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SellerLegend is an e-Commerce and Amazon analytics tool which helps users in boosting up their Amazon Sales. SellerLegend provides all the tools that users need for managing their Amazon business with the central data analytics tools. The customizable dashboard boosts the time for actions and insights that helps users to make the Amazon business productive.

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Top SellerLegend Alternatives and Overview



camelcamelcamel is an Amazon affiliate and price change notification service that lets users know when the prices of products they wish to purchase are selling at a discounted price.

By: Cosmic Shovel, Inc.
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Jungle Scout

By: Jungle Scout
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Perpetua is an E-Commerce and online marketplace optimization software that helps the business personnel in promoting their products and services over the online servers and websites without facing any delays and hassles.

By: Perpetua


Auctiva is a sales and listing management system for platforms such as Amazon and eBay that provide tools that will enhance your customers' shopping experience.

By: OpenSky
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Inkfrog is an Online Marketplace Optimization software that helps companies and sellers in promoting their business over popular online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay.

By: inkFrog, Inc.
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By: A2X
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Thus, companies must learn how to engage customers properly...

By: SageMailer From USA
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It also provides specialized analysis and research system that allows online retailers to zoom ahead...

By: Algopix
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By: RepricerExpress
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SellerApp provides well-defined strategies and assistance that allows users from beginning to end quickly...

By: SellerApp
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It offers multiple tools that enable users to work together...

By: Managebystats
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By: Feedvisor
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By: SellerLabs
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Its Machine Learning-based advanced bidding optimization ensures that every penny you spend on ads goes...

By: Teikametrics
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Helium 10

It enables individuals to sell products on Amazon and start earning with Amazon affiliates...

By: Helium 10
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SellerLegend Review and Overview

Users can get up-to-date information and accurate metrics information from the Seller Central.  It allows users to track sales, inventory, profit, and other aspects by using the fully customizable and intuitive dashboard of SellerLegend.

SellerLegend provides Amazon seller tools that help users automate their reporting and management activities. It is a 100% TOS compliant solution that offers access to users to the account of Amazon Seller through the MWS API of Amazon. Users can make better and accurate decisions in real-time with the help of clear visualizations, analysis, and superior insights. SellerLegend provides 32 widgets that let users start with the dashboard of Amazon Seller.

SellerLegend provides widgets that contain key performance indicators that give clarity and assistance for your business status. Users can have a sharper level of controls by using customizable widgets. It is quite easy to download and install. It is easy to get familiar with  SellerLegend, even for novices and experts.

Order Management

Order Management feature of SellerLegend allows users to view their pending orders after their arrival along with the coupon codes. Users can also have a look at their order details with promotional discounts. Order Management also allows users to manage and check in all the Amazon payout statements complete detail- full summary of brands and group of products.

With the order management feature, users can also keep track of their financial transactions and payments, unit returns, detailed disposition, and their status.

Inventory Management and Forecasting

If users want to know about the hold on of their inventory products, inventory inbound, pending consumer orders, and FC transits, daily sales, and the time of current inventory. By using the inventory management feature, users can drive the reordering, forecasting procedures, and custom factors. Users can get all the elements with this all in one solution at an affordable price for every organization.

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