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Tree House is an online learning platform designed specifically for tech learners, who either want to start in the tech industry or want to improve their existing skills. At Tree House, anyone can learn to code, career oriented courses, work on a specific project or can learn a particular topic. Other key features include video learning, live practice environment, and an online community of students and teachers to review and help.

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Top Treehouse Alternatives
  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Codecademy
  • Udacity
  • FutureLearn
  • Mindvalley
  • Interaction Design Foundation
  • 360training
  • Khan Academy
  • Curious
  • VTC
  • StraighterLine
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Top Treehouse Alternatives and Overview



Skillshare is an online learning website enriched with thousands of online courses and classes in business, design, photography, music, technology, writing, and much more.

By: Skillshare, Inc. From USA
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Udemy is a very popular online learning platform that provides free and paid learning courses in software programming, yoga, photography, and much more.

By: Udemy, Inc. From USA
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Coursera, in partnership to world’s leading Universities and educational organization, provides online access to several approved courses and education material.

By: Coursera Inc. From USA
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edX provides online education through great online courses from the world’s leading universities.

By: edX Inc. From USA
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Codecademy is an online education platform for anyone who wants to learn to code.

By: Ryzac, Inc. From USA
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Udacity provides free online courses for anyone who seeks to nourish their technical skills or want to learn a job oriented course.

By: Udacity, Inc. From USA
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With a rich database of hundreds of free online courses, FutureLearn makes it easier for...

By: FutureLearn Limited From UK
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Most of the courses are provided by the veterans in the relevant field...

By: Mindvalley Academy

Interaction Design Foundation

These self-paced courses are taught by industry experts, and successful completion results in industry-recognized certificates...

By: IxDF From USA


These technical and business courses are ideal for companies who want to train their employees...

By:, Inc.


It provides a common platform for teachers and institutions, who want to share their knowledge...

By: Instructure, Inc. From USA
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Khan Academy

Most of these courses are designed for school based or junior college based education...

By: Khan Academy, Inc. From USA
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The platform is ideal for anyone, who wants to learn and grow their skills...

By:, Inc. From USA


VTC courses can be accessed online or through USB or can be downloaded to use...

By: Virtual Training Company, Inc. From USA


It offers many professional low-cost college courses and degrees accredited by leading colleges and universities...

By: StraighterLine, Inc. From USA

Treehouse Review and Overview

Treehouse is an online learning platform that provides high-quality, authority-approved, technical courses for students all around the world. It provides its services on a cloud server, which means that students can learn on the go on any device of their choice. Various types of entry-level courses in several fields of technical education like web development, app development, and software development are provided; each course taught by the best industrial mentors and utilizes the most intuitive learning technology for an effective, hands-on approach to education.

Treehouse allows beginners to take an initiating step in the world of technical careers by introducing them to the industry-standard technologies and coding techniques. With Treehouse, billions of budding developers can realize their aspirations and identify their area of strength and weaknesses for a fulfilling future coding career.

Knowledge and creativity boosts through online learning

The advent of the internet has seriously improved the methodologies of learning by introducing interactive tools. The Treehouse platform makes full use of such tools to induce concept-based learning in students, which is extremely important, especially for software programmers and web developers. A bulk of educational content is hosted at the cloud-servers of Treehouse, all of them related to one topic or the other.

Since a large variety of topics are covered, Treehouse allows students to clear their doubts and test themselves thoroughly through quizzes and assignments. These contents can be viewed from the platform dashboard at any time, so everyone can learn at their own pace.

Different courses for different field

One of the best things about Treehouse is that it caters to aspirants of many different types of technological careers. Starting from game development to web development, from interface design to web design, Treehouse offers several types of courses guiding the student from entry-level to technical mastery. All these courses are designed according to tried and tested teaching methods, each having several lesson videos, Q&A sessions and a problem solving and coding phase for better understanding. Thus, students can learn the real-world and practical application of their lessons and improve their concepts. 

Company Information

Company Name: Treehouse Island, Inc.

Company Address: Suite 240, Orlando, FL, USA

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Technology-driven Topics
  • Interactive Course Videos
  • Wide Course Topics
  • Weekly Content Additions
  • Latest Trending Technology Training
  • Business Aligned Courses
  • Results Oriented Content
  • Employee Upskilling And Empowerment
  • Improved Workplace Productivity
  • Organization Goals Alignment
  • Committed Expert Consultation
  • Faster Employee Onboarding
  • Customized Learning Path
  • Curated Course Content
  • Measurable Progress Tracking
  • Actionable Training Goals
  • Seamless Resource Browsing
  • Industry Driven Content
  • Learner Engagement
  • Pleasing Graphical Interface
  • User Management
  • Dashboard View
  • Coding Challenges
  • Streamlined Complex Topics
  • Tons Of Practice Exercises
  • Dashboard Report Downloading
  • No Installation Required