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Understand what it takes to succeed in the mobile app ecosystem with the help of Sensor Tower, a leading solution for all app developers and mobile marketers. With data and insights from its Intelligence platforms that help you pick up industry trends and customize your strategies, you can shape your own success story in the mobile world.

Top SensorTower Alternatives
  • AppTweak
  • CleverTap
  • AppFollow
  • Mobile Action
  • Appfigures
  • Appbot
  • TheTool
  • SearchMan
  • App Radar
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Top SensorTower Alternatives and Overview



AppTweak is an app optimization tool that enables users to track and improve downloads for their apps by providing relevant keywords.

By: AppTweak
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CleverTap is a software that helps in marketing through mobile...

By: CleverTap
Based on 15 Votes


AppFollow is a platform made for app developers who want their applications to be successful in the long ride to the top lists of their respective app stores.

By: AppFollow
Based on 6 Votes

Mobile Action

Mobile Action is an App Store Optimization Software that has been helping its users to edit their apps in such a way that it ranks higher in the search results since its inception in 2013.

By: Mobile Action
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AppFigures provides app store analytics designed for iOS and Android developers.

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Appbot is an app review management platform that enables development teams to understand the progress of their application on the global markets and allows them to take the necessary steps to reinforce its rankings.

By: Appbot
Based on 13 Votes


It is a mobile app analytics tool computes and understands the effect of Mobile App...

By: TheTool
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It gives you comprehensive reports on metric data of over six million apps, such as...


App Radar

It inspects the appearance of your app and suggests suitable keywords that help in enhancing...

By: App Radar
Based on 7 Votes

SensorTower Review and Overview

From games to social media to e-commerce, we all love the convenience of mobile apps. As an app marketer, you may find this platform to be very lucrative. But to understand what it takes to launch a successful app, building a profound understanding of the mobile app ecosystem becomes crucial. Data metrics and insights help you stand out amidst the vast pool of mobile apps and leverage the best out of mobile advertisements. And Sensor Tower can be a great help in this regard if you want to build build a high-quality user base.

Understanding the mobile app economy with Sensor Tower

The mobile app economy is a fast-paced and dynamic platform. What are your competitor apps doing, and why are they successful? How are your ad campaigns performing against the fastest-growing apps’? What can you do to bolster traffic? Sensor Tower helps answer all your questions. With data from SensorTower, you can identify the emerging markets, your competitors’ strategies, and soft-launches. Learn the tips and tricks of surviving and leading the marketplace by tailoring your apps to perform better in searches and bringing in the right users. 

Grow organically and keep a tab on performance with metrics

Sensor Tower’s Usage Intelligence will tell you how the industry leaders retain users, post-app installation. Essentials like demographics, active users, and session metrics help you differentiate between growth from noise in the app world. With the industry’s most trusted data, you can now measure up your app’s performance metrics. Keep tabs on daily downloads, user reviews, and revenue reports, and strategize your localization efforts and keyword selections accordingly. Learn from the best and use the knowledge to maximize your conversion.

Staying ahead in the industry with SensorTower

Add SDK information to your workflow with Sensor Tower’s App Teardown and top it up with Ad Intelligence data. Take a deeper dive into ad-creatives and see how developers of better-performing apps take over the app economy. By having the latest global trends on App Store and Google Play right at your door, you can make intelligent decisions for your or your clients’ apps with SensorTower.

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