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Receipt Bank is software for small-scale and medium-scale businesses to maintain logs without wasting paper. The software makes expense management resource free, fast, and organized, thus allowing businesses to work more efficiently. Its ease of use is the reason why hundreds of thousands of businesses prefer it over everything else.

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  • Bonsai
  • FreshBooks
  • QuickBooks
  • Stampli
  • Pulse
  • Reckon
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Top Receipt Bank Alternatives and Overview



Bonsai is an invoicing tool that does more than taking care of bills.

By: MTB Projects Corp.
Based on 10 Votes


FreshBooks is an intuitive accounting software that you can access from anywhere, with automatic upgrades.

By: 2ndSite Inc. From Canada
Based on 287 Votes


QuickBooks is an online accounting software that you can access and manage from anywhere.

By: Intuit Inc. From USA
Based on 1464 Votes


By: Stampli
Based on 56 Votes


Pulse is an online accounting software that allows you to manage the financial aspects of your business.

By:, Inc.
Based on 9 Votes


Reach is an all-in-one web-based accounting software made for various types of businesses.

By: Reach Process Outsourcing Pvt Ltd. From India
Based on 44 Votes


It features bill and expense tracking, email documents, GST tracking, weekend support, unlimited data files...

By: Reckon Limited. From Australia
Based on 1 Vote


Soldo can help you to make this task simple...

By: Soldo
Based on 2 Votes


It helps them save their valuable time and effort that would’ve got wasted in just...

By: Expensify
Based on 65 Votes

Zoho Books

It features online payment, automatic workflow, multiple project management, expense tracking, banking and third-party integration...

By: Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd. From USA
Based on 39 Votes


It features shared accountant access, sales invoices, purchase orders, recurring invoices, custom invoice templates, cash...

By: Yendo Limited From Ireland
Based on 2 Votes


The platform is deployed via the cloud and can be accessed by their employees using...

By: Certify
Based on 3 Votes


The software is designed for small business and enterprise from New Zealand and Australia...

By: MYOB Technology Pty Ltd. From Australia

SAP Concur

The expenses maintained need not be confined to just a few official tasks as SAP...

By: Concur Technologies, Inc.
Based on 106 Votes


It features all-in-one dashboard, professional estimates, good-looking invoice, simple expense tracking, better project visibility, time...

By: FreeAgent Central Ltd From UK
Based on 14 Votes

Receipt Bank Review and Overview

Present organizations need to work in a fast, organized, and efficient way to grow sustainably. It has always been known that the businesses which save upon time and resources are bound to progress most. Why waste time in mundane and tedious tasks when you can save it for other essential operations? One such task is expense management and keeping a log of all the cash flow related to the organization. Maintaining huge paperwork not only takes more men and space but also takes a lot of time. This is where Receipt Bank comes into the conversation and helps organizations by making their expense management digital and organized.

Only savings here

Receipt Bank saves time, effort, storage, as well as nature. Go paper-free with Receipt Bank and store all your receipts in digital form. The software is deployed through the cloud and can be accessed on smartphones running on Android and iOS. The app can digitalize every member of the supply chain related to business, ending the need to work with papers spread all over the table and engaging employees in more productive operations. In case of any trouble, it is quite easy to contact the support team as they are available 24/7 and solve the problems quickly without any issues.

Also, if businesses ever feel confused about adopting Receipt Bank as a way to store their receipts, they can always use the software in a free trial period and then make up their mind about it. Apart from expense management of an organization, it also helps them keep a log of Purchase Orders. To get started with using the system, an online consultant from the side of Receipt Bank ensures that all the business owners get adequately trained and learn to deal with everything in this system. Easy setup, guidance, and a robust support system make it a natural choice.

Roll it in

Receipt Bank should surely be a consideration among small and medium-scaled businesses due to the amount of time, effort, and paperwork it saves for the organizations. Apart from managing expenses and purchase orders, organizations also get to digitalize the payroll management through it. Receipt Bank just needs to be feed with a set of instructions upon how the salary of employees is calculated, and then it handles the rest quickly.

Want to scale up your business by getting rid of paperwork and managing the cash flow in a matter of seconds so that employees focus on other vital operations? Receipt Bank is the best thing you can have at your arsenal for logging and managing expenses.

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Company Name: Receipt Bank

Founded in: 2010