Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages

By: Libros Media Ltd.

Provides an online language learning course that allows you to learn various new languages with proven methods that have been used by millions of people worldwide. It offers step-by-step instructions, whole brain learning method, conversational ability improvement, pronunciation perfection, time efficiency, and other useful features. It offers different pricing for different learning levels.

From: USA
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Top Rocket Languages Alternatives and Overview


Rosetta Stone

Provides the software that allows you to learn the new language of your choice from 24 different languages.

By: Rosetta Stone Ltd. From USA
Based on 25 Votes


Provides a language immersion platform that allows you to learn languages with authentic videos to immerse yourself in the new language.

By: Yabla, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


Provides the online and mobile language learning platforms that give a fun and effective way for you to learn a new language.

By: The Linguist Institute, Inc. From Canada


Provides the apps that help you learn Spanish anytime and anywhere easily.



Provides a community of native speakers to help you learn new languages easily.

By: Lang-8, Inc. From Japan


Provides a language learning platform that promises fast results, getting you to speak your desired language from day one.

By: Rype, Inc. From United States
Based on 1 Vote


It helps you to achieve fluency and fluidity in your communication as fast as possible...

By: Glossika Pte. Ltd. From Taiwan


This tool gives simple steps to learn Spanish, which consist of speak up the language...

By: Curiosity Media, Inc.


It helps you to expand your vocabulary significantly in a short amount of time...

By: Language Innovation LLC


It offers thousands of audio and video lessons, knowledgeable hosts, vocabulary learning tools, detailed PDF...

By: Innovative Language Learning USA, LLC From USA


It is delivered through a software that you can install on your desktop, with difficulty...

By: Fluenz, Inc From USA
Based on 1 Vote

Fluent In 3 Months

The official website offers a free one week course to learn a new language faster...



There are lots of learning materials available, such as travel-friendly expressions, language nuances, illustration memorization...

By: Loecsen From France

Living Language

It offers extensive courses for various popular languages in the world, including English, Spanish, French...

By: Penguin Random House, LLC From USA
Based on 1 Vote


It offers 32 destinations in 13 countries, experienced faculty, flexible courses, and academic excellence...

By: Ideal Education Group S.L. From Spain

Rocket Languages Review and Overview

Rocket Languages is an online language learning company that provides a fast and efficient toolkit for learning over 15 different languages and make travelling to foreign countries easier than ever before. Knowing the language of a place opens up so many more avenues of meeting new people and getting to know the culture and heritage of the place that Rocket Languages has seamlessly made possible. All courses offered are available both in a web-based user interface that is compatible with Mac and Windows as well as an iOS or Android mobile application and does not require any software installation.

Teaching Method

Rocket Languages uses the Mastery Method to teach a new language to its users. This method is based on the understanding of polyglots of their approach towards learning a new language in the fastest and most effective way possible. One of the nuances of this method of learning is encouraging the learner to speak out the language without the fear of pronunciation errors to break the few early jitters that come with it. This boosts confidence and rejuvenates the process of learning manifold. Rocket Languages also provides step- by step grammar and sentence structure lessons to familiarize themselves with the new language. With Rocket Languages, one gathers a holistic understanding of the language which ranges from writing and reading to comprehension and speaking. It also focuses on enhancing conversational agility right from the first lesson.

To be easily understandable to natives, Rocket Languages lays emphasis on perfecting pronunciations with its state-of-the-art voice recognition systems. Culture lessons provided by Rocket Languages give a deeper insight into everyday lives of the locals and their cultural and historical background. After lessons on teaching everyday phrases, Rocket Languages takes extra care to follow it up with their usage in conversations in order to familiarize the learner with the context of those words.

With the help of progress tracking and leader board points, one is engaged with the wholistic learning process of a language and thereby shows high levels of motivation throughout the course. The course remains incomplete without the reinforcement activities that Rocket Languages offer to sharpen one’s memory of the newly learned language. Scientifically designed algorithms stress on phrases that one is weak on until they have perfected their grasp over it.

The easy accessibility of the language courses via an online portal has made Rocket Languages the go-to application ahead of its counterparts in the market. With reasonable course charges, once accessed materials remain with the user for a lifetime to be referred back to at any point in time. The ease with which the courses have been formulated for language enthusiasts makes Rocket Languages a cut above the rest.

Company Information

Company Name: Libros Media Ltd.

Company Address: 3501 Jack Northrop Ave, Suite #P1171, Hawthorne, CA 90250, USA

Top Features

  • Speak Out Loud
  • Audio Lessons
  • Grammar Lessons
  • Building Skills
  • Easy Instruction
  • Focus Conversation Ability
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Cultural Lessons
  • Maintaining Motivation
  • Redisplays Words & Phrases
  • Real Life Learning
  • Learn Anytime Anywhere
  • App Learning
Duolingo Plus
  • Progress Tracking System