By: Sertifi, Inc.

Sertifi helps your business to close the deals faster, with various closing features provided, such as negotiation tools, eSignatures, delivery and tracking, payments, mobility, and API integration. The process is hassle-free, and you can sign your documents digitally from anywhere, with any device. You can use this software in 4 steps: send your agreements, collaborate on your business deals, close your deals with digital signature and instant payment, and track your progress. A free trial of the software is available.

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Top Sertifi Alternatives
  • Nitro Cloud
  • DocuSign
  • EchoSign
  • HelloSign
  • DigiSigner
  • eSignLive
  • rPost
  • eSignGenie
  • AssureSign
  • SigningHub
  • eSignOnline
  • Signority
  • eSignly
  • Fill Any PDF
  • CudaSign
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Top Sertifi Alternatives and Overview


Nitro Cloud

Nitro Cloud is a business e-signature service that allows you to send, sign, and track documents digitally anywhere, without any software installation required.

By: Nitro Software, Inc. From USA


DocuSign is an e-signature service that can be used on any platform, whether it is mobile or desktop, and the service is available for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises.

By: DocuSign Inc. From USA
Based on 331 Votes


EchoSign is a digital signature service provided by Adobe, which uses the Adobe Document Cloud platform to speed up your document signing process no matter where you are.

By: Adobe Systems Incorporated. From USA


HelloSign provides a digital signature service for businesses, which allows you to sign digital documents legally.

By: JN Projects Inc. From USA
Based on 21 Votes


DigiSigner allows you to digitally sign your documents, and let others to sign your documents digitally.

By: DigiSigner
Based on 13 Votes


eSignLive is one of the most popular digital signature services used by banks, government agencies, and insurance companies around the world.

By: Silanis Inc. From Canada


It provides various features, such as sign and data extraction from PDF documents, automatic messages...

By: RPost US Inc. From USA


The software works in four simple steps: upload your customized document, add recipients to sign...

By: eSign Genie From USA


The software is offered in three different versions: on-demand SaaS platform, on-premise installation, and hybrid...

By: AssureSign LLC. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


You can access the software from anywhere, such as from your browsers, apps, SharePoint integration...

By: Ascertia Limited From UK
Based on 4 Votes


You can use this service from any browser, either in Windows or Mac...

By: GoPaperless Solutions From USA


The software works on any internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and...

By: Signority Inc. From Canada
Based on 34 Votes


The service offers an unlimited digital signature for all types of documents, including contracts, non-disclosure...

By: eSignly From USA
Based on 2 Votes

Fill Any PDF

Our software even allows for use with non-interactive PDFs, meaning that you can apply your...

By: From USA


The service offers an affordable document-signing process that is easy and safe to use...

By: Barracuda Networks, Inc. From USA

Sertifi Review and Overview

Sertifi is a company dealing with digital authorization mechanisms. Its services come basically in two flavors; eSignature and eAuthorizations. These features enable businesses to complete any form of monetary transactions or contract fulfillment is a safe, fast and efficient manner. Through Sertifi-assisted payments, companies can ensure that their operations are properly and duly completed and recorded.

Application of Sertifi-powered authorizations

Through Sertifi, companies can eliminate any kind of monetary fraud while ensuring the payment is at least twice as fast. While it is recommended for any company involving internal accounting and logistics, it is extensively brought into use by service-sector companies like hotel chains and tourism companies, and with companies working with regular contract authorization like subscription-based service providers.

Secure and easy

While other traditional systems offer a hugely complicated authorization system, Sertifi simplifies it while making it secure and fully PCI compliant. Unlike physical authorizations, Sertifi’s system is faster and much more efficient. The digital nature of the transaction means that each transaction can be easily managed, unlike paper-based methods.

Sertifi can also be effectively integrated into popular digital accounting systems likes Salesforce for careful analysis of business transactions. Also, its digital nature means that the data is stored securely, away from prying eyes, which is often not the case with pen-and-paper based systems.

Technology that outshines all others

Sertifi’s eAuthorization platform integrates the security of digitalized transactions with the simplicity of a simple signature or credit card swipe. The platform can be integrated with the client’s CRM to boost efficiency. As for the security, all the authorization methods are globally approved by GDPR and PCI, which puts digital compliance-related issues out of the equation.

Also, Sertifi has partnerships with several e-payment systems that make the authorization reliable too, even under heavy load. This means that even when the sales are going on at full force, there will be no crashes during transactions.

Company Information

Company Name: Sertifi, Inc.

Company Address: 325 W. Huron Ave. Suite 207, Chicago, IL, USA

Founded in: 2005

Top Features

  • Electronic Signatures
  • Contract Analytics
  • Contract Routing
  • Contract Reminders
  • Automatic Data Store
  • Advanced Sales Reporting
  • Common File Formats
  • Tracking and Managing
  • User Access Control
Email Encryption
  • Digital Signatures