By: Spokeo, Inc.

Spokeo is a personal search engine and background checking platform that can be used to search people by their names, email address, phone number, username, or physical address. It is a very useful tool for people looking for a way to find their old friends, lost family, loved ones, or just searching for celebrities. Spokeo collects people data and records from white pages listings, social network sites and public records and organizes them in a searchable manner.

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Top Spokeo Alternatives
  • PeopleFinders
  • PeopleLooker
  • BeenVerified
  • US Search
  • TruthFinder
  • 411
  • Intelius
  • Zaba Search
  • Anywho
  • Names and Facts
  • pipl
  • That's Them
  • Instant Checkmate
  • Peek You
  • Truth Finder
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Top Spokeo Alternatives and Overview



PeopleFinders is a background check application that is used to check if someone has a criminal record or to find out about someone’s past or more.

By: PeopleFinders.com From USA


Get online background report for people from PeopleLooker.com; You can reverse search by Names, Phone Numbers, Address, Relatives, Friends, and much more.

By: PeopleLooker LLC,


BeenVerified is an online background check platform that allows users to find anyone online using their name, phone number, email or address.

By: BeenVerified Inc. From USA

US Search

US Search online people directory is there to help you find information about people, perform background checks, and access public records of others.

By: inome, inc. From USA


Truthfinder is a background check service that lets you find truth about the people around you.

By: TruthFinder LLC


411.com provides white pages information, which allows you to search people online and perform phone search, address search, business search, and background checks.



The tool can be used to make a thorough search for criminal records, property records...

By: Intelius, Inc From USA
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Zaba Search

You can search people by name or search by phone number...

By: ZabaSearch.com


You can find any contact information based on the full name and location of the...


Names and Facts

With this service, you can find detailed information about any person, such as their address...

By: Names and Facts From USA
Based on 5 Votes


This platform is designed for business users that want to perform people search, use the...

By: Pipl
Based on 12 Votes

That's Them

It provides a robust people search engine that you can use anytime for free...

By: ThatsThem.com

Instant Checkmate

The online platform can be used by anyone to check someone’s records against police databases...

By: Instant Checkmate, Inc From USA
Based on 18 Votes

Peek You

You can find the information about anyone by entering their full name, username, or phone...

By: PeekYou.com LLC

Truth Finder

It is connected with the police records, so you can get the detailed information about...


Spokeo Review and Overview

Spokeo is a platform to search people, cell number, email, or even addresses in the US. Users can search using any of the available parameters and get access to other details quickly. Spokeo collects data from billions of records spread in untouched corners of the internet across various public domains and social media websites. They also collect data from properties, businesses, and court records. Spokeo has featured on CNBC, Forbes, Fox News, and The New York Times.

A man shall know everything

Spokeo can be used to access not only the basic info like phone number, address, email, or name; it can also be used to access the intricate details of an individual, which include a background check, court records, photos, and even location history. In case the search through name leads to many results, users can browse the individuals by area. Area tab present at the left-hand side enables users to browse the filtered candidates as per the states, which saves a lot of time and effort.

Spokeo can be used oppositely as well. By the opposite way, we mean that it allows users to trace anyone through any detail. Bought some accessory from a shop, and it turned out to be broken or degraded, but the business won’t respond to phone calls? Use Spokeo to trace the owner and contact them to get your answers. Want to find an old friend’s address? Search through their phone number or name and get access to their address easily if you Spokeo Enterprise.

Spokeo Enterprise can also be used to search NGOs, the real owner of any land or estate, and to know the genuineness of any business. Users can also put a profile on track so that if any change happens in their details, users will get notified immediately. Any search performed at this platform will always stay anonymous, so users don’t have to be scared about their privacy.


Although in a detailed search, Spokeo can find out even about an individual’s close relatives or their criminal history, Spokeo still suggests its users to not use the platform for employment check or tenant screening. This might be a deal-breaker for many organizations in the screening business, but again, Spokeo is made for the common public to stay safe, find old friends, and remain updated with everyone they deal with in day to day life.

Company Information

Company Name: Spokeo, Inc.

Company Address: 556 S. Fair Oaks Ave, Suite #101-179, Pasadena, CA, USA

Founded in: 2006

Top Features

  • Name-based Background Searches
  • White Pages Listing
  • Finding People
  • Email-based Background Searches
  • Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Social Network Information
  • Phone & Location Information
  • Research Prospective Dates
  • Verifying Online Sellers
  • Discovering Public Profiles
  • Unmask Mystery Callers
  • Identifying Tele-marketers
  • Phone Book Directory
  • Address Search
  • Current & Past Residents
  • Property Ownership & Value
  • Sex Offender Data
Identity Theft Protection
  • Public Records
Business Intelligence
  • Reliable Data