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Screenshot Monitor


Screenshot Monitor provides online time tracking and employee monitoring software for remote and freelance employees. The app helps in tracking office employees and assigning any task to them. The application automatically helps the employers to put a tab on their employees and get a screenshot of the work. The application is installed over a desktop and the data gets stored on a web platform. Even if an individual works offline, the data gets uploaded once he gets online again. It comes with a Web API for integration. It features effortless time tracking, task creation, screenshot monitoring, reports and timeline, offline time tracking, web API, secure data encryption, unlimited employees, and more. The software is provided by ScreenshotMonitor, a company based in Forest Hills, New York, United States.

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Screenshot Monitor Review and Overview

Screenshot Monitor is a predominant time tracking and screenshot monitoring tool used by freelancers, remote, and in-office employees to get a picture of how much time and money is spent on each task. All the tracked statistics get delivered to the manager online.


The company manager invites employees to the company team after choosing a plan that satisfies the requirements. They can monitor the employees in real-time without installing the application. All the tracked information can be viewed online through Details of work from all the listed employees are summarized in just one click. Managers are given privileges, use data range shortcuts and download the detailed information sheets in Excel for further analysis.


Once the employees accept the invitation, they install the ScreenshotMonitor desktop application. They create a project to work on and press the Start button to start tracking time and screenshots for that particular project. The tracking is carried out until the Stop button is pressed. Also, they can set up the automatic start and stop option where the monitoring starts whenever the employee starts working with the computer and stops if there is no activity.

Tracking becomes effortless

This tracker works exceptionally fine even when the web connection is unavailable. The data will automatically be transmitted to the web when the connection is restored. Since employees can start the application when they are working, their privacy is not disturbed. ScreenshotMonitor is a reliable tool since it can be incorporated in the business by following simple procedures.

Company Information

Company Name:

Company Address: 6535 Yellowstone Blvd suite 5F, Forest Hills, NY, USA

Founded in: 2003

Top Features

Core Features
  • Time Tracking
  • Monitoring Screenshot
  • Secured Screenshot Storage
  • Individual Setup
  • Tracking Activity Level
  • Tracking App & URL
  • Employee Invitations
  • Automated Screenshot Upload
  • Stealth & Spy Mode
  • Real-time Monitoring Employees
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Employee Timeline
  • Time Reports
  • Detailed Time sheets
  • Exporting Time sheets Reports