RegClean Pro

RegClean Pro

By: Systweak Software

RegClean Pro is a registry cleaner program by Systweak designed to maximize system performance by handling registry errors. The software is responsible for registry defragmentation and compaction and PC performance tweaks. It has been tested with over thousand applications and is supported by 64 bit processors. Regclean Pro is compatible to work with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and above. It scans your system registry and deletes malicious entries.

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Top RegClean Pro Alternatives and Overview



CCleaner is a very popular PC cleaner tool. CCleaner allows...

By: Piriform Ltd From UK
Based on 63 Votes

Registry Repair

Registry Repair is an intelligent registry cleaner program that identifies and deletes invalid registry entries.

By: Glarysoft Ltd From UK

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner cleans registry junks, repairs common and complex Windows errors and keeps the PC at the best performance.

By: From USA

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a registry cleaning and optimization tool that safely and effectively clears unimportant Windows registry entries to get the PC running fast and smooth.

By: Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd From Australia

Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver registry cleaning software completely scans your Windows registry for problems and repairs registry errors for full optimization.

By: Corel Corporation From Canada

WinZip Registry Optimizer

WinZip Registry Optimizer is used by companies and individuals for performing various registry cleaning tasks in their PCs.

By: WinZip Computing LLC From United States


Every time an application is installed or uninstalled, Windows updates its registry information, which may...

By: Uniblue Systems Limited From Malta


Fault registry entries are the main reason for slow PC speed, poor performance and long...

By: ParetoLogic Inc. From Canada

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner

If not exactly the same, this registry cleaner still makes sure that the PC is...

By: Ashampoo GmbH From Germany

Comodo Registry Cleaner

It offers complete registry protection, safe delete without impacting useful files, instant scan and real...

By: Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. From USA

Lavasoft Registry Tuner

Most of system errors, speed issues, lags, etc...

By: Lavasoft Ltd From Canada

AVS Registry Cleaner 3.0

It scans multiple registry entries like shared DLL, COM/ActiveX, uninstalled entries, file extensions, etc...

By: Online Media Technologies Ltd From UK

RegClean Pro Review and Overview

Are you tired of searching for many software that helps to optimize your pc and failed to get a good one? I think you have landed in a great place.

Reg cleaner pro provides many facilities to manage your pc without any effort.

RegClean Pro is a one-stop destination for all your Windows tuning needs. This free software is amazing to improve your windows working capability. This software from SuperTuneup offers great facilities ranging from improving the response time of the system, avoiding system failures, clearing all the errors related to registry, till strengthening and fixing all the PC related issues.

Start a Free Scan 

Keeping your windows and PC safe from malware and viruses is very important. With RegClean Pro start a super free scan and it will figure out each problem that troubling your PC. It is a risk-free and best scanning process to detect or troubleshoot all the windows or PC related bugs. The scanning process is very fast and precise and it never fails in detecting the issues in PC.


Reg cleaner pro restricts your entry to malicious websites, thereby protecting your pc from virus.

When you upload a large file into your system, the content in the hardware gets fragmented. So, retrieval of your content takes place for a long time. But with reg cleaner pro, you can store all your content at a single location so that you can extract your data within no time.

Generally, booting takes place for a long time in many of the systems. But you can make your pc faster and minimize crashes with this fantastic tool.

Resource Management

It takes a lot of time to manage your pc. Your best friend reg cleaner pro helps in managing your computer's memory by considering your weekly and monthly activity.

What Else?

I think you are impressed by the facilities and services offered by a reg cleaner pro. Nothing in this world comes for free. You can download this software free of cost, but to avail of all the facilities, you need to pay a small amount. It is a wise choice rather than plundering your device.

RegClean Pro software, a very common software in today’s market and also an important one as this helps our device to run in a very efficient way. It protects the hard drive from the unwanted jargon which comes intentionally or unintentionally on our devices. How? Let’s try to find out the answer -

Fix invalid registry errors

RegClean Pro can help you to get rid of that unwanted history of the uninstalled apps vanish, which will allow you to use your desktop very smoothly and additionally, it will get rid of those unwanted viruses due to those invalid registry errors.

RegClean Pro runs an automated or manually triggered smart scans to find the errors and bugs in PC. Customers can avail of this software free of cost to settle all the issues troubling their PC and software. It is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to pull out the bugs and troubleshoots the PC for higher performance.

Defrag and Compact the registry

It will also make sure that those registry errors shouldn’t get a hold of every area of your desktop, where you save your important files and documents. It will make sure that it will reduce the separation of these errors and make your device to run smooth.

Improve system response time

RegCleanPro will also make sure that your PC’s response time shouldn’t be longer, every instruction which will be provided by the user should get an instant output, this software will make that sure at every step.

RegClean Pro is an ideally good software for customers to improve and safeguard their PCs and Windows software. With its capability of scanning, detecting, and cleaning unwanted registries and errors present in the PC, it helps in advancing the responding time of an application or software. Removing crashed and unwanted files, registers, and its errors will gradually fasten the system speed.

Prevent system crashes and BSoDs

There are times when your desktop is filled with just too much data and viruses that your desktops start showing you blue screens and gives you the message that your system is corrupted, but if you have RegClean Pro, then this situation will never occur as it will erase all those defected data.

In this manner, RegClean Pro is a Tuneup Software, which is not only different but way more efficient than other Tuneups.

With that, there is also a free scan offer, where you can use it for free and see for yourself, how efficient it is, and with the Premium customer support 24/7 at your service. Its something you should give a try.

Protection and Security

Reg cleaner pro quickly scans for bugs and advises the recommended actions. Moreover, it is user- friendly and doesn't require much knowledge to use it.


Reg cleaner pro is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Premium Customer Service or Support

The support team of reg cleaner pro is always ready to help with your issues. The assistance team is available from 10 am to 7 pm and works for five days a week.

This premium support enables the users to make the best use of the software.

Company Information

Company Name: Systweak Software

Company Address: E-73 Chitranjan Marg C-Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Founded in: 1999

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