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Right Inbox is a tool meant for handling emails. It helps in the scheduling activity of emails. It does monitor the reminders and the follow-ups needed. It increases the productivity of emails. It is available in the form of a plugin of the browser. It works with Gmail.

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Top Right Inbox Alternatives and Overview



Jumble is an end-to-end email encryption solution providing security to business emails during transactions as well as in inbox.

By: Jumble Limited From Ireland


TigerText Solutions are aimed at safeguarding enterprise communications, enabling business stakeholders to communicate, collaborate and share information securely.

By: TigerText, Inc. From USA


Virtru facilitates military grade end-to-end encryption for regulatory compliance, security, and/or corporate privacy.

By: Virtru Corporation From USA
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Protected Trust

Protected Trust Email Encryption is focused towards healthcare industry, providing email security while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

By: Protected Trust, LLC From USA


By: 410 Labs
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Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is focused towards providing email security to small and medium enterprises, preventing loss of data and enforcing data security policy transparently to all users.

By: Proofpoint, Inc. From USA


but not to be left out...

By: Hornetsecurity GmbH From Germany

OX App Suite

By: Open-Xchange
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It has support for several mailing services, and its features are very easily deployable...

By: Boxbe
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It provides complete end-to-end encryption while maintaining high uptime...

By: Send Technology Inc. From USA

Cloud Email Security

The service encompasses important features including software, computing ability, and support...

By: Cisco Systems, Inc. From USA


It accurately identifies threats and attacks and synchronizes defensive measures across all systems in real...

By: EdgeWave, Inc. From USA

Mimecast Secure Email

It assists secure messaging and encryption along with secure large file sharing...

By: Mimecast Limited From UK

Sophos Email Gateway

Sophos Email Appliance is dedicated to message security with advanced DLP and policy-based application; while...

By: Sophos Ltd. From UK


It has built-in Active Directory deployment tools...

By: Cryptzone North America Inc. From USA

Right Inbox Review and Overview

Emails are an efficient way of communication in the Internet world. It comes with many options like you can schedule it, put reminders, follow-up emails, etc. All these options or activities need to be managed so that no mess ever takes place. Right Inbox plugin helps in preventing chaos and proper management of emails.

Gmail Send Later and Recurring Emails

Right Inbox gives you the option of creating your email but setting schedules for them to be sent at a particular time. By using this feature, you can write the email whenever you have the content of the email and can send it later as per the required sending time. It also gives you the time zone support so that you can align your contacts accordingly. You can choose how frequently an email of yours has to be sent. You can set the respective frequency of that email along with the specific date and time when it needs to be sent. These types of recurring emails are beneficial for weekly meetings, Quarterly reports, agenda, and many more.

Reminder Emails and Notes

It has a function of automatic email reminders, which help you to be in sync with every email. This helps in reminding you about the email conversations when it is needed. You will never miss a deadline with the help of these reminders. You can also set follow-up reminders that would work automatically.

Notes feature gives you the option of attaching notes that are specific to a particular email to that email. These notes are visible only to you and not to others. It even does not make any changes in the content of the email. They can be used in combination with the reminders.

Integration with Customer Relationship Management

Right Inbox allows you to synchronize your emails with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool of your choice. You can copy those email threads into the accounts that will be in your CRM tool. You need to choose the CRM tool, and automatic synchronization will be done by Right Inbox. 

Email Tracking

It helps in keeping track of your emails in the sense that who has opened it and who has clicked the links available in that email. You have to activate the open and link tracking feature of this plugin. You will be able to find out how many times the links were clicked along with the time of clicking of those links.

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