leena AI
  • EazeHR
  • Sage HRMS
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Top Qandle Alternatives and Overview



By: Breezy HR
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Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

By: Collage
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Workday allows you to unify your finance and HR, so that you can make better decisions for your company.

By: Workday, Inc From USA


CIPHR is a software-as-a-service HR management tool that is fully scalable and can be used by any company worldwide.

By: Computers In Personnel Limited From UK
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Wize hire is a hiring software made simply to help the small scale business owners to find and recruit accurate talent by improving the hiring and talent recruitment process.

By: WizeHire
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By: Netcomm Labs


By: CYDAS, Inc.
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By: ZenHR Solutions
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It is a cloud-based system...

By: Jobmaster


By: TalentOz
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It provides various solutions for your HR management, including unified platform, recruiting, onboarding, performance, development...

By: HRsmart, Inc From USA


It offers various features, such as social recruiting solution, online HRIS solution, online talent management...

By: NetSuite Inc From Canada

Leena AI

By: Leena AI


This application integrates all the features that an organization needs to handle business requisites easily...

By: EazeWork
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It allows you to integrate your payroll, reduce administrative work, get better analytics and reporting...

By: Sage Software, Inc From UK
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Qandle Review and Overview

Human resource management is an integral part of an organization. The recruitment to the appointment and then the salaries, all have to be managed by the HR people. Qandle helps in this process by automating the complete process through its software.

Core HR Functionalities

It manages the leaves taken by an employee. It enables you to define the type of leaves an employee can avail of. It has a holiday calendar and allows an employee to put up the request for taking a leave very easily. It allows you to create policies that state the minimum hours of work to be done in a day, late comings, etc. It integrates smart cards and biometrics to mark the entry and exit times of an employee. In the payroll field, it allows you to build policies stating the incentives. You can define the bonus and equity. You can provide pay-slips to your employees. It auto-calculates the amount related to FnF. It performs automatic checks on the balances of the company. It handles the database that contains the data related to the employees.

Recruitment Functionalities

It helps you in building your site for career opportunities without bothering about the coding required to build it. You can customize the hiring criteria. You can post the vacancies on social media and various job portals. It provides you with efficient dashboards that track the applications of the applicants. It helps in scheduling interviews. It gives you assessment reports and allows you to provide scorecards. You can easily access the data of the current candidate from the database. It provides you with visual reports.

Reporting Functionalities

It provides you with real-time progress. The reports provided by this tool are comprehensive and can be understood with ease. The reports are exportable, which means you can download it for off-line analysis. Any changes made to the data get instantly reflected in the reports.

Additional Functionalities

It does provide a shift planner that manages the shifts of the employees. The scheduling and leaves in these shifts are taken care of by this planner. It provides automatic reminders to the employees if they are not clocked-in their shifts. Its dashboard is capable of providing transparent visibility of the field-force locations. It also cross-checks the reimbursements submitted by the employees. It has a Live Map feature that shows the live location of the field- force.

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