Registry Reviver

Registry Reviver

By: Corel Corporation

Registry Reviver registry cleaning software completely scans your Windows registry for problems and repairs registry errors for full optimization. It also reduces PC startup time by removing malicious applications and activities interfering with windows registry. When used, it scans each and every part of Windows registry including app paths, shared DLL, fonts, program shortcuts, help files, startup items, file associations, etc. to find and repair any possible damage.

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Top Registry Reviver Alternatives and Overview



CCleaner is a very popular PC cleaner tool. CCleaner allows...

By: Piriform Ltd From UK
Based on 63 Votes

Registry Repair

Registry Repair is an intelligent registry cleaner program that identifies and deletes invalid registry entries.

By: Glarysoft Ltd From UK

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner cleans registry junks, repairs common and complex Windows errors and keeps the PC at the best performance.

By: From USA

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a registry cleaning and optimization tool that safely and effectively clears unimportant Windows registry entries to get the PC running fast and smooth.

By: Auslogics Labs Pty Ltd From Australia

RegClean Pro

RegClean Pro is a registry cleaner program by Systweak designed to maximize system performance by handling registry errors.

By: Systweak Software From India

WinZip Registry Optimizer

WinZip Registry Optimizer is used by companies and individuals for performing various registry cleaning tasks in their PCs.

By: WinZip Computing LLC From United States


Every time an application is installed or uninstalled, Windows updates its registry information, which may...

By: Uniblue Systems Limited From Malta


Fault registry entries are the main reason for slow PC speed, poor performance and long...

By: ParetoLogic Inc. From Canada

Ashampoo Registry Cleaner

If not exactly the same, this registry cleaner still makes sure that the PC is...

By: Ashampoo GmbH From Germany

Comodo Registry Cleaner

It offers complete registry protection, safe delete without impacting useful files, instant scan and real...

By: Comodo Security Solutions, Inc. From USA

Lavasoft Registry Tuner

Most of system errors, speed issues, lags, etc...

By: Lavasoft Ltd From Canada

AVS Registry Cleaner 3.0

It scans multiple registry entries like shared DLL, COM/ActiveX, uninstalled entries, file extensions, etc...

By: Online Media Technologies Ltd From UK

Registry Reviver Review and Overview

We live in a world of technology and computer is one of the devices which is used almost every day. “Reviversoft” is one of the most excellent companies which provides resources to repair and maintain the performance of the computer.

Registry Reviver is one of the essential services which is given by “REVIVERSOFT.”

Registry Reviver is a software that optimizes the Windows registry with just a few mouse clicks. It uses proprietary algorithms to scan the OS registry for issues and then repair them. The Registry Optimizer streamlines the organization and structure of the Registry. The Startup Manager allows you to easily sort out the applications that you want to launch at startup. It also includes safety features like automatic backups and Restore Wizard that creates system restore points, reducing the chances of accidental data losses. This enhances the efficiency, safety, boot time and the overall performance of the PC.

What is a registry?

It is known that computers run on the operating system, and the most common and widely used operating system is Windows. There are many components of the Windows operating system, and one of the important ones is “Registry.” It exists in a hierarchical form. It acts like a database that contains various information like options, settings, and the hardware that is installed. It also stores the preferences of users and application settings. If at any point, any program or software is installed on the Windows operating system, then the data regarding that particular program like its version, its location, and the procedure to run it gets stored in the registry.

Registry is the backbone of a computer system. It is one of the most crucial components of the Windows Operating System, so much so that the OS cannot run without it.

Whenever a new hardware or software is loaded onto the PC, it is first configured with the registry so that it can be accessed later.  Also, the registry does not solely function for the OS but also stores other data such as user preferences, application settings etc. Later, when the user accesses the PC, data from the Registry is loaded to the processor and the OS and the applications are launched (including all the previous changes and customizations made by the user).

Why the revive registry?

It can be understood in the way that, as our body needs maintenance to run correctly, the same way a Registry needs to be revived. With the continuous operations going on in the operating system, the registry working in the backhand also gets filled with empty destinations or, in some cases, even gets corrupted. In the Registry reviving process, the unnecessary and obsolete data is removed from it.

With time the registry, that stores the data of all the processes that had been run or are currently running on the PC, overflows with obsolete entries, blank destinations or useless references which may lead to the corruption of the OS or system crashes. Due to such threats, repair of the registry issues becomes vital for peak performance of the PC.

What does the “ReviverSoft Registry Reviver” do?

It scans the Windows Registry to find out the issues. If any issue is found, then it repairs and optimizes the registry. This will, in turn, restore efficiency, and hence make the windows perform better. The scanning is based on algorithms which, is a step-by-step procedure to solve the issues. It manages the whole structure of the registry which leads to a performance of optimum efficiency.

This reviving technique minimizes PC crashes and also reduces startup time.

Above all, its usage is very much safe and easy to handle.

In short

Registry Reviver safely repairs, optimizes the Windows Registry and peaks your PC performances with unbelievable ease and utmost safety. It is a product of ReviverSoft, a company that is already serving more than 300,000 happy customers and aims to continually put out the best possible products, professional instructional videos and other valuable content for its consumers. They invest heavily in research and development to ensure that the product meets meticulous standards and satisfies the most comprehensive, consumer-protection oriented guidelines of the software industry. This trust is also reaffirmed by AppEsteem.

Company Information

Company Name: Corel Corporation

Company Address: 1600 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Founded in: 2009

Top Features

Core Features
  • Safety Repairing
  • Windows Registry Optimization
  • Maintaining Windows Registry
  • Quick Repairing
  • Reducing Start-up Time
  • Restoring Optimum Performance
  • Minimizing PC Crashes
  • Minimizing PC Errors
  • Automated Backups
  • Restore Wizard
  • Restore Points Creation