SearchMan is an app store optimization software that can help your app business flourish. It gives you comprehensive reports on metric data of over six million apps, such as trending searches, ad campaigns of competitors, relevant keywords from the leading apps, etc. Using SearchMan’s solutions, you can improve your search ranking, your discoverability, and, consequently, the number of downloads.

Top SearchMan Alternatives
  • AppTweak
  • SensorTower
  • CleverTap
  • AppFollow
  • Mobile Action
  • Appfigures
  • Appbot
  • TheTool
  • App Radar
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Top SearchMan Alternatives and Overview



AppTweak is an app optimization tool that enables users to track and improve downloads for their apps by providing relevant keywords.

By: AppTweak
Based on 4 Votes


Understand what it takes to succeed in the mobile app ecosystem with the help of Sensor Tower, a leading solution for all app developers and mobile marketers.

By: Sensor Tower Inc.


CleverTap is a software that helps in marketing through mobile...

By: CleverTap
Based on 15 Votes


AppFollow is a platform made for app developers who want their applications to be successful in the long ride to the top lists of their respective app stores.

By: AppFollow
Based on 6 Votes

Mobile Action

Mobile Action is an App Store Optimization Software that has been helping its users to edit their apps in such a way that it ranks higher in the search results since its inception in 2013.

By: Mobile Action
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AppFigures provides app store analytics designed for iOS and Android developers.

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It uses powerful analytical techniques to identify the major problems being talked about in the...

By: Appbot
Based on 13 Votes


It is a mobile app analytics tool computes and understands the effect of Mobile App...

By: TheTool
Based on 2 Votes

App Radar

It inspects the appearance of your app and suggests suitable keywords that help in enhancing...

By: App Radar
Based on 7 Votes

SearchMan Review and Overview

The mobile app economy is a very lucrative market, and you, as an app publisher, are aware of it. Recently, you’ve made an app, and now it’s ready to be launched in the market. But, think about this: your app against a few million other apps in the app stores. And it is as daunting as it seems to stand out in this fray. So now you ask, how to achieve a higher search rank and click-through-rate for your app. Your solution: SearchMan. SearchMan ensures that you have the edge over your competitors and succeed in this app ecosystem.

App store optimization to reach the right audience

SearchMan gives you access to data of over six million iOS and Android apps across multiple app stores. You can study the in-depth dashboards of any competitor app and monitor rankings to formulate adjustments in your launch. Discover keywords and distinguish which ones work and which ones don’t.

Use the suggestions to improve your SEO and search visibility. Get onboard the mobile advertising platforms with robust keywords and reach your target audience. Understand the tactics of your competitors’ mobile marketing activities and perk up your organic downloads. All in all, learn about app store optimization and make informed decisions.

Spreadsheet and API solutions of SearchMan

Conduct unlimited keyword and phrase searches and discover all relevant and trending keywords through flexible queries. Set your target audience and get the recommendations in a spreadsheet format to optimize your RTB and ads. Marketing professionals can leverage this solution to build unified dashboards and custom reports, both internal and external ones.

For technical marketers and product developers, SearchMan provides metadata via API solutions, which you can utilize to optimize your app products and fine-tune your ad campaigns. With daily analytics reports from SearchMan, learn the tricks of the trade to bolster your app business, and become a market leader.    

Customized solutions to meet your unique requirements

SearchMan tracks visibility of over a million applications from app stores. It carefully gauges all high volume and low-competition keywords and builds a self-improving dictionary of keywords and phrases. Based on all the query data, it gives you customized solutions tailored to meet your app’s unique requirements. The API solution comes as a significant help. More features keep pouring in quite frequently, based on app reviews. So, all that you need to succeed in the app economy, SearchMan has it all.