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Ruby Receptionists

By: Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists is a virtual receptionist and remote telephone answering service used by companies to handle their business calls. The service includes a smart and professional team of receptionists trained precisely for the task of handling business calls with care on behalf of client companies. While maintaining the professionalism, friendliness, charm and attitude of a workplace, Ruby Receptionists ensure to suffice the purpose of calls.

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Top Ruby Receptionists Alternatives and Overview



Moneypenny is an answering service with a dedicated customer service team trained to handle calls on behalf of clients.

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24-7 Intouch

24-7 Intouch is a customer service solution providing call answering, live chat and call center services to client companies.

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Map Communications phone answering services are there to help small and medium sized businesses with effective and satisfactory customer care solutions.

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VoiceNation live phone answering services handle important business calls on behalf of client organizations.

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Ambs Call Center

Ambs Call Center is a live call answering service offering virtual receptionist services for businesses.

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My Receptionist

My Receptionist is a team of highly trained, friendly, professional and genuine virtual receptionists, always there to answer calls on behalf of their client companies.

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Call Experts

In addition to live call answering, they offer many other services, including virtual receptionists, help...

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Continental Message Solution

As a leading provider of call center and live answering services, CMS is dedicated to...



Call-capturing, tech support, home health answering, public & private calls, and messages dispatch are some...

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Specialty Answering Service

It also has its own software application to help clients with their messages and call...

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The service works to receive calls 365 days a year, day or night on behalf...

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Conversational Receptionists

They can answer any call on your behalf, provide basic customer care, take a message...

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Vicky Virtual

It saves time for clients by handling their customer support system completely so that clients...

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GabbyVille customer care executives are trained to maintain professionalism with the personal touch in all...

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Ruby Receptionists Review and Overview

The success of a business depends on the customers, but a business can attract customers only if it is flexible, available, and cost-effective. While working on the progress of your business, you won’t always be available to manage all the factors mentioned above that are needed to attract the customers. A Virtual receptionist can help in taking care of these measures, in turn, making you free for the main objective to work on. Ruby Receptionists is one such organization that provides you, virtual receptionist. They provide you with a real person who is well trained with phone etiquette and customer service.

Why Choose Ruby Receptionist?

The role of a receptionist is not restricted to just answering the calls, but it needs to have a happy answering structure. The politeness, warmth, and positivity received by a receptionist are what make a caller happy and satisfied. This humble and positivity in attitude is given by a Ruby Receptionist. Any kind of interaction ranging from minimal duration to long talks is attended with extreme care and alacrity. The aim here is to build trust.

Role of Ruby Receptionists in various sectors

They are already active in various sectors. For example, the legal department has a lot of complexities and legal burdens, so here what Ruby receptionists do is, take calls during the day as well as after the working hours. During this process, the calls are answered and the messages are stored for you to check out later. This allows you to focus on the main objective.

In case of the medical department, they provide 24 hours support all seven days a week. When you are busy attending patients, these receptionists manage the calls and take actions pre-defined by you. They give you the opportunity to concentrate on those things which can only be done by you, and rest related to calls is taken care of by their virtual receptionists.

Company Information

Company Name: Ruby Receptionists

Company Address: 1331 NW Lovejoy St #875, Portland, OR, USA

Founded in: 2003

Top Features

  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Live Call Answering
  • Remote Phone Answering
  • Local Voice Number
  • Custom & Personalized Greetings
  • Transferring Callers
  • Route Calls
  • Answering Business Questions
  • Take Voicemail Messages
  • Sending Voicemail Messages
  • Return Calls
  • Real-time Call Reports
  • Custom Intructions
  • Managing Calls Types
  • Gather Customer Information
  • Sending Voicemail Attachments
  • Real-time Text Messages
  • Accessing Messages
  • Accessing Call Records
  • Click-to-call Technology
  • Messages Alerts & Notifications
  • Local Number Hosting
Core Features
  • Mobile Application
  • Importing Contacts