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Wave.video is a video creation platform that allows you to create amazing explainer and video stories. It has plenty of stock images as well as allows you to customize video and upload your own graphic. The platform can be a quick and handy tool for anyone looking to get into video marketing, social media marketing or just need video for their business. Wave.video from Animatron is an online video creator software that allows anyone to create videos, video stories, ads, and so much more. They offer more than 300 million stock photos and videos within their platform, which can be used to create some fantastic videos by individuals or even agencies. There are also various features available to crop, resize, and optimize the videos.

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Top Wave.video Alternatives
  • Promo.com
  • Renderforest
  • Animoto
  • VideoScribe
  • Flixpress
  • Doodly
  • Moovly
  • Lumen5
  • Vyond
  • YouNow
  • Kizoa
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Slingbox
  • JW Player
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Top Wave.video Alternatives and Overview



Promo.com allows users to create cutting edge standout videos, social media videos, explainers, product videos, and much more.

By: Easy Hi Ltd.
Based on 14 Votes


Searching for the right software to create animation videos? Consider using a cloud-based software from Renderforest offering free tools for professional intros and outros, animations, slideshows.

By: Renderforest LLC
Based on 28 Votes


Design awesome slideshows from photos, music and videos from Animoto software.

By: Animoto Inc.
Based on 13 Votes


Sign up for free at VideoScribe to create awesome animation videos and business presentations.

By: Sparkol Inc From UK
Based on 16 Votes


Create video in minutes using software from FlixPress. Flixpress software...

By: Flixpress LLC
Based on 3 Votes


Create powerful videos and convert better using Doodly's powerful desktop based platform.

By: Bryxen, Inc. From USA
Based on 17 Votes


Inbuilt library objects and free templates make it super easy to create presentations while giving...

By: Moovly NV From Belgium
Based on 31 Votes


This video builder uses artificial intelligence to put together the different elements in a video...

By: Sniply Projects Inc. From Canada
Based on 12 Votes


They offer a template library, stock audio, props, and much more...

By: GoAnimate, Inc. From USA
Based on 15 Votes


They can see and react to live chat or view different broadcasters and talk with...

By: YouNow
Based on 5 Votes


Create backups and store using Kizoa online cloud storage...

By: Kizoa

Adobe Media Encoder

By: Adobe
Based on 41 Votes


By: Slingbox
Based on 2 Votes


Wideo offers to create a wide range of presentations and animated videos within a short...

By: Wideo Inc.
Based on 32 Votes

JW Player

What makes it unique is that it tries to provide the most extensive list of...

By: JW Player
Based on 4 Votes

Wave.video Review and Overview

Videos can enhance audience engagement to a greater level as compared to ordinary text messages. People in today’s world are too selective about how they spent their time. In such scenarios, only creative, authentic content can keep the audience hooked to their seats. They can create an impact in the online world. Ordinary, lame videos no longer seem to engage the audience. Wave.video is an all-in-one tool to create and publish videos across different platforms on the internet. With the help of Wave.video, one can earn real-time money by promoting content with the help of these videos.

The most robust video marketing platform

Ads can be pretty much annoying these days. One gets to see ads in almost every small-time instant. However, with Wave.video, one can guarantee his audience an absolute, ad-free experience. Wave.video has got hundreds of pre-built stock images and GIFs to create videos of nearly every genre. One can even integrate royalty-free audio clips or his voiceover in his videos. Wave.video has got an in-built collection of cool ideas that one can utilise in the creation of his videos. Wave.video can help one to post videos in nearly every format that exists.

Design aesthetic videos

With a lot of filter options to choose from, one can find out templates that might turn out to be the perfect match for video-creation. The templates that exist on Wave.video platform are designed by some of the best professionals out there. At times, there are brilliant ideas in mind, but not a proper way to express them. The Social Calendar of Wave.video is full of content that can help one to get started real soon. Wave.video comes with different pricing options for different segments of the audience. Wave.video has an extensive library of free clips and audio tracks.

Additional benefits

Beautiful fonts can leave a lasting impression on the minds of the audience. The collection of aesthetically designed fonts one gets at Wave.video is authentic and visually engaging. One can sell his personally created videos for earning a few bucks on the go. One gets the benefit of military-grade encryption too.

Company Information

Company Name: Animatron

Company Address: 2 Seaport Lane, Suite 8C, 8th Floor, Seaport East Boston, MA 02210, Boston, USA

Founded in: 2011

Top Features

  • Clip Library
  • Audio Library
  • 400+ Templates
  • Animated Emojis
  • Giphy Library
  • 350+ Fonts
  • Upload your images
  • Video resizing
  • Add sticks
  • Add Gifs
  • Social Calender