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Etix is a ticketing service provider whose operations and services take place at the international level. Etix is a web-based working system. The ticketing service serves in the field of entertainment, sports, and travel industry. The global exposure of Etix has made it a popular choice among various countries.

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Top Etix Alternatives
  • Evite
  • Splash
  • Universe
  • Tix
  • Cvent
  • DoubleDutch
  • Weezevent
  • Ticketfly
  • Brown Paper Tickets
  • TicketSource
  • RSVPify
  • Townscript
  • Bookwhen
  • Whova
  • ShowClix
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Top Etix Alternatives and Overview



Evite is a digital event management and invitation application with premium and free plans.

By: Evite
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Splash provides custom event website, event check-in, and invitation platform for your event marketing and promotion.

By: One Clipboard, Inc From USA
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The Universe is a powerful, on-request social ticketing tool that permits event coordinators to advance business, sell events tickets on the web, and deal with every online event.

By: Live Nation
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Tix is an online ticketing tool that simplifies ticketing for event organizers by providing a number of options.

By: Tix, Inc.
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Cvent provides online event registration, event management, and web survey tools, with end-to-end platform for group business success.

By: Cvent, Inc From USA
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DoubleDutch provides mobile apps for events and conferences that allows you to build high quality events and create incredible attendee experiences.

From USA
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It includes app-based and physical access control devices along with a site maker that will...

By: Weezevent


It approaches the marketing differently and allows all organizers to integrate their ticketing service with...

By: Eventbrite
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Brown Paper Tickets

The company provides services to organizers who host ticketed events...

By: Brown Paper Tickets
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By: TicketSource
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By: RSVPify
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By: Townscript
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By: Bookwhen
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It features agenda, comment and rating, maps, links, sponsors, offline information storage, profiles, business card...

From USA
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It is also helpful to the patrons of the events, as it makes getting event...

By: ShowClix
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Etix Review and Overview

The user-friendly and Cloud-based ticketing system by Etix helps in increasing the sale of the tickets in different entertainment, sports, and travel industries.

Ticketing solution by Etix

This system also handles the digital marketing strategies made for the selling of the tickets. The system works on the desktop and also has an app that works on the mobile. Etix offers many subscriptions and season-based packages to you. A proper channel for customized branding exists in Etix. The reports and analytics data are also available with this ticketing system.

Ticketing System for Air Shows

Etix helps you in managing, ticketing, and promoting air shows, which in turn increases the revenue. The system contains a dashboard that displays all the necessary details to measure and track the performance of the business. The option of creating an event is also present on the panel. You also get mobile solutions for purchasing and scanning the ticket.

Ticketing System for Dance Shows

The system that works for dance shows is known as TutuTix, a part of Etix. To use this ticketing software, you need to create an account on it. Once you get registered on it, you are ready to go online. You can also manage the seating positions of your patrons. The availability of an online seat selector makes it easy for the audience to select the seat of his choice. This system also enters the previous week’s sale amount into your bank. People can book tickets through their mobile devices.

Ticketing System for Railroads

This system offers online booking of rail tickets. Etix has a separate software to work in the rail ticketing center and is known by the name of WhistleTix. The customer can buy the ticket through the booking website, at the venue, or over the phone. The buyer gets a buy tickets and order confirmation tabs to make it easy for him to book the ticket.

Ticketing System for Sports

The Etix system sells tickets in the sports sector, along with boosting fan awareness through its services. You get the opportunity to create full-season and custom ticketing packages. The automation tools available with this system helps in enhancing the customer experience. You also get the information that helps in understanding your audience.

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