Background Check Companies

Background Checks are usually performed by people to find out more details about a particular person in case of online dating, web contacts, home services, and appointments. According to official laws, public records of people must be available in reach to everyone. There are a number of websites and platforms where users can search for these public records to find a person or to conduct a background check for their public records.

There are hundreds of online background check companies and websites. Here are some of the most popular ones.


Spokeo is a personal search engine and background checking platform that can be used to search people by their names, email address, phone number, username, or physical address.

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PeopleFinders is a background check application that is used to check if someone has a criminal record or to find out about someone’s past or more.

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Get online background report for people from; You can reverse search by Names, Phone Numbers, Address, Relatives, Friends, and much more.

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BeenVerified is an online background check platform that allows users to find anyone online using their name, phone number, email or address.

By: BeenVerified Inc. From USA

US Search

US Search online people directory is there to help you find information about people, perform background checks, and access public records of others.

By: inome, inc. From USA


Truthfinder is a background check service that lets you find truth about the people around you.

By: TruthFinder LLC

411 provides white pages information, which allows you to search people online and perform phone search, address search, business search, and background checks.



Intelius is a record and background check platform where users can search for people by their names, email or phone numbers.

By: Intelius, Inc From USA
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Zaba Search

ZabaSearch is the search engine platform that allows you to search for people, phone number, and address.



AnyWho is the people search platform that allows you to find people, businesses, and places online.


Names and Facts

Looking for an old friend you have lost contact with? Not sure about the potential business partner you just met? You can check their background information by using the Background Check Report service from Names and Facts.

By: Names and Facts From USA
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Pipl provides the leading identity solution platform that allows organizations to access the database of more than 3 billion identities for various purposes, such as investigation, validation, and lead generation.

By: Pipl
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That's Them

ThatsThem is the platform that allows you to find people for free online.


Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a public record check platform used for personal and professional background checking.

By: Instant Checkmate, Inc From USA
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Peek You

PeekYou provides the free and easy people search engine that you can use to find information about friends, colleagues, and relatives on the web.


Truth Finder

Truthfinder provides the platform that performs background checks and public records search for anyone in the United States.



eVerify online people database and search system allows users to lookup and access data of anyone using their name, phone number, email or location.

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Checkr is a background checker tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to help companies hire the right people.

By: Checkr, Inc.
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Melissa Data

Melissa Data free lookups tool can help users find addresses, phone numbers, ZIP, maps, IP location, property info, and much more about a person.

By: Melissa DATA Corp From USA


Radaris is an online platform used for people search, background check, White pages, and to find people.

By: Radaris America, Inc. From USA


CheckPeople is an online background check and people search platform that gives its users access to public records of other people.

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InfoTracer provides the platform that allows you to perform unlimited background checks to uncover detailed information about any person.



PeopleSmart is an online people search and background check platform that offers various tools for people to search their old friends or make new ones.

By:, Inc. From USA


SearchBug is an online search engine to find people and businesses.

By: SearchBug, Inc. From USA

Whitepages Pro

Whitepages Pro is a consumer contact information and validation platform used by businesses to check and verify the contact details, names, address, phone, etc.

By: WhitePages, Inc. From USA


CheckThem is a online background check platform, They are offering accurate and detailed background checks and screening solutions.

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Provides comprehensive information about yourself and the people related to your business, with great accuracy that is suitable for various types of organizations.


Who Easy

WhoEasy is a reverse phone lookup platform that allows you to find the information about name and location based on the phone number that you have entered.

29 is an online database of public records for almost anyone in the United States.

By: Intelius, Inc. From USA

US Phone Book

USPhoneBook provides the platform that allows you to perform free reverse phone lookup and people search for the US citizens.


People Search Now

People Search Now is an online people search service that allows users to search billions of public records to find a person or their information.

By:, Inc. From USA


InteliGator is a background check tool for companies and individuals to perform instant background checks to retrieve detailed reports of criminal records, history and civil records of a person.

By: InteliGator


BackgroundChecks is serving thousands of customers nationwide, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, by providing innovative and comprehensive screening services.

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PeopleCheckPro is a database of public records and data that can be used to find and learn about people.

By: PeopleCheckPro
35 is a background check and investigation service that can be used by individuals and companies to search the records, history and information about a particular person.

36 is an online people search and background check platform used by individuals and businesses to perform a background check before hiring a service or employee for their home or company.

By: E-Renter USA Ltd From USA
37 is a tenant search engine available to be used by property owners to perform background checks and to screen their tenants.

By: llc From USA

Most people think that performing a background check is the thing that can be done only by government authorities. That's why most people don't bother with this type of service, since they think that it is out of their reach. But, the fact is that public records are available to anyone that wants to access it. You just need to use the right tool to access it. In this case, using the people search or background check service can definitely help you to find more information about anyone, as long as they are living in the US. This is because the US government allows the access to various public records for the benefit of their citizens.

So, whether you are trying to perform a background check on your daughter's boyfriend or a something similar, you don't need to hire some private investigators just to do it. You can do it anytime and anywhere, as long as you know how to do it. If you want to perform any kind of background check, you have to find the companies that offer this service for a price. They might charge you a membership fee to allow you perform unlimited background checks, or they might need you to pay for each background check that you perform.

The background check service can not only be used by people who are trying to investigate someone's background, but it can also be used to find people who are no longer in contact with you. If you want to find them and reconnect with them, you can do it by finding information about them using this service. That's why sometimes this type of service is also called the people search service, since it can help you find the detailed information about anyone that you want to search. There are many background check services available, and choosing the one that can benefit you is quite difficult. Here are some tips that you can follow to find the best background check service to use:

Membership Plan Or Pay As You Go

There are generally two basic pricing plans offered by most background check services. The first is the membership plan, and the other is the pay as you go plan. The membership plan allows you to perform unlimited background checks on anyone without limit, with monthly or 3-month payment. The pay as you go plan, on the other hand, allows you to pay for each background check that you do. So, if you only need to perform a background check on one person, the pay as you go plan is what you want to get, and if you need to perform a background check regularly, the membership plan is the best plan to get.

Basic Search Or Extensive Search

Not all background check services offer detailed and comprehensive reports for each person that you are trying to check. If you want to search people using this service, you need to know whether you want to do a basic search or extensive search. The basic search is the search that helps you to find people easily, which gives you the complete information about their current address, phone number, email address, and so on. The extensive search is the search that helps you to investigate on them more deeply, which reveals their criminal records, court documents, and other types of legal and sensitive information about the individuals.

Finding People Or Investigating People

When you want to find your old relatives that you are no longer in contact with, you can use this service to find the latest information about that person. You can also use this service to investigate on people, such as when you feel suspicious about someone you just met, or your new neighbor, and so on. Depending on the purpose of your search, you might need to choose a certain background check service over other similar services.

Business Or Personal Purposes

Since the people finder or background search service is useful for both business and personal purposes, you can find various types of services that focus on different things although they are essentially doing the same operations. There are background check services that can be used to help businesses screen their partner or know more about their clients and customers, and there are background check services that can be used to find information about people so that you can reconnect with them. They also offer different pricing schemes based on the purpose of the service.

How Long Does It Take To Find One Person

The reason these background check services are able to generate detailed background reports about the people that you are searching for is because these services have access to the database of public records that are available in the US. There are millions of public records that can be accessed by these services, which consist of criminal records, identity and alias information, court records, marriage or divorce information, and so on. The more records that the service is trying to access, the more time it takes for it to deliver the completed report to you. Some services are able to show you the results of your search almost instantly, while other services may need more than 10 minutes to show you the results of your search.

Additional Features

The more features that you get, the more expensive the price that you need to pay. Remember that additional features are available for these services, and you might not need these features at all. Some services may offer you to send messages via mail to the people that you are searching, and some services may offer you to give additional information about the people that you are checking, such as their online activities. Choose the service that offers the features that you need.


Name directory or background check services might offer really expensive pricing per search, so you have to be aware of the pricing plan that you choose. Sometimes, you don't need to get too much information about each person that you search, and sometimes, you need to get as much information as possible about each person. So, be sure to weigh in your choices before picking the right service that you want to use for long-term.