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Founded in 2003, Screenshot Monitor is a NY based start-up offering a time tracking platform. The platform is ideal for employers who want to track their employees’ time and activity with screenshots. Each employee can create his or her own user account to track the time. New employees can be added to a project by sending an invite. The timeline feature offers a quick glance across various details like total hours worked per day.

Managing Employees

New and existing employees are given access to their own time tracking tool, which is an extension of Screenshot Monitor. Its application requires individual employees to sign in using their login credentials. This eliminates false entries and ensures accuracy of the time recorded by the employee. New individuals can be added by using the invite system and allocating projects. Usage of the application is fairly simple and straightforward with minimal options available for the employees.

Automated Tracking

Screenshot Monitor can be automated in such a way to start tracking time once activity is detected on a specific computer. The software automatically switches to idle mode after a period of inactivity. This feature is primarily meant for full-time employees. The system can also be made to work upon input from the employee. Time tracking using the Screenshot Monitor is completely transparent, as the employee is made aware that his time is being monitored.

Continuous Reports

The user is made aware of the activity done by different employees in a clean and comprehensive dashboard. Information like the last activity is presented along with a screenshot, while the software also provides historical data like the hours worked today and total billable time yesterday. These reports, more importantly the screenshots, are available for the employees to access. A screenshot can even be deleted by an employee should they wish to if they feel the system as being intrusive to their privacy. The offline time entered employees will also be presented in this section.

Customisable Reports

Screenshot Monitor allows the administrator to customise reports based on aspects like a specific employee or a date range. These reports can be downloaded onto programs like Excel for better understanding of the entire project timeline or comparing different projects to maximise efficiency. The software can also be used to generate invoices based on the time entries.

Real-Time Monitoring

The administrator is not required to install any applications, as all the reports are available online. The screenshots help identify employees who are not contributing much. This in turn can be used to identify and reward employees who are the most productive.


The reports are meant to be comprehensive and customisable, while the timeline feature is designed to show key information at a glance. One will be able to find different aspects about an ongoing project like the time spent by an employee today and the costs accumulated by the project so far. Once again, the information is provided along with screenshots. Since Screenshot Monitor is designed to work even without an Internet connection, the offline entries provided by the employees are available separately.


Screenshot Monitor focuses on offering a tool that monitors employee activity in real-time and provides a comprehensive report on a daily basis. Even though employees provide their own set of data which consists of aspects like billable times, managers can confirm this with a comprehensive set of screenshots. Screenshot Monitor respects the privacy of employees, who can delete those screenshots if required.

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