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Server4You dedicated servers give you a dedicated hosting platform with up to 32 GB RAM, 6000 GB SSD/HDD storage and multiple cores for a powerful performance always. You can host a simple website, more than one websites, any application or games on your dedicated server without being interrupted by unwanted technical issues. Other features include free support, unlimited traffic, global servers, green data center and no minimum contract.

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Top Server4You Alternatives
  • LiquidWeb
  • DigitalOcean
  • Cloudways
  • LeaseWeb
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Hetzner Cloud
  • Softlayer
  • Hostway
  • 20i
  • Ramnode
  • Tencent Cloud
  • Choopa
  • WebFaction
  • Platform9
  • Quadranet
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Top Server4You Alternatives and Overview



LiquidWeb Managed Dedicated Server Solutions allow you to get a completed dedicated server of your own to host and manage your business applications and websites in the virtual environment.

By: Liquid Web Inc From USA


DigitalOcean is a simple Cloud based infrastructure designed for developers and business owners.

By: Digital Ocean, Inc. From USA


CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting platform for Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop and all PHP applications.

By: Cloudways Ltd. From Malta
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LeaseWeb dedicated hosting servers are fully-customizable to allow you to modify your server to match your website or application needs.

By: LeaseWeb CDN B.V. From Netherlands

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine is a powerful hosting platform that allows users to host their large-scale websites on Google’s infrastructure hosted virtual-machines.

By: Google Ireland Limited From Ireland
Based on 35 Votes

Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner cloud based hosting service offers various web hosting services including shared hosting, dedicated server, vServer, etc.

By: Hetzner Online GmbH From Germany


Choose from bare metal servers or virtual servers as per your website needs of storage...

By: SoftLayer Technologies. Inc. From USA


If you are running an online business and want a dedicated server for your website...

By: Hostway Services, Inc. From USA


By: 20i
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If you are looking for a cloud based hosting service, you may actually like this...

By: RamNode LLC From USA

Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud provides everything from computing to storage along with database management and most importantly...

By: Tencent Cloud
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Once you choose a plan, you can optimize it anytime to add more features and...

By: Choopa, LLC. From USA


Users get a flexible hosting server with thousands of already hosted apps and without the...

By: Swarma Limited From UK
Based on 3 Votes


The platform allows users to have fully automated operations, which support 99.9% SLA for the...

By: Platform9
Based on 1 Vote


Servers are available in multiple options such as single or multiprocessor, with RAM up to...

By: QuadraNet From USA

Server4You Review and Overview

Server4you is a service provider for setting up different types of servers for businesses. The server types include virtual server, virtual dedicated server, dedicated server and plesk server. One of the major benefits of using server4you is that all the essential features and service is bundled in one package offered to customers at competitive prices.

Using server4you the server can be made operational in as short as 24 hours. In addition to the fast turnaround time, server4you boasts of data centres that are modern, highly secure, independently audited and certified.


Server4you can work with 6 different OS types, making it more accessible to different types of users. Users also have an option of choosing a virtual dedicated server if they do not need a dedicated full-time server. A RAM in the range of 8-16 GB is offered with Hard disk capacity in the range of 500-1000 GB.

For users who are looking for ready-to-go solutions can go for the plesk server. It comes ready with pre-installed and pre-configured applications so that the users can get down to doing business quickly without wasting time in unnecessary setup.

Plesk server solution

Moreover, the plesk server solution comes equipped with useful extensions such as the Joomla toolkit, site builder and SEO toolkit.

To sum it all up server4you offers flexible services with fast setup at affordable prices. The best quality hardware on offer with industry-leading customer support makes the services even more desirable.

Company Information

Company Name: BSB Service GmbH

Company Address: Daimlerstr. 9-11, Huerth, Germany

Founded in: 2001

Top Features

Core Features
  • Server Statistics
  • Reboot Server
  • Re-installation Server
  • Recover Data
  • Server Updating
  • Data Backups
  • Reverse Entries
  • DNS Entries
  • Domains Registration
  • Great Server Performance
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Server Upgrades
  • Powerful Controlling Panel
  • Snapshots Creation