Telephone Answering Service

Telephone answering services are virtual services offered to facilitate the communication between business leaders and their contacts. Business leaders of today are constantly on the move travelling and managing businesses at different locations. Therefore, the services of a conventional in-office assistant prove to be insufficient for them. They require services which are more dynamic in nature and are therefore compelled to explore telephone answering services.


Moneypenny is an answering service with a dedicated customer service team trained to handle calls on behalf of clients.

By: Callitech Limited From UK
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24-7 Intouch

24-7 Intouch is a customer service solution providing call answering, live chat and call center services to client companies.

By: 24-7 Intouch From Canada

Map Communications

Map Communications phone answering services are there to help small and medium sized businesses with effective and satisfactory customer care solutions.

By: MAP Communications, Inc. From USA


VoiceNation live phone answering services handle important business calls on behalf of client organizations.

By: VoiceNation, LLC From USA

Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists is a virtual receptionist and remote telephone answering service used by companies to handle their business calls.

By: Ruby Receptionists From USA

Ambs Call Center

Ambs Call Center is a live call answering service offering virtual receptionist services for businesses.

By: Ambs Call Center From USA

My Receptionist

My Receptionist is a team of highly trained, friendly, professional and genuine virtual receptionists, always there to answer calls on behalf of their client companies.

By: My Receptionist From USA
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Call Experts

Call Experts professional call center and answering services specialize in live phone answering with genuine customer care agents.

By: Call Experts From USA

Continental Message Solution

Are you in need of a reliable, US-based call center to ensure all your calls are handled, no matter the time of day? Look no further than Continental Message Solution (CMS).



Centratel telephone answering service is there to serve businesses with professional, quality call answering services in the United States.

By: Centratel, LLC From USA

Specialty Answering Service

Specialty Answering Service (SAS) is a call center outsourcing company offering live telephone answering services for businesses of all sizes and any industry.

By: HVAC Answering Service, Inc. From USA


ReceptionHQ is a professional receptionist answering service offering customer care, virtual assistant, virtual office, and live call receiving services for client companies.

By: ReceptionHQ LLC From USA


AnswerConnect call answer services are there to help businesses with their important business and customer calls.

By: AnswerConnect From USA

Conversational Receptionists

Conversational Receptionists specialize in professional virtual receptionists and call answering services.

By: Conversational From USA

Vicky Virtual

Vicky Virtual is a professional virtual receptionist service responsible for answering phone calls on behalf of their clients.

By: Vicky Virtual Receptionists From USA


GabbyVille live call answering and virtual receptionist services are there to help US based businesses with their customer support outsourcing needs.

By: GabbyVille Inc. From USA


AnswerAmerica is a US based telephone answering service helping small and large businesses with cost-effective, professional customer support services.

By: AnswerNet Incorporated From USA


TigerTel is a call center service specializing in outbound calls and phone answering, telemarketing, voice messaging, and other customer care services for businesses in North America.

By: TigerTel From USA

A Courteous Communications

A Courteous Communications has been providing phone answering services to business nation wide for over 25 years.

By: A Courteous Communications From USA

Infinit Contact

Infinit Contact handles call center and phone answering tasks for small and midsize businesses so that they can focus on other core business tasks.

By: Infinit Contact From Philippines

Unicom Teleservices

24-hour inbound and outbound call center, staffed with a team of professional communication agents to provide professional answering services, processing and operational tasks for your business.

By: Unicom Teleservices From USA

Cloud Phone Answering

Cloud Phone Answering, a communications and technology company based in Phoenix, Arizona, provides telephone answering service in the USA.

By: Cloud Phone Answering From USA

First Answering Service

First Answering Service is a US based affordable and reliable call answering service for small and mid-sized businesses.

By: Answering Service

Davinci Virtual Service

Davinci Virtual specializes in professional virtual live receptionist services across the US.

By: Davinci Virtual, LLC. From USA

Answering Service Center

Answering Service Center specializes in providing 24/7 live answering care and support to customers on behalf of client companies.

By: Answering Service Care From USA


AnswerFirst live call answering and forwarding services are there to serve the customer care outsourcing needs of small, midsize and large businesses.

By: AnswerFirst Communications, Inc. From USA

We live in a vibrant world today. A world that’s continually improving and is on the move always. As a result of the vibrancy, businesses also need to be dynamic. They need to cater to the fast-changing needs of the customer, or else they’ll go out of business in no time. The constant pressure of keeping businesses going takes a toll on the life of the businessmen operating them. They need to continually innovate and find new ways of generating revenues, causing them to lead an extremely busy life. The problem is further compounded when they’ve to manage their routine office work in addition to managing the business.

The modern-day business leaders

Often business leaders and professionals are found wanting on these fronts. They find it extremely difficult to manage their time and are often caught in the vicious cycle of having to catch up. Therefore, to help such business leaders and professionals manage their time and deliver on their promises, many companies around the world offer telephone answering services. These services are typically designed to help business leaders in staying connected with their clients and other stakeholders without actually getting completely involved. These services employ trained professionals to answer calls on behalf of the business leaders and keep the clients as well the business leaders informed.

How is it different from a conventional in-office assistant?

Although one may argue that there is nothing new that these services offer over a conventional in-office assistant, but there are quite a few differences between the two. Unlike an in-office assistant who would be available only for a stipulated amount of time, these virtual answering assistants are available round the clock. Such wide availability can be particularly beneficial for businessmen who cater to clients from different geographies. Apart from these, the services also come with other features such as call transferring options, app-based mobile access, flexible service packages and integrations.

Flexible service packages

One of the unique aspects of these services has to be the flexible service packages with which they are offered. Most of these services come without any lock-in contracts, and the users can choose to opt-out anytime. Such flexibility often results in better quality for the customers, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience. Apart from these, the telephone answering services are also offered with a range of integration options. The services can be integrated seamlessly into workflows through several CRM tools.

A truly customized experience

Additionally, many of the telephone answering service providers also offer the option to choose a custom-made script and thereby enable the users to deliver a branded experience to their clients. With businesses and organizations going global, the conventional in-office assistants are becoming less relevant. Modern-day business leaders and professionals require services that suit their changing needs, and therefore virtual telephone answering services are the way to go. As we move towards a world that is digitally evolved, we’d see more of services such as these put into use.