By: Scrypt Corporation

Provides secure internet fax service that allows you to manage your faxes without printing any documents. It features fax management, contact management, unlimited faxing, enhanced workflow, total administrator control, HIPAA compliant cloud faxing, mobile faxing, API access, download service, and more. It offers various security and privacy features, including safeguards, encryption, authentication, and physical security.

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  • eFax
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  • HelloFax
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Top Sfax Alternatives and Overview


Nextiva Fax

Provides online fax service with easy, convenient, and cost-effective faxing solutions.

By: Nextiva, Inc. From USA


Provides internet fax to email services with no setup and no hardware or software installation.

By: j2 Global, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


MyFax, an old player in the online faxing industry, offers multiple standard plans mostly suitable for individuals and small businesses, and fully redundant custom solutions for corporate customers..

By: j2 Global Canada, Inc.
Based on 6 Votes


Provides top-rated online fax service that allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere.

By: HelloFax, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


Provides online desktop fax service that allows businesses to send faxes easily and inexpensively.

By: Interfax US Inc. From USA


Provides a free internet faxing service that allows you to send faxes for free anywhere in the US and Canada.

By: Savetz Publishing, Inc. From USA
Based on 2 Votes


It features dedicated fax number, no long distance charges, mobile faxing, contact list upload, immediate...

By: j2 Cloud Services, Inc. From USA
Based on 4 Votes


It features multiple email accounts, schedule fax delivery, privacy and security, excellent junk fax filters...

By: EDC Systems Inc. From Canada
Based on 2 Votes


It features scalable and reliable fax service, unlimited users and storage, never busy service, toll-free...

By: EC Data Systems, Inc. From USA

RingCentral Fax

It features faxing through email, secure faxing, fax alerts, edits and signatures, online account, fax...

By: RingCentral, Inc. From USA
Based on 18 Votes


It features international faxing, assigned local fax number, 250 inbound and outbound pages, free online...

By: j2 Cloud Services, Inc.


It features worldwide coverage, unlimited and free fax reception, cross-platform availability, online file storage integration...

By: Scendix Software-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH From Germany
Based on 1 Vote


It features local and toll-free fax number, mobile electronic fax, internet fax by email, secure...

By: j2 Cloud Services, Inc. From USA


It features email faxing, unlimited lifetime storage, secure faxing, spam protection, searchable faxes, toll-free fax...

By: Depositdox, Inc. From USA


It features 300 inbound and outbound pages per month, instant fax sending, free toll-free number...

By: j2 Cloud Services, Inc.

Sfax Review and Overview

The fax was once considered as an important medium for resource sharing as back then it was the only medium to share documents physically in their original form. However with the advent of the internet and consequently e-signatures the importance of fax as a medium has reduced to a certain extent. Moreover, the medium did have its own set of issues such as unreliable network connections, delivery issues and other such issues. Fax isn’t used as widely anymore as most documents can be shared digitally and can be authorized through e-signatures.

The relevance of Fax

However, there are still some fields of work and countries where the fax is still used to share resources. One of the prominent fields of work where the fax is still used to share documents is healthcare services. As it is difficult to create duplicate copies of health documents, a lot of healthcare service providers still use fax to share documents. However, the system isn’t efficient and the issues with it continue to persist. The users can, however, shift to cloud faxing services like Sfax which offers a modern way of sharing documents via the fax medium. It offers better fax processes over the traditional faxing machines.

Advantages of the medium

The other advantage of this tool is that it reduces the risk of a data breach as it is paperless. This aspect ensures that the patient’s data is always shared in a safe and secure. Moreover, the tool provides improved accessibility to users by offering them to access shared information from anywhere and through any device.

This is particularly useful for employees who often travel for work and are not always available at their desk. Some of the other features that make Sfax a compelling product are features like advanced security options, a high degree of control, superior performance, HIPAA compliance and best-in-class customer support.

Company Information

Company Name: Scrypt Corporation

Company Address: 2468 Historic Decatur Road Suite 100, San Diego, CA, USA

Founded in: 1998

Top Features

Core Features
  • Unlimited Ports
  • Sending & Receiving Faxes
  • No Busy Signals
  • Managing Users
  • Setup Access & Permissions
  • Security Setup
  • Generating Reports
  • Print to Fax
  • Signing Fax
  • Audit Trails
  • Tracking Activity
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Annotations Tools
  • Digital Signature
  • Managing Contacts
  • Folders Creation
  • iOS & Android Application
  • Secured Downloading
  • RESTful API Access
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Physical Security