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TargetBay is a platform that provides solutions to many eCommerce businesses by enabling them with four modules which are, product reviews, product recommendations, email personalization, and behavioral pop-ups. It facilitates any size of the eCommerce businesses to purchase whichever module they would prefer for their Business. It also has an automated review generation system that provokes the customers to provide reviews for their site with the help of website pop-ups.

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Top TargetBay Alternatives
  • GetResponse
  • Benchmark Email
  • AWeber
  • ReachMail
  • FanBridge
  • Mail Dump
  • SmartrMail
  • Emercury
  • Pinpointe
  • DirectIQ
  • Your Mailing List Provider
  • UseINBOX
  • GraphicMail
  • MPZMail
  • Net Atlantic
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Top TargetBay Alternatives and Overview



GetResponse is a powerful email marketing software with email creator, autoresponders, landing page creator, and 99% email deliverability.

By: GetResponse Sp. z o.o. From Poland
Based on 21 Votes

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email allows you to send email campaigns with hundreds of templates to choose, as well as complete split-testing features.

By: Benchmark Internet Group From USA
Based on 15 Votes


AWeber provides easy email marketing tools that help to grow your business.

By: AWeber Communications From USA
Based on 59 Votes


ReachMail is a highly feature-rich email-based automation system that can be leveraged by any fast-paced digital marketing firm.

By: ReachMail
Based on 35 Votes


FanBridge is a smart application that automates the way online marketing happens.

By: FanBridge
Based on 1 Vote

Mail Dump

Automated Emails Extraction Tool which will extract emails from web pages and save them into user's cloud storage Collecting emails, it’s not hard & time-consuming anymore and this time it is free for you.

By: Devro LABS From United States


Smartrmail provides the easiest way to send better-adapted emails in less time...

By: SmartrMail
Based on 33 Votes


By: Emercury
Based on 3 Votes


It features mobile-ready templates, automated and triggered email campaigns, smart subscriber segmentation, real-time analytics, and...

By: Pinpointe On-Demand, Inc. From USA
Based on 40 Votes


It allows you to create beautiful emails, send segmented campaigns, analyze detailed reports, manage your...

By: DirectIQ LLC. From USA
Based on 12 Votes

Your Mailing List Provider

It features email creation and delivery, powerful reporting and archiving, lists and contact management, API...

By: YMLP From Belgium


It has easy to use features that help to grow business by e-mail marketing technique...

By: Emin Onur Genç
Based on 1 Vote


It features personalized email templates, brand exposure, client retention and acquisition, social media engagement, text...

By: InterInbox S.A From USA


It features professional email designer, performance analytics, mobile app, integrations, worldwide server, white label, extensive...

By: Callway Ltd From UK
Based on 11 Votes

Net Atlantic

It features specialized reporting, franchise email marketing, custom integration, high deliverability, industry solution, campaign deployments...

By: Net Atlantic, Inc. From USA
Based on 1 Vote

TargetBay Review and Overview

Present eCommerce businesses have been evolving at a faster pace, providing competition to the retail stores around. To build a strong brand image within the audience about our company we should be conscious about online marketing, email marketing, and maintain good communication with the customers and also keep them updated with products. It also provides various templates for writing emails to the customers.

Getting started!

TargetBay helps you implement targeted marketing campaigns with personalized customers. This system divides the customers into small groups where not all the messages are sent to everyone, it can be customized in a way such that customers receive emails based on their interests. This helps the Business to create a brand image within the audience. There are visual metrics that enable companies to analyze the performance of the marketing campaign. TargetBay is a platform where it helps the eCommerce sites engage with customers and also encourages the customers to write a review about their recent purchases.

Creative spirits!

As many of the customers visit the homepage and leave the site, online businesses should ensure that they provide important information on the homepage, which helps them attract more customers. TargetBay provides all the means to understand the customer needs and help the companies to display them on the homepage so that it can improve conversions. It also helps in building an active mailing list with access to knowing who is visiting the websites. It also helps in segmenting the customers based on their interests and demographics so that the customers can easily view what they are interested in and stay updated with the new products within their interests.

Attracting customers is not an easy task when it comes to online shopping, so several things have to been pointed on when it comes to online shopping. Whether it is maintaining the shopping cart, considering the reviews of their purchases, enabling their shopping experience is made efficient and sometimes even the user experience plays a vital role. TargetBay focuses on all these aspects to increase the performance of the website and has created software that makes it simple for online shopping companies to enhance their production.

Each Business has its unique requirement and not every software provides a solution for all the problems and needs. A business should focus on their skill levels and focus on them. TargetBay is a best-suited platform for the Ecommerce companies to make a mark for themselves.

Company Information

Company Name: TargetBay

Founded in: 2016