Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm

By: Visual Paradigm International Ltd

Provides software design tools designed for agile teams, with free online training and cloud storage. It features business modeling, impact analysis, collaborative modeling, animated software design, document production, task management, code engineering, advanced modeling toolset, and more. The wireframing tool offers desktop application wireframing, finger gesture support, pointer support, and screen capture tool.

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Top Visual Paradigm Alternatives and Overview



Provides free web and mobile prototyping and UI mockup software that allows you to design your prototype faster and better together.

By: InVisionApp Inc. From USA
Based on 54 Votes


Provides website wireframing software that allows you to turn your website ideas into interactive prototypes.

By: Character LLC From USA
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Provides fast, fun, and effective wireframing software that allows you to unleash your full creative potential.

By: Balsamiq Studios, LLC From USA
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Provides interactive wireframe software and mockup tool that allows you to create a website and app prototypes without coding.

By: Axure Software Solutions, Inc. From USA


Provides online diagram and flow chart software that allows you to create professional diagrams and flow charts directly on your browser.

By: Gliffy, Inc. From USA
Based on 19 Votes


Provides free mobile and web prototyping software for designers that allows you to turn sketches and mockups into realistic prototypes.

By: MarvelApp Prototyping Ltd From UK
Based on 11 Votes


It features readable syntax, code snippets, inline errors, auto-complete, real-time feedback, presentation, preview modes, zoom...

By: Motif Tools BV From Netherlands
Based on 12 Votes


Cacoo is an online collaboration tool, enabling user to draw, collaborate, and share ideas...

By: Nulab, Inc. From Japan
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It features real-time team collaboration, privacy settings, master pages, PDF/PNG export and publish, unlimited team...

By: S.C. EverCoder Software SRL From Romania
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It features drag-and-drop mechanism, graphic design editor, advanced interactions and animations, real-time collaboration and presentation...

By: UXPin Sp. z o.o From Poland
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It features unlimited projects, multiple members, cloud storage, multiple project administrators, add-ons, advanced project permissions...

By: A Produle Systems Pvt Limited From India
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It features web interactions, mobile gestures, transitions and effects, image hot spots, rounded borders, image...

By: From USA
Based on 22 Votes

It features asset flow, Dropbox sync, color adjustments and filters, material design UI library, adaptive...

By: Protoio Inc. From USA
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Fluid UI

It features wireframe library, unlimited pages, unlimited projects, unlimited uploads, project cloning and archiving, project...

By: Fluid Software Ltd From Ireland
Based on 1 Vote


It features icons and images, custom stencils, vector graphics, page link visual indicators, copying and...

By: From Denmark
Based on 35 Votes

Visual Paradigm Review and Overview

Visual Paradigm is a special platform designed to help companies create systems and software efficiently. It is a computer-aided software engineering tool which has extensive support for several types of popular modeling languages like UML and SysML. It also has in-built collaboration features that ensure that the best practices of software development are followed, and every team member is in the loop at all times.

The most excellent planning system seen till date

Visual Paradigm allows development teams to have more profound control over the development process of their project, which is just the way it should be. With the help of its Just-in-Time process mapping technique, teams can negate any sort of aimlessness or unorganized behavior during development. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, teams can sort the processes of their project, in a neatly tabulated form for much better comprehension. This system allows two different methods for map creation; either the team can create an in-depth pre-planned process with all actions mapped out, or they can gradually add things as they go.

UX-centred UI designing

Visual Paradigm also offers the ability to design interfaces of programs using a method called wireframing. This enables developers to create engaging and straightforward UIs for better user experience easily. Using intricate wireframing, developers are able to test out several layouts for different screen sizes, even for smaller ones like smartphones. These mockups can be used readily for A/B testing and during reporting to the major stakeholders. Even some of the more complex elements of a UI are made easy to emulate using the platform's native support for Bootstrap. UI design can be made dynamic using the "state" function.

Intense collaboration for development agility

Since proper collaboration is paramount for an agile development process, Visual Paradigm enables some powerful collaboration through its platform. This is made possible through the cloud-based repository that is made available to all users. Team members can use the cloud workspace to work on their projects and commit changes directly. Since these changes are made in a centralized workspace, everyone can see what the other teammate is doing. This is further facilitated through notifications. Authentication and accessibility are managed through Azure SAML.

Company Information

Company Name: Visual Paradigm International Ltd

Company Address: 1502 Lakewood Dr, Sherman, Texas, USA

Top Features

Core Features
  • UML & SysML Toolsetting
  • Managing Glossary
  • BPMN Toolsetting
  • Collaboration Modeling
  • Coding Engineering
  • Database Designing Tools
  • Advanced Modeling Tools
  • Documents Productions
  • Business Modeling
  • Requirements Gathering Tools
  • Wireframe Support
  • Generating Requirments Specifications
  • Analyze Impacts
  • SoaML Modeling
  • Design Animating
  • Managing Tasks
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Rules
  • Simulation Processing