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TicketSpice can be considered as a modern, digital alternative to traditional, booth-based event ticketing systems. It is vastly preferred by successful event managers partly due to its reliability, and partly due to its cost-effectiveness. The TicketSpice platform is so effective in savings that it is also preferred over other e-ticketing platforms like ShowClix and TicketLeap. Its setup process is quick and easy, and its management systems don't require a rocket scientist to be figured out.

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Top TicketSpice Alternatives
  • Evite
  • Splash
  • Universe
  • RSVPify
  • Townscript
  • Bookwhen
  • Whova
  • ShowClix
  • Ticket Tailor
  • Event App
  • Allevents
  • TicketLeap
  • TicketCo
  • XING Events
  • Showpass
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Top TicketSpice Alternatives and Overview



Evite is a digital event management and invitation application with premium and free plans.

By: Evite
Based on 20 Votes


Splash provides custom event website, event check-in, and invitation platform for your event marketing and promotion.

By: One Clipboard, Inc From USA
Based on 8 Votes


The Universe is a powerful, on-request social ticketing tool that permits event coordinators to advance business, sell events tickets on the web, and deal with every online event.

By: Live Nation
Based on 16 Votes


By: RSVPify
Based on 12 Votes


By: Townscript
Based on 10 Votes


By: Bookwhen
Based on 95 Votes


It features agenda, comment and rating, maps, links, sponsors, offline information storage, profiles, business card...

From USA
Based on 31 Votes


It is also helpful to the patrons of the events, as it makes getting event...

By: ShowClix
Based on 2 Votes

Ticket Tailor

It offers flexibility in the size of the events and the type of events, allowing...

By: Ticket Tailor
Based on 32 Votes

Event App

By: Core-apps
Based on 65 Votes


You can easily create custom events and promote them by newsletters and mail campaigns easily...

By: Allevents Informations
Based on 26 Votes


Create event pages and customize every aspect of the landing page, add discount coupons, send...

By: Ticketleap
Based on 11 Votes


It helps in calculating the revenue collected from the passes issued to the audience and...

By: TicketCo
Based on 19 Votes

XING Events

It features personalized event website, flexible ticket shop, ticket shop integration, XING and Facebook ticket...

By: Xing Events Gmbh From Germany
Based on 3 Votes


It infuses digital technology with traditional ticketing techniques to create a solution that is both...

By: Showpass
Based on 11 Votes

TicketSpice Review and Overview

Ticketing can be an absolute mess at times, a downright costly one at that. This can lead to a massive loss of revenue that can scale itself with the size of the event, which is never a good thing for neither the organizers nor the managers. Apart from that, physical ticketing booths themselves can be very clumsy and expensive to manage. TicketSpice is a powerful digital ticketing platform designed to work with efficiency while ensuring that the least amount of revenue is required to manage the ticketing system.

TicketSpice's great solutions tackle multiple aspects of ticketing with efficiency

TicketSpice is a no-nonsense platform that allows event organizers to always aim at the prize. For organizers, it provides a highly simplified chain of operations that allows them to get their digital ticket booth up-and-running in no time at all. To get started, all that is required is to create a simple TicketSpice account and select a plan. The process is extremely transparent and unintrusive, and the signup doesn't even require any credit card details or similar sensitive information. After that, the customized e-ticket booth has to be created using the simple RealView builder, and that's all that is needed.

Mobile-enabled ticketing imbues novel portability and ease

Mobile devices, when used in conjunction with an e-ticketing solution, provide an unmatched user experience in terms of accessibility. TicketSpice takes a mobile-first approach during both the pre-event phase and the actual event phase, handling the A-to-Z of ticketing. It starts with the initial ticket booking phase and ends with attendance management. Through its mobile ticketing application, TicketSpice turns potential attendees into devoted fans. They can buy tickets in specific time slots and pay from the app, and their e-tickets are immediately sent through a secure pipeline to their mobile phones. These are scanned through another app during the event.

An in-depth analysis ensures future revenues

With TicketSpice's performance tracking system, organizers can get a variety of information about their venture, ranging from a simple number of enrollments to highly intricate time and performance-related metrics. These can be arranged in clean digital reports can be used as leverage for future ventures.

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