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sumHR is a Human Resource (HR) assisting software. It is a cloud-based management solution. It helps both small and mid-sized organizations. It provides all the functionalities of the Human Resource department. It includes management of leave and attendance, payroll management, human analytics, and social networking. The software has a simple mechanism of installation.

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Top sumHR Alternatives and Overview



By: Breezy HR
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Collage is a software for providing HR solutions to small and medium-sized organizations.

By: Collage
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Workday allows you to unify your finance and HR, so that you can make better decisions for your company.

By: Workday, Inc From USA


LiveHire is a recruitment platform that helps in recruiting people...

By: LiveHire


PrismHR is a software which helps in providing essential tools for Human Resources for all organisations and bodies.

By: PrismHR
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factoHR is a software which provides core HR services for all companies.

By: Version Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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It provides a flexible platform, with full coverage, automatic updates, easy configuration, easy access, multiple...

By: Saigun Technologies Pvt. Ltd From USA
Based on 9 Votes


The software facilitates effective Human Resource functioning providing tools for processes like benefits, claims and...

By: Swingvy


By: foundU
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Built for Teams

It helps in improving the HR services and thus increase the satisfaction of employees...

By: Objective
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Staff Squared

It features time off management, powerful reminders, staff lateness tracking, accurate staff records, shared company...

By: Atlas Computer Systems Ltd From UK
Based on 8 Votes


It features people management, employee self-service, training administration, employee benefits, active directory integration, mobile apps...

By: Computers In Personnel Limited From UK
Based on 19 Votes


The software helps you hire with accuracy and obtain great results with real assistance minus...

By: WizeHire
Based on 25 Votes


By: Netcomm Labs


By: CYDAS, Inc.
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sumHR Review and Overview

Human Resource is an integral part of any organization because it deals with employee details and management. It assists from the scratch that is from the time when an employee is hired to the time when he may leave the organization. In between functionalities related to an employee, like payroll, attendance, etc. are also taken care of by the Human Resource department of the organization. sumHR software provides HR services for an organization.

Simple and Powerful software

The software helps in making the complexities involved in the HR system simple. It gives the provision of automating different processes related to an employee, thus reducing the company’s workload. It captures the data containing the details about the salaries, leaves, performance, etc. of an employee. It also helps you in monitoring the attendance of the employee and sends reminders or alerts to the employee in case it is required.

Biometric and Attendance management system

The biometric system allows an employee to enter the in and out time in the system. It also allows the administrator to restrict the access of a person on the premises of the organization. The biometric system can store a vast amount of fingerprint templates and transaction records. The Attendance management system not only just maintains the attendance but also manages the creation and monitoring of an employee’s shifts. It allows you to create your own policies related to the attendance of an employee. It also keeps track of the leaves consumed by the employee. You can display your leave policies and include the public and company holidays in it.

The Payroll software

The sumHR payroll management automates all the payroll-related processes. It manages all the complex calculations related to taxes, loans, funds, and deductions. It handles the complete financial record of an employee. It also keeps track of the bonuses that need to be given to the employees. This software completes the payroll tasks in a minimal amount of time.

Performance management system

This helps in reviewing the performance of an employee. You can opt for a quarterly/half-yearly/annual review of the employees and set the reminders for the same. There is an option of a performance graph that displays the rating and results of the review. Feedback forms can also be used.

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