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TMetric is a well-established tie tracking software that is meant to be used in a professional or work-based environment, where keeping track of employees is of importance. The company offers its innovative tracking solutions especially to small business owners, who want to improve the overall productivity of their businesses.

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Top TMetric Alternatives
  • Hubstaff
  • Time Doctor
  • RescueTime
  • Time Clock Wizard
  • BigTime
  • Everhour
  • Easy Time Clock
  • TimeClock Plus
  • Freckle
  • clockodo
  • Webtimeclock
  • ClockShark
  • Buddy Punch
  • Attendance Management System
  • Bill4Time
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Top TMetric Alternatives and Overview



Hubstaff provides a time tracking software that allows you to take screenshots and monitor your activity levels.

By: Netsoft Holdings, LLC. From USA
Based on 93 Votes

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an accurate time tracking software, which helps businesses and individuals to manage their time better.

By: From Australia
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RescueTime provides time management software that helps to keep the productivity in your workplace, as well as understand your daily habits.

By: RescueTime From USA
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Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard provides a free online employee scheduling and time clock software.

By: From USA
Based on 11 Votes


BigTime is a professional time tracking and billing software for businesses.

By: Bigtime Software, Inc. From USA
Based on 46 Votes


Everhour is a web-based application that provides efficient time tracking software and HR (human resources) based tools and features that can be used in a professional environment.

By: Weavora
Based on 25 Votes

Easy Time Clock

It is a cloud based attendance software, making it easier for the HR (Human Resources)...

By: Easy Time Clock
Based on 10 Votes

TimeClock Plus

It is a fine tuned application that is an expert at handling Human Resources (HR)...

By: TimeClock Plus
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It features unlimited projects, multi-currency invoicing, powerful reporting, billing increments, un-billable time tracking, expense tracking...

By: Slash7 LLC From USA
Based on 8 Votes


The software has established itself as a successful product of the company clickbits GmbH, since...

By: clickbits GmbH
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By: Webtimeclock
Based on 4 Votes


It provides a complete Human Resources (HR) support to its users...

By: ClockShark
Based on 80 Votes

Buddy Punch

Presenting BuddyPunch, a semi-automated mobile app-based software which makes it easy for everyone to record...

By: Buddy Punch
Based on 50 Votes

Attendance Management System

Say goodbye to tedious old fashioned attendance taking methods and adopt the new Attendance Management...

By: Mobisy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Based on 1 Vote


It features time tracking, expense tracking, billing and invoicing, online payments, accounting and reporting, mobile...

By: Bill4Time From USA
Based on 11 Votes

TMetric Review and Overview

TMetric is an efficient employee time tracking software which has been designed to help its users keep a track of the employee’s everyday activities in the official environment or within the work hours, such as breaks, attendances, and leaves. The detailed reporting helps the employers to be sure that they are paying the employees accurately, and according to what they deserve. An efficient software tracking system ensures that the employees are more accountable for their duties and jobs, become more productive than before and keep adding value to the company.

Boost productivity

The TMetric software provides a detailed dashboard that lets the employers keep a watchful eye on the activities being performed by the employees. A detailed and visual guideline allows keeping track of the various activities that have been assigned to the specific employee. Additional features such as innovative browser add-ons help track the time that it takes to complete a particular task assigned.  The unique Autocomplete feature saves a lot of time and comes in handy when repetitive tasks have been assigned to the user.

Keep track of money as well

Apart from the excellent time tracking features of the software, it can also be used as an application that keeps accurate track of the user’s money as well. It provides unique features such as tracking the expenses according to point of view of account, project or team member.  The income and revenues generated with different projects and clients can also be efficiently tracked with this feature.


TMetric is one of the most ideal time tracking tools available out there, for companies, agencies and even freelancers as well. It provides a wide number of innovative solutions and unique features that make tracking expenses and employee activities easier than before, all of it at a highly competitive price.

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