By: TomTom Telematics BV

Provides online fleet management software that allows you to manage your fleet anytime and anywhere from your PC. It features secure online account, flexible access for multiple users, vehicle tracking, working time, two-way communication, and more. The software helps you to monitor productivity, improve efficiency, maximize billable time, and cut spending on fuel.

From: Netherlands
Top TomTom WEBFLEET Alternatives
  • MyGeotab
  • Fleetmatics Reveal
  • HOS247 ELD Logbook
  • Fleetio
  • GPS Insight
  • Spireon
  • Telogis
  • Wialon Hosting
  • Roadnet
  • Teletrac
  • GPSTrackIt
  • Element Fleet Services
  • AVLView
  • Verizon Connect
  • Verizon Networkfleet
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Top TomTom WEBFLEET Alternatives and Overview



Provides fleet management and vehicle tracking software that allows you to manage all your fleet from one platform.

By: Geotab Inc From Canada
Based on 15 Votes

Fleetmatics Reveal

Provides top GPS and fleet management software that allows you to track your fleet assets and focus more on your drivers.

By: Fleetmatics Development Limited From USA

HOS247 ELD Logbook

HOS247 ELD is a comprehensive electronic logging device solution designed to ensure FMCSA compliance and enhance fleet safety and productivity.

From USA
Based on 1 Vote


Provides modern fleet management software that helps you to manage your vehicle and equipment easily.

By: Rarestep, Inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes

GPS Insight

Provides fleet tracking software that allows you to manage and locate your fleet anytime.

By: GPS Insight, LLC From USA
Based on 21 Votes


Spireon is one of the leading providers of fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking software solutions, pioneering open-connected vehicle technology and serving fleet businesses and car dealerships throughout North America.

By: Spireon Inc. From USA


It features custom hierarchies, cloud-based platform, integration, smarter maintenance, real-time alerts, trend analysis, satellite view...

By: Telogis, Inc From USA

Wialon Hosting

It features user account management, various maps support, route visualization, POI marking, email and SMS...

By: Gurtam From Belarus


The software features territory planner, anywhere routing and dispatching, telematics, info center, performance dashboard, data...

By: Technologies, Inc From USA


It features vehicle diagnostics, safety analytics, mobile alerts, two-way messaging, reporting, business intelligence, control panel...

By: Teletrac Inc From USA


It features unlimited landmarks, real-time locating on demand, two-way messaging, instant alerts, color-coded vehicle status...

By: Global Tracking Communications, Inc From USA

Element Fleet Services

Providing premier fleet management and telematics services to fleets within a broad range of industries...

By: Element Fleet Management, Inc From USA


It features live GPS tracking, notifications, theft protection, fuel management, dispatch system, surveillance, charts and...

By: From Singapore
Based on 3 Votes

Verizon Connect

You can see their speed, idling and traffic safety easily...

By: Verizon Connect
Based on 47 Votes

Verizon Networkfleet

It features tracking, diagnostics, maps, alerts, reporting, roadside assistance, maintenance, and asset tracking...

By: Networkfleet, Inc From USA

TomTom WEBFLEET Review and Overview

Fleet Management is a common term in the transportation industry. It refers to the management of vehicles that are used for transportation in case of business necessities. Fleet Management focuses on organizing and coordinating with work vehicles to ensure proper performance.

It is most commonly used for tracking work vehicles. Fleet Management is a necessity when companies send out vehicles for delivery or other purposes. It helps in keeping track of the vehicle, the driver and other factors that ensure proper behaviour on-road and during work.

Webfleet Solutions, previously known as TomTom Telematics, is one of the leading software providers for Fleet Management. Their most successful product, WEBFLEET, is a SaaS that helps in managing fleet. It is very useful for companies and businesses looking forward to organize and coordinate vehicles for work-related purposes.

Attractive Features

WEBFLEET allows the user to stay in touch with their fleet, that is, their vehicles. It allows the user to track the position of the vehicles and other details from a device of choice at any time. WEBFLEET includes different products for different actions. The different products included are for Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Optimization, Workflow Management, Green & Safe Driving, Business Integration, Personal Navigation & Traffic, and Driver Identification.

WEBFLEET is the complete solution. It offers many tools. It offers the best maps. This includes the Satellite map and Google Street View. It also allows the user to make personalized maps.

It also helps you in planning routes. WEBFLEET also has the best reporting system. WEBFLEET also promises high security with SSL secure login. The downtime is very low, only 0.05%. This ensures the perfect functioning of the software and services.

Why Choose WEBFLEET?

WEBFLEET is trusted by its users. It is continuously revised to avoid bugs and glitches and to ensure proper performance. It is up-to-date and reliable. It is the best companion for users looking forward to an effective fleet management. It has maximum uptime. The products offered are highly efficient and affordable. It is a trusted brand and will live up its expectations.

Company Information

Company Name: TomTom Telematics BV

Company Address: Oosterdoksstraat 114, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded in: 1991