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RescueAssist is a platform that assists the establishments in providing customer support to the users. It helps the professionals in the IT industry to solve the problems of the users remotely. The system is simple and has a straightforward user interface. RescueAssist allows users to provide quick and efficient assistance from anywhere around the globe.

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Top RescueAssist Alternatives
  • TeamViewer
  • AnyDesk
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Jump Desktop
  • RemoteView
  • ConnectWise Control
  • Apache Guacamole
  • ISLOnline
  • Citrix Gateway
  • LogMeInPro
  • Wayk Now
  • ISL Light
  • RemotePC
  • Symless
  • Techinline
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Top RescueAssist Alternatives and Overview



TeamViewer allows you to do two important tasks easily: remote access and online presentation.

By: TeamViewer GmbH From Germany
Based on 529 Votes


AnyDesk allows you to access any remote computer securely from anywhere, without lags and without limits.

By: AnyDesk Software GmbH From Germany
Based on 36 Votes

Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote desktop access can be beneficial for various organizations, and Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most well-known applications out there.

By: Google
Based on 19 Votes

Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop provides seamless remote desktop connection anywhere in the world, which is available for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

By: PhaseFive Systems LLC From Canada


RemoteView is a web-based solution to access PCs and mobile phones remotely.

By: RSupport
Based on 3 Votes

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control is a Remote Support Software that has been helping its users in solving all the issues through helpdesk solutions since its inception in 1982.

By: ConnectWise
Based on 56 Votes

Apache Guacamole

It works with the latest protocols, including VNC, SSH, and RDP...

By: The Apache Software Foundation
Based on 5 Votes


The software is cloud-based, which means that you can use it from any device without...

By: ISL Online Ltd. From UK

Citrix Gateway

It involves a system of several modules running on the cloud...

By: Citrix
Based on 16 Votes


The features included with this software are multi-monitor display, remote control, user access, file transfer...

By: LogMeIn, Inc From USA

Wayk Now

Without any installation, you can connect to a remote system and transfer files or share...

By: Devolutions
Based on 14 Votes

ISL Light

It enables you to connect securely with the client’s system and solve any issue they...

By: ISL Online
Based on 58 Votes


This facilitates them to access the files they require from any PC at any time...

By: IDrive
Based on 28 Votes


It is a lifesaver for many professionals that have to deal with multiple computers and...

By: Symless
Based on 3 Votes


It provides a host of useful tools that allow you to access, diagnose, and troubleshoot...

By: Techinline Ltd From UK

RescueAssist Review and Overview

The central aspect of running a business is assisting customers. It helps the establishments to retain their customers and keep them satisfied with their services. It has a significant role in building the image of the brand and the services it offers. RescueAssist helps the clients in the IT industry in assisting their users. The establishments have customers all around the globe, and it is virtually impossible to have an office everywhere. With RescueAssist, the clients can solve this issue and assist the users remotely using the platform. It is a comprehensive tool for easing the process.

Remote services

The establishments outsource professionals for assisting their users base. It allows the clients to provide quality service at affordable costs. The process of helping the users takes up a lot of time and is not efficient. RescueAssist allows users to solve problems without any issues. It does not require any specialized training or skills for using the customers. The system enables users to assist users with their unique tools and features. It also helps the users to overcome the problems faced by traditional platforms. The customers can avail the services at any time with the help of RescueAssist.

Speedy assistance

The customers don't like waiting for long to solve their issues. It causes delays in the service and reduces the retention rate of the customers. RescueAssist helps the users to eliminate the problems quickly. The dashboard provides all the necessary tools to help consumers. It is customizable according to the preference of the users and the services rendered.

On the go system

RescueAssist offers a mobile platform to assist customers. It helps the professionals to stay connected from anywhere. The application has all the features of the desktop system and is equally efficient.

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