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SnapRetail is an email marketing software. It is used to personalize and send emails to boost its customer's retail production. Emails from SnapRetail are designed in a way to increase product awareness and increase overall sales. SnapRetail also helps in spreading the word about the customer's products through other means such as social media.

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Top SnapRetail Alternatives
  • GetResponse
  • Benchmark Email
  • AWeber
  • Pushnami
  • MailKitchen
  • StreamSend
  • MotionMail
  • EmailOctopus
  • GroupMail
  • Pure360
  • Sendwithus
  • Delivra
  • MailGet
  • Flashissue
  • VerticalResponse
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Top SnapRetail Alternatives and Overview



GetResponse is a powerful email marketing software with email creator, autoresponders, landing page creator, and 99% email deliverability.

By: GetResponse Sp. z o.o. From Poland
Based on 21 Votes

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email allows you to send email campaigns with hundreds of templates to choose, as well as complete split-testing features.

By: Benchmark Internet Group From USA
Based on 15 Votes


AWeber provides easy email marketing tools that help to grow your business.

By: AWeber Communications From USA
Based on 59 Votes


By: Pushnami
Based on 9 Votes


MailKitchen is a free Email marketing software that allows you to spread your email campaigns and newsletters easily.

By: Adthink Media
Based on 3 Votes


StreamSend is a results-driven email marketing software that helps to improve your sales more effectively.

By: StreamSend Email Marketing, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


Motionmail easily integrates with leading marketing email software applications in place today...

By: MotionMail
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It is cost-effective and has many features that can be used to customize and beautify...

By: EmailOctopus
Based on 11 Votes


They provide you graphical real-time data to track users’ actions and a holistic view of...

By: GroupMail
Based on 8 Votes


It provides various features, including email strategy, list management, targeted email, email automation, email design...

By: Purepromoter Limited From UK
Based on 8 Votes


By: Sendwithus
Based on 22 Votes


This software is packed with drag-and-drop editor for designing emails along with advanced list building...

By: Delivra
Based on 12 Votes


Notable features of the company include attractive automation tools, drag & drop e-mail builder, and...

By: FormGet
Based on 18 Votes


Not only does it post mails but it also tracks the results of the sent...

By: Flashissue
Based on 3 Votes


It provides free templates, opt-in form builder, mobile-friendly emails, social sharing tool, real-time reports, and...

By: Deluxe Corporation From USA
Based on 9 Votes

SnapRetail Review and Overview

Every day new markets are popping up in the world, these markets might be selling products of tried and tested areas, or they might try to explore and sell something new. But no matter what markets appear, they cannot unlock their full potential unless they are marketed correctly. So to help these markets thrive, SnapRetail was created. SnapRetail is used to send smart marketing messages that drive their customer's small businesses forward with software explicitly designed for retail.

Take your marketing to the next level

It may be hard for some to handle their business without help. However, running businesses becomes much simpler by using SnapRetail. SnapRetail makes it more viable for users to build a marketing plan via their robust tool for marketing, their planning calendar. Through that, we can get features such as their messages via email, social media posts, as well as their events. Even if there are any problems in the schedule, it can be fixed using their flexible option where users can make changes as they desire. Users can also automate their content as well as segment their requirements and approach their targets accordingly.

Make smarter marketing decisions

Marketing via emails is gaining more traction with passing days, but everyone is using the same exact formulae. But at SnapRetail, the users are pushed to market smarter. SnapRetail believes in conveying the appropriate message to the right individual, exactly when it's required. Through their different resources such as their "drag and drop" editor, among their other features, users can discover new ways for themselves to improve sales as well as get results. Users also get access to SnapRetail’s business templates, which helps in reaching a broader customer base.

Reach out through social media

SnapRetail leaves no stone unturned while it comes to marketing and also helps increase the product's social media presence. It understands that being successful in social media requires users to continually be engaged with their customers. So it allows users to plan all their social accounts in one place, with flexible timeframes. It provides users with ready to post social content making their lives easier. They also streamline the user's social media taking weight off their shoulders. Aside from this, SnapRetail also allows users to schedule all their posts in a single place.

Company Information

Company Name: SnapRetail

Founded in: 2010