By: XMind Ltd.

XMind is used by thousands of people to mind interactive maps to manage and simplify complex projects and to get the work organized. The software is an open source and is available in downloadable form, free to download and use. It is integrated with several features and tools, such as idea factory to collect ideas faster, timer to control a particular session, night mode for dark places, saving to Evernote, index view, and many more.

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Top XMind Alternatives
  • Inspiration
  • MindMeister
  • Coggle
  • Mindomo
  • Popplet
  • MindMup
  • MindManager
  • Bubbl.us
  • MindNode
  • iMindMap
  • Scapple
  • MindView
  • Stormboard
  • WiseMapping
  • TheBrain
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Top XMind Alternatives and Overview



Inspiration is a graphic tool used to create mind maps, diagrams, map views, presentations, and much more.

By: Inspiration Software, Inc. From USA


MindMeister is simple and intuitive mind mapping software used by people at schools, businesses and homes to mind maps for plans & strategies.

By: MeisterLabs GmbH From Germany
Based on 11 Votes


Coggle is high-level mind mapping software used to build simple and complex mind maps to simplify complex things.

By: CoggleIt Limited From UK
Based on 32 Votes


Mindomo mind mapping software allows users to create online mind maps and to share them with other users working on the same idea or project.

By: Expert Software Applications srl From Romania
Based on 28 Votes


Popplet is a mind mapping tool used by organizations and individuals to manage and generate ideas.

By: notion, inc. From USA
Based on 16 Votes


MindMup is an online web based mind mapping platform that gives users an easy to use set of tools to create, edit, share and manage interactive mind maps for business meetings and other planning tasks.

By: Sauf Pompiers Ltd From UK
Based on 8 Votes


Many tools and features of MindManager enables user to mind interactive maps based on ideas...

By: Mindjet LLC From USA
Based on 10 Votes


The software also allows printing and sharing of mind maps...

By: LKCollab, LLC From USA
Based on 3 Votes


It is suitable for students, professionals, artists, and anyone else looking for a tool to...

By: IdeasOnCanvas GmbH From Austria
Based on 15 Votes


Users can capture ideas and notes anywhere, manage and develop these ideas in a visualize...

By: OpenGenius Limited From UK
Based on 23 Votes


The dashboard is like a text editor where users can write down notes anywhere on...

By: Literature & Latte Ltd. From UK
Based on 1 Vote


Its MS Office integration feature allows users to import & export data easily between MS...

By: MatchWare Inc. From USA


It supports online brainstorming and collaboration between multiple users situated remotely...

By: Edistorm Inc. From Canada
Based on 23 Votes


It is a simple to use, web based platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime...

By: The Buzan Organisation, Ltd. From Argentina
Based on 8 Votes


The software allows users to take notes of ideas as soon as they come in...

By: TheBrain Technologies LP From USA

XMind Review and Overview

The digital revolution has put its effect on every human activity, including ideation and thinking. With mind mapping software programs, people can organize, manage and share their ideas in a much better way, than with simple pen and paper-based techniques. XMind is such a solution enabling millions of users and teams to present their ideas and concepts in an ideal manner and driving them towards creating the most innovative products the world has ever seen. It can be used for any form of project with any level of complexity and can resolve them with a variety of techniques, including but not limited to, mind maps, tables and fishbone diagrams. To supplement all these features, it also has an extensive capability to share these ideas in a highly organized document form which can be easily accessed and comprehended by the recipients.

Turning disorganized thoughts into feasible ideas

With XMind, innovators and students can get a beautiful platform for ideating and sharpening their creativity. Mind maps can be used in a variety of practical situations. For example, it can be used to quickly etch out a highly-descriptive analysis of any type of meeting, which can help a lot in future events. Innovators can easily chalk out their ideas anytime they want with the mobile version of XMind, and can even share them with other innovators like themselves in the popular documents formats, giving rise to a great new project. Even students can use XMind to organize their thoughts and learn at a quicker pace.

The customizability of mind maps allowing idea retention

The mind maps created with XMind are customizable to a great degree, which means that they can be created the way deemed most comfortable and memorable by the user. Charts types that can be created include matrix charts, timelines and fishbone charts, which can be further supplemented with images and different color combinations. These charts are scientifically proven to be more effective than bland notes. Additionally, XMind charts make the relationship of one thought with another quite clear, allowing the organization in one's thoughts.

Company Information

Company Name: XMind Ltd.

Company Address: Room 1301, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Road, Central HongKong, Hong Kong

Founded in: 2007

Top Features

Core Features
  • Mind Mapping
  • Fishbone Chart
  • Adding Rows
  • Scheduling Projects
  • Brainstorming Mode
  • Presentation Mode
  • Gantt Viewing
  • Mind Toolbox
  • Multiple Themes & Fonts
  • MS Office Compatible
  • Evernote Storage
  • Sharing Local Network
  • Drill Down Tool
  • Multiple Page Printing
  • Merge Maps
  • Map Shot
  • Advanced Filter
  • Powerful Searching
  • Audio Notes
  • Mind Map Library
  • Password Encryption
  • Exporting Maps
  • Index Viewing
  • Clip Art
  • XMind Resource Boundle